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Review #1, by Dinthemidwest Previous

8th July 2016:
Such realistic writing... I still think Rose & Scorpius should get together, but not all of us have fairytale endings. Hermione & Draco certainly love each other & deserve happiness. Ron was a sad character; I can see Rose's anger with her mother, but she needs to calm down! All that red-headed Weasley temper!! Terrific dialogue, pace ; 10/10!!

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Review #2, by Hello Previous

14th December 2011:
This was a very entertaining story. I like what you've done with the last chapter...I think you managed the realism that you were going for. A happy ending, after what happened in the last chapter, would have been completely unrealistic.

I've read a few of your stories now, and they are all well done. That said, I can't help but comment on how personally unlikeable your Draco and Hermione are. You have 2 protagonists who routinely lie and cheat in every story in which they are paired together. I guess that could be a part of the realism for which you strive, but it always leaves me partially hoping that they get a taste of their own medicine.

I assume that you like both characters; why else would you pair them together? But if you like them, why do you always have them living in a moral vaccuum? I mean, Draco is cheating on his pregnant fiancee and breaks up with her right after a miscarriage. Draco fan-girls aside, who else reading this fic would come away hoping that he ends up with a happy ending?

As for Hermione, if she doesn't love Ron anymore, fine. But don't lie and stay in a marriage that you don't believe in. It's clear that Ron still loves her, so why are you leading him on for 6 years? And don't tell me it's for the children, because that didn't stop her from having an affair with Draco later on. And the way Hermione treats her kids here is...disgusting. It just feels like Hermione takes actions without caring how it will affect her children...but if her children aren't happy with her she lashes out at them for not knowing all the facts. She acts like her children have no right to feel their own feelings, even when Hermione herself is living her own life trying to spark a passion she hasn't had for a while. That's called hypocrisy. Like I said, I don't mind if she divorces Ron when she's not happy.

But to slap Rose right after she tells her about the divorce? Hermione, usually children get upset when they hear their parents are going to get divorced. Couple that with the fact that she's a teenage girl, you don't think she's going to yell and try to hurt the person who hurt her? That was just an awful display by Hermione. Add to that the fact that what Rose was saying wasn't all that off-base...Hermione *was* the other woman, and she *was* having an affair. Perhaps Hermione was right in that Rose didn't know all the facts, but that's Hermione's fault for trying to sneak around. Rose is very smart, and to think that she can't put 2 and 2 together is wishful thinking.

Some would say that Hermione put aside her own desires for her children when she stayed with Ron for 6 years, but that is not true. The marriage was a sham. She stayed with a man she didn't love when she was already in love with another man. That's not exactly the path to a happy family; you can't tell me Rose and Hugo are better off for Hermione's actions.

Another strange theme in your stories is that Ron always stays in love with Hermione, no matter what she does, but Hermione always falls out of love for him (on those few occassions where she actually was *in* love with him in the first place) with little effort. I don't know if that's some conceit of romance to bolster the heroine--she's so desireable that no man can ever forget her--but that approach is somewhat demeaning of Ron...he can only be happy with a woman who doesn't love him and who cheats on him.

So, after this long-winded review, your stories are entertaining and well-written...but I can't read too many at once because I can't help but feel I need to take a shower afterwards. I love the HP books because I always felt that Harry, Ron, Hermione, etc. would make great friends were they real. But after reading this Hermione and Draco, I can't help but be glad that I don't know them at all.

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Review #3, by Amari-San Their Loss

29th August 2011:
So maybe there's a possibility that she was never pregnant, or she really was and it wasn't his? I'm hopeful. And Tristan is an asshole.

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Review #4, by Amari-San Us

29th August 2011:
About time! And Rose is such a bitch.

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Review #5, by brittanyd8907 Previous

13th August 2011:
What a freaking ride! I'm glad they ended up together, but wow, Rose not speaking to Hermione? So sad. Hermione went through so much, at least she finally had Draco. I still feel really bad for her. These were brilliant stories and I really enjoyed reading them. They had me feeling all kinds of emotions. Actually, I'm still feeling them now! haha

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Review #6, by brittanyd8907 Us

13th August 2011:
Ahhh I loved this chapter! But I'm so nervous for the both of them...

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Review #7, by brittanyd8907 The Platform Again

13th August 2011:
Man oh man, this really is killing me. I just want freaking Draco and Hermione to be together. She's so miserable! So far, this story has been just as great as the previous!

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Review #8, by adluvshp Previous

25th July 2011:
great story. loved it truly. i am glad draco and hermione found their happiness in the end, i just wished rose and scorp had too. anyway great job!

it was a very good read.


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Review #9, by Robin :) Asteria

20th July 2011:
8/10. I really liked how it was written, and the reason I took off two from 10 is a personal reason actually :P. I never liked Astoria with blonde hair and certainly not older than Draco.

Other then that, good job!

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Review #10, by BP Previous

12th February 2011:
I read the prequel to this without knowing that you already had the sequel completed...I read this after being disappointed in the ending of A New Life. It was a well written story, both the first one and this, but I just didn't like the way things had to happen. But you did pull me into both and I read both just dying to know what would happen. I didn't like Rose's character at all though. Especially in the end. Even if she sided with her father, Hermione was still her mother too...I didn't like that the relationship between Rose and Hermione seemed to have been completely cut off in the end...
Enough with my complaints though. Overall I still think you did a good job and I'm glad I gave your stories a chance :) I guess it was my fault for wanting a cheesy happy ending and then reading this. Sure, an ending like this is more realistic (not that D/Hr stories are very realistic) but I was so tired of reading sad stories with a sad ending (it was just too depressing for me...) but at least it wasnt all sad! Good job!

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Review #11, by dramione love Previous

28th January 2011:
baaad rose. she's your mother! baad

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Review #12, by adahpfan Through The Mist

17th December 2010:
i a loving the first chapter-one tiny problem though, you say
'Who in the blue blazes in their right mind would make you Head Boy, let alone prefect?' but it should be
'Who in the blue blazes in their right mind would make you PREFECT, let alone HEAD BOY?'! 9/10

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Review #13, by mag4ever Previous

12th December 2010:
I enjoyed this, despite the bitter-sweet ending. I love the way you write Draco and Hermione, and I do really enjoy Scorpius too. I think that he's too good for Rose, who reminds me a lot of her father. Oh well. Maybe they'll end up together sometime, but I doubt it. A great series that I really enjoyed. 10/10

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Review #14, by flawlessbutton Previous

4th December 2010:
to bad that scorpius & rose couldn't be together in the end, although I have to admit that I wouldn't know how they could reconcile given roses' personality... Loved the story very much tho :) I'm glad that draco & Hermione at least got back together (even though I don't particularly like the idea of cheating)

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Review #15, by couldyoureallyknow Rejection

23rd November 2010:
im rereading this for the 4th time and i noticed that nobody reviewed this chapter so just to add something here this story is amazingg :) and BTW hugo is a year younger than rose not 5 years youngers

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Review #16, by malfoyswife Previous

17th October 2010:
I think this was very well written. But I do not agree with the Draco Hermione shipping. It would never happen. I wishDraco would have stayed with Asteria. She got hurt because of something that wouldn't have happened. :(

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Review #17, by emmynemmy Previous

28th July 2010:
This is the Best Draco and Hermione ship I have read.. enough said. Thank you.

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Review #18, by danney Previous

13th July 2010:
AGAAIN! You amaze me! I love your stories soo much. And I LOVE your portrayal of Hermione and Draco, the way they come to life...I really love the draco you're making come out in your stories!

I really loved your story, even though i prefered "crimes of passion"...but at least this one ends with them together!! lol

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Review #19, by katiefelton Previous

7th July 2010:
First off, Mr. Darcy, I would love to thank you for posting such a wonderful series! I loved reading a New Life and this, A Previous life:) You are a wonderful writer, and I really enjoyed reading through these two stories.

Secondly, I'm so glad that you posted a sequel to A New Life. I felt that it abruptly ended, excluding the alternate ending, and I loved this. I really don't read many Scorpious Rose fics, but you converted me! You captured their characters so well, and I actually enjoyed their story very much.

Ok. Honestly, I was really disapointed with the ending of A Previous Life! I felt like you had so many creative ways to end this, and I felt as if it had a really bland and boring ending:( I really believed that Scorpious and Rose would get together! So here is what I think should have happened:

-Rose would be recovering at the hospital, and Draco would be tending to her. She would begin to see how caring he actually is, and her hatred towards him would begin to melt. She may even ask him, "You really love my mother don't you?"

-She then would have a heart to heart with her mother, and slowly begin to see that her mother has been suffering, and that she has sacficied so much for Rose during her life. Maybe in an epilogue, she would finally be at peace with Hermione and Draco's relationship.

-I want a wedding! Haha it it so cheesy, but they deserve to rightfully be together.

-Rose and Scorpious need to get together. Period. They had such a wonderful relationship throughout this piece, and it is a crime that she ends up with Gabriel. A crime!

So please consider changing the ending to this story. Your readers will be thrilled if you make it more of a happy ending! But if you choose to keep it the same, as a fellow author myself, I whole heartedly respect your decision:)

Again, I enjoyed reading your stories so so so much! You are an extremely talented writer, and I will be reading your other stories! Thank you so much for posting A New Life and A Previous Life!


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Review #20, by adahpfan Us

7th May 2010:
I love this story!! its one of the few fan fics which, as well as having a fantastic story line, are really well written!!

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Review #21, by Eirin Previous

3rd April 2010:
Good story, and the best part was the stor between Rose and Scorpius. So I think I would have liked it better if it was only a Rose/Scorpius story, but then with a happy ending for them. :) But as I said, a good story.

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Review #22, by Liza Previous

7th January 2010:
a great story! i really enjoyed reading it!! however, i did think that rose and scorpious should have been together in the end.. what a shame.. but yeah. :(
love the story thou! :)

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Review #23, by stupidgirl Previous

17th October 2009:
I wanted to wait until I got to the final chapter before I left a review. I think you wrote both "Life" stories wonderfully. I also can't help but read your other stories and feel maybe they're all interconnected. Please continue writing. I look forward to more stories. 10/10

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Review #24, by Isa_bell Previous

24th August 2009:
I definitely thought the ending was really sad, but realistic none the less and that's the reason why I liked. I really didn't like the Rose character she was a spoiled brat, Hugo seemed like a better person than she. I liked all the characters even Ron, amazingly! The only character like I said that I didn't like was Rose, but I understand why you made her the way you did. i loved your story and the ending of both the A New Life and the sequel because they are both realistic. There's other stories I've read and loved, but they just seem like something that would happened in a farytale, but your story seems to be like something that would happen in real life. I loved it!

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Review #25, by delta Previous

21st July 2009:
Wow, amazing story. I read the first one in the series a while ago and never had the chance to review this one until now. I'm a sucker for a good, original DHr, and you definitely provided one here. :)

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