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Review #1, by FredAndGeorgeForever Dreaming

14th December 2009:
The virgin count and this as well, both had amazing writing in them. I really like this one, and I think you're a great author (: keep writing please !!

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Review #2, by MElizabethPenn Dreaming

23rd March 2009:
OMG. That canNOT be the end... o_0
This was so amazingly written. I never considered the possibility that his grandmother and godparents would never tell him that his father was a werewolf. Definitely an interesting direction to go with a story.

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Review #3, by thecoolestdork13 Dreaming

30th March 2008:
Oh wow, very well written, and the angst is understandable.
I like how you wrote Teddy, he did seem like a good mix of his parents.
You should keep going.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! A mixture of a werewolf and a metamorphmagus... a werewamorphmagus???

Thanks for reading, reviewing and giving such a generous rating!

I may come back to this when I get some inspiration!

Lv Wizardora

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Review #4, by Ella_Black Dreaming

24th March 2008:
I love easter! so many days off school ! Ive been in akaroa for the weekend with my friends. Weather was horrible but I still had fun !

This story was really cute. It was a bit cheesy But sometimes cheesy is good !! Also I thought harry would have stayed longer with teddy, to sort of make sure he calmed down but then you wouldn't really get the angsty end so it's good this way !!

If you do come back to it I think it would be worth watching...

Author's Response: Yay! Easter! Chocolate! *feels bloated and fat*.

Wowza. Akaroa, huh? That sounds exotic... hope you had a fun-filled time!!!

Lmao! I'm the queen of cheese! (literally - i work on a cheese counter)

And thanks. I suppose I didn't let Harry stay because I thought Harry expected Ted to be happy about the truth and his heroic parents.... ah welll....

Thanks for readng and reviewing! ^_^

Lv Wizardora
Happy Easter!

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Review #5, by rolly Dreaming

17th March 2008:
This has to be one of my favorite one shots on the site! Its definitley not something you would expect, Teddy hating Lupin. But you make it so believable and real! Great job, I love your writing!!!

Author's Response: Thankyou! I know it's not strictly 'canon' (or is it if it's next generation?) :S but had had a whole plot for this (it was orginially Teddy/Victoire). If I ever update and extend this, I'm sure you'll enjoy the less than conventional plot bunnies I have in store for Vic and Ted!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Lv Wizardora

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Review #6, by JLHufflepuff Dreaming

22nd February 2008:
I really like the way you did this. Your writing style is very good, and you awesomely conveyed the angst that Teddy would feel in this situation! :)

Author's Response: Ah!!!! *squees* first review for this story! Thankyou! I really tried on the language used (i know the grammar is still pretty bad) and schtuff on this one-shot, so I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Lv Wizardora

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