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Review #1, by Paloma Patil All Alone in the World

22nd March 2009:
I like that you ended all of this sadness with the Hogwarts letter. It's hopeful, you know? Nice work. Paloma

Author's Response: Thanks so much for all the lovely reviews. I really appreciate all your sweet comments, and I'm glad you liked my stories. XD


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Review #2, by Tres Amiga All Alone in the World

23rd October 2008:
Also, guess who this story reminded me of?
Jacob Black from TWILIGHT! :) :) :) I love those books.

Author's Response: Now that you say it, it does sound like Jacob! LOL! I love those books too!

Take care!


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Review #3, by Tres Amigas de Harry Potter All Alone in the World

23rd October 2008:
Wow. I think this is right up there with your best works! This was really sad, but very touching. I loved the P.S. in the letter at the end-it just brought everything together so beautifully. Wonderful! :)
And the only typo I could find was "someway"-I think it's "some way"... :) But who cares? We all get your point. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Your lovely review means so much! This is actually one of my favorites, so I'm really glad you liked it so much. Thank you for all your kind words. I really appreciate it. And one day I might fix that typo, until that day when I have the urge it's staying. LOL! Thanks again!


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Review #4, by Luckys_lucky_girls All Alone in the World

2nd June 2008:
What do you mean that this was not your best work? It was fantastic! Awsome! Perfect (exept for a few typeos)! Could you cratic me, please? You're brilliant! My writings are notheing compared to yours! -LLG

Author's Response: oh, thank you so much! This definitely made my day! Thank you! and I will definitely check out some of your work! Thanks again, dear!


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Review #5, by Harriet T Cauldron All Alone in the World

19th March 2008:
Hey, I was jsut thinking. why don't you write a VAMPIRE fan fiction story. Seems so obvious with you fetish and all. LOL, but I don't judge you for it. Not one of you best works? Come on! I thoguht it was fantastic! And I totally just did that in a sing-songy way that might remind you of the opening scene of The Sound of Music. You know, with the whole The Hills are alive with the sooound of music.

Took me a while to get thoruhg, it was kinda heavy. Don't even ask me what I mean, because I'm not 100 percent sure myself. But you get it, right?

Anyway, I thoguht the description was faaab-uuu-looous!!! And by the way, what does "cut the mustard" mean? You really can't cut mustard.My stupidity or something. I don't know. LOL.

I liked, I don't see where you're going on and on with this stuff. REally not that many typos. Esprecially since it's a tad lengthy (but in a good way). Some-number-not-yet-invented-because-it's-too-high/10!


Author's Response: wow, you liked it too. heh, I just really didn't like this story for some reason. LOL, I really do have a sick obsession with Vampires, just so you know. I practically am one with my nocturnal tendencies and whatnot.

Yeah... it's scary, but I actually DO get what you mean. lol, not EXACTLY a good sign when you're crazy enough to be able to decode the psyche of Julia. lol, I'm just kidding.

LOL, I never really got the phrase either. Cause you really CAN'T cut mustard... but whatever. "sorry doesn't really cut the mustard" Definition = "it's not really enough" one of those weird phrasey thingies.

Yeah, I think I've graduated to more elongated chapters. lol. I've noticed I can write anything less than 2000 words now. lmfao.

Thank you for the super-fab rating hon!!! *gives you a cookie for being my all-time fave reviewer*

THANKS DEAR! And have a lovely day.



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Review #6, by brunettesrule All Alone in the World

5th March 2008:
*attempts so close mouth*
Shea, I don't know HOW you thought that was not good! Maybe it was because you were rubbishing it that I was a little worried, but any concerns were completely in vain. I loved it! It was so atmospheric and hauntingly beautiful. I'll admit that the mum-part was rather fluffy, but I do love my fluff and I think that after the angst the light-heartedness of that bit was lovely!
I've now learned never to take you at your word and just EXPECT great things of you :)
Fantastic story girl! My only complaint was I wish it was longer... but then it might be dragged out. I didn't spot any typos but then I'm practically blind at the moment due to pure exhaustion! Talk to you soon girl!
Have a great day!

Author's Response: seriously, you actually LIKED IT??? I honestly didn't like it at all, and I totally agree that the mother part was a little over done... but still, I didn't like the entire thing, so it's a kind of pleasant surprise to see that you liked it so much. Thanks. :) :) :)

God, I'm tired too. I only logged on the computer to do some homework (but then decided to procrastinate and come here instead)

Thanks for the lovely review, though. you've definitely made me more confident about my writing! :)



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Review #7, by histupid505 All Alone in the World

24th February 2008:
Oh my god, this story is so sad! Please please please update soon before I rip my hair out!

Author's Response: LOL! well, that's it actually. I probably forgot to mark it as completed, so I'll fix that right now. But it's done. Thank you for the review and have a great day.

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