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Review #1, by krisangel Eternity

15th January 2012:
omg!! u need to post an epilogue. please i need closure, the "good & happy" kind

Story is amazing! Another sequel please...

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Review #2, by RecklessRainChild Eternity

1st December 2009:
An Epilogue would be nice!

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Review #3, by dancerr Eternity

12th January 2009:
thats so good.
i have like no words.
the emotion and just everything.
it's so well written.
great job.

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Review #4, by gitgit Eternity

6th December 2008:
aw i feel so bad for draco *sniffles*

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Review #5, by gitgit Redemption

6th December 2008:
that was an interesting chapter
i hope draco is okay

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Review #6, by gitgit The Final Battle

6th December 2008:
that was definatly an interesting chapter

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Review #7, by gitgit Betrayal

6th December 2008:
oh o
shes preggers
interesting chapter

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Review #8, by lou Eternity

14th October 2008:
god it made me cry...not because it's sad and everything. it is sad but becase it reminded me something that really happened...and i've never forgiven myself for not ginving it a try again...
give them another sounds so dramatic!!!
you write wonderfully..and your story had a lot of 'caracter'...i really loved was strong!

ps: *tiny little voice*please write an epilogue!!!

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Review #9, by delikizzz Redemption

30th May 2008:
i luv this story can't wait for the next chapter.. update asap!


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Review #10, by Christy86 Redemption

30th May 2008:
update soon can't wait for more chapters

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Review #11, by SassySlytherinGirl Redemption

29th May 2008:
Aw.. come on ur killing me.. i can't wait for another!

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Review #12, by kai The Final Battle

24th May 2008:
Please don't let it be Draco
"he push potter away but did not get himself killed. Just a brush through

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Review #13, by SassySlytherinGirl The Final Battle

13th May 2008:
This is an excellent story so far. I love it so please update soon!

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Review #14, by Slytherin Ice Princess The Final Battle

10th May 2008:

This is a brilliant story..but I hate cliff hangers. Haha.
Hurry and post more!!!


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Review #15, by Christy86 The Final Battle

8th May 2008:
update soon can't wait for more chapters

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Review #16, by candz Betrayal

24th April 2008:

What a frigging cliffie.. ahh i wanna read more..!!

Tis not fair my friend.. (: Update as soon as you cann (:

xxWell Donexx

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Review #17, by Fawkes Betrayal

16th March 2008:
*insert swear word here* YEAH

just a bit of encouragement :)

Author's Response: hahah thank you very much! :)
I appreciate all the encouragement I can get! The next chapter should be up soon enough!

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Review #18, by Lizzy Betrayal

8th March 2008:
I like this sequel, and I liked the story before it! I'm really looking forward to finding out what happens next!
heart heart heart
luv ya

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Review #19, by SnowyHedwig Betrayal

19th February 2008:
You're right, I am curious - I hope it's Lucius... so, it makes one wonder, if that is why Draco didn't say he loved her, because he was trying to keep her safe, knowing that if she left him, she had a chance at survival? OK, maybe I'm over-analyzing this. but it's great, I can't wait for more! Please update soon!!

Author's Response: Don't worry, you've got the right idea. lol. This was the reason I made a sequel. It wasn't that Draco didn't love her, he didn't want her killed by his father or any other Death Eater which was why he refused and made the choice for her to leave him.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by shmegalah Betrayal

18th February 2008:
yay for a sequel!!

update soon

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