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Review #1, by JoshBails Fun with Fidelius

7th June 2008:
beautiful...after the Heart of Eternitry will there be a sequal to Mandatum Specialis?

Author's Response: ...I tried a sequel to it once, but nothing I managed to write seemed to fit with the story. I tried another for Harry and the new marauders, the old marauders, and even one for Michael, but nothing seemed to work well enough or have a story interesting enough for me to continue. Until I can find a story line that works Harry and the others will have to be happy as they are aside from a one shot here and there. I am working on two other sets of stories though I need to check the TOS to make sure I can post one or both of them here. I may have to turn to... *gulp* ... no I won't say where. Just know that I'd rather not.

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Review #2, by violet_voldemort Fun with Fidelius

20th February 2008:
Really good story, loved it!

But i do have questions
1. How old is Harry?
2. Is this a story where James and Lily survived?

But anyway, it was a great story, well done!

Author's Response: eh... I really should have added an A/N to this story. Its actually based in a storyline of my own. I apologize for that. In this particular place Harry would be 19, James and Lily would be about 22, Sirius would be a few years younger than Remus, with Remus being the only one who is the age he is supposed to of the older ones. For more explanation please read Harry Potter and the New Marauders and the sequels as it would take me about an hour to explain it all here.

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