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Review #1, by Yemi Hikari A Conference With the Headmaster

26th July 2011:
How she got there is still left unexplained. It kind of feels like the whole thing was thrown together because a "cool idea" was come up with and someone was in a hurry to put "cool idea" out. It isn't a bad thing, because you can still get good stories. The thing is... I hold that to many stories don't get finished because of the fact that they are unplaned.

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Review #2, by Yemi Hikari Strange Meetings

26th July 2011:
Her suddenly appearing at Hogwarts makes absolutly no sense at all. I personally think that she is acting way too immaturily about her parents death, not to mention it appears that she is around the age of a Hogwarts student, which means she is rather old. (She would in fact age slower then humans because she has over a quarter of Elven blood in her veins.)

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Review #3, by Yemi Hikari And So It begins...

26th July 2011:
"I collapsed there on the ground, and when I awoke, I was no longer in Gondor."

Please tell me she doesn't instantly fall into the HP fandom. The whole fainting dead away thing and awaking in another world just doesn't make much sense to me.

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Review #4, by Jesp-R A Conference With the Headmaster

6th May 2006:
Why is it always the good stories that gets abandoned? :s

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Review #5, by DanielRadcliffeandMe A Conference With the Headmaster

1st January 2005:
This story is very interesting. I love both LOTR and HP, though I don't fully understand the former. Keep writing, you're fabulous at it. Good job!

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Review #6, by Amanda A Conference With the Headmaster

10th June 2004:
A good story!

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Review #7, by lizzya And So It begins...

10th February 2004:
This si soo cool cuz I love LOTR and HP, and this is so great to have them in a fic like this one

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Review #8, by WOLFAWAKEN( jUDI) Strange Meetings

7th February 2004:

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Review #9, by Team_Xtreme And So It begins...

1st February 2004:
I love your story and the whole idea of it. I'm like in love with Lord Of The Rings right now and to read something like this is too cool. Update soon. I'll be waiting. ~Team_Xtreme the eXtreme always makes an impression~

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