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Review #1, by Shadow harlequin Chapter Two - Kicking Off The Year

18th May 2008:
Man your story is really powerful and that is only the first two chapters!!!
my favourite bits is when Sirius is talking to himself inside his head, very funny!!! lol
there arent that many slash/same sex relationship pairings on this site so it was pleasure to read a very well written one like your. Eagerly waiting to see more.

Shadow harlequin

ps. I have even given it 10/10 its that good!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am very glad you like it so far.

Yes. I am trying my best to make dramatic, but I can never take anything too seriously, hence the slight humorous nature of the story. I guess I'm just a humorous writer?

I am making this up as I go along, but I have a general idea as to where it is going.

The voice inside of his head is a major part of the idea I have in mind for the plot.

The story is about the Marauders, but it centers itself around Sirius. The other characters will come into play in the chapters to come.

I love slashness. I agree; there aren't many. Most people don't finish the ones they've started :/ In fact, I've come across a couple that were brilliant! But weren't finished, like the authors just forgot or gave up.

I do try my very best! I had actually re-written both chapters at least five times over, and even know I still find some parts in them that I don't really like all that much.

I haven't been writting fan-fiction for long, so its great to get positive feedback for them from readers.

Though, I'd appreciate any sort of feedback really.

Anyway, geez I am rambling. Time to cut this off.

Thank you so much for reading and for the very positive feedback! ^_^

10/10?! Wooo-hooo!

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Review #2, by Sal1705 Chapter Two - Kicking Off The Year

29th April 2008:
Woo, first review... just like you!
Muahahaha, that rhymed.

Anyways, thankyou for reading my story! I had 25 READS and only one review! :(

Great chapter, I love the way you write and some parts made me laugh.

LOL I know my reviews are kinda dodgy but reading's my fave part.

Author's Response: Haha!

Not a problem, you are very welcome.

I know, I had 50+ reads for my chapter one and only 3 reviews.

Yes! That was my intention. To make people at least crack a smile :P

It'll get more dramatic soon, I promise.

Thats all right, at least you reviewed. I would have settled for "Good chapter" or even "I liked it" haha XD

I'm not very good with reviews, thats why I haven't posted any for any one else yet.

Anyway, thank you for reading, and reviewing.

I am very glad it made you laugh :)

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Review #3, by Sal1705 Chapter One - The Issues At Hand

23rd March 2008:
I know, I've already reviewed but I love your story that much!

How long until the next chap?







Sorry 'bout the ranting but I'm still loving your story!


Hypo little me is writing a new story... I gave up on my other one! After 113 hand-written pages I decided I hated it so I've started another one... but only started with the chap towards the end... (I had a great idea for it.)

Hypo little me... as usual, is off to write her story after stealing some of your ideas... Jokes!

But I did just have a GREAT idea... too bad I'm a horrible author so it will just sound bad!


P.S. Sorry, this review was so massively long that I can't be bothered reading what I said!

Author's Response: Haha. Oh its alright, you can review all you want ;]

Well, Its being validated but I keep going back and changing things to it so it moves to the back XP I'm very sorry its taking so long, but I promise I will not go and edit anymore!

I've finished, I just hope I didn't leave anything out of it or make any mistakes.

I got loads of chocolate today too. I don't eat it much though haha. We had a family get together it was quite fun. I seen some of my cousins I haven't spoken to in a while, a family reunion of sorts. Fun fun fun.

I'm very glad you love it so far :D
I agree slash is fantastic ;]

Oh, I've done that quite a lot. I've had ideas for many stories but I've dimissed most of them because they were just too little to actually write about.

I actually have this great idea for a one-shot, but I need to think into it more.

I you luck with all your ideas and stories!

And you write me all you want, I love it!

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Review #4, by edward_obsessed Chapter One - The Issues At Hand

19th March 2008:
Aw I love Sirius/Remus stories!! Sooo cute! Your story is amazing!! Only one chapter in and I'm already completely in love with it!! Aw, it's so sad how Sirius is an alcoholic because of how he feels for Remus!! Dude, I agree with Sirius's conscience. He should totally tell Remus how he feels! Subtly though, there's no need to scare the poor bloke. :) I can't wait for the next chapter! You're a spectacular writer. Honestly, the characters feel so real (well, they always do to me. We have nice conversations in my head daily), and you portray them accuartely. Keep up the fantastic work. And update soon!! Pleaaasse??? *bats eye-lashes*

Author's Response: Haha! Amazing? Thank you very much!

I'm trying my best to keep them in character. But I thought I'd switch the rolls a bit with Sirius and Remus, this time instead of Remus being the poor sap in love, I'd make it Sirius. I don't think they're many stories with that sort of twist to it out right now, if there is I haven't read em ;]

Anyway, all wil be known to Remus in the end. Its what he does with that knowledge that makes the real story...

Chapter 2 is being validated, should be up soon I hope, and chapter 3 is already being written.

Thanks for the review, and I'm very glad you enjoyed chapter 1!

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Review #5, by Sal1705 Chapter One - The Issues At Hand

12th March 2008:

I decided I would be special and write your first review.

I can't wait for your update, I love reading slash so I guess we're together on this one. The description in your story is great and I love the conversations with himself, they were funny.

Random little me must leave to write my own story now.

Can't wait until you update!

Author's Response: Ha! You are sepcial.

I always remember you as being the first person to make me want to keep writing. Thank you!

Slash is all I ever really read ;] They're will be a lot more of him conversing with himself to come.

You should let me know when you write it. I'd really love to read it.

An update is coming soon!

Thanks again for reading, glad you like it so far, and thank you very much for the review!

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