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Review #1, by Abigail It's called a firework!

26th November 2017:
OMG this story is amazing! However every once and a while could you go through and fix spelling and grammar errors? Dont stop writing ever!

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Review #2, by Ginny girl The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

18th February 2014:
Write more please I love this story I want to know more about what happened to harry potter

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Review #3, by Michelle The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

1st August 2012:
Please write more I'm on the edge of my seat

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Review #4, by Natalie x The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

15th January 2012:
Love this story wish youu would carry on with it. The sugar rush chapter made me laugh so much x please carry on x I want to know what happens x

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Review #5, by Emma The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

14th January 2012:
And you end it like that?! I want to know what is going to happened!!! Love the story!

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Review #6, by k The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

1st September 2011:
Please update real soon I really want to know what happens to Harry.

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Review #7, by lola Becomeing a Mauderer and Pranking

23rd August 2011:
what does Catalin mean?

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Review #8, by Aaabi The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

19th April 2011:
AH WRITE MORE! I COMMAND YOU!*voodoo hands* XD Seriously though, write more. *straight face*


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Review #9, by terry It's called a firework!

9th March 2011:
This story is really funny. I hope you add more chapters soon.

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Review #10, by Trixie Snape The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

13th October 2010:
you broke the honor. It has been several months since you've updated

Author's Response: lol! Actually it's been a little longer then that I think:) I will update as son as I can. I never go back on an honor my dear friend! As soon as High School stops coming up in my life, then I will update my little story. Thank you for the review!


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Review #11, by kookoobaby456 The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

25th June 2010:
update please. cant wait for the next one

Author's Response: Thank you! It will be up as soon as I can type it.


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Review #12, by Sirius Black Dog The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

22nd March 2010:
Oh no fair stopping there. That was not nice. I'm waiting on tenterhooks. Hope you update soon i'm absolutely loving this story and can't wait till your next chapter.

Could you maybe enhance Harry and Sirius' realationship as it was so strong in OOTP and i loved it :)

You are a brilliant author and i'm so excited that i'm anxious :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the sweet review. I am so sorry that I haven't updated forever! Life, what are you going to do... I can't wait until I can write again. I still have my story in my closet under lots of things. I haven't gotten a chance to sit and write anymore, I don't know how people keep up with it. It must be school that is holding me back. Thank you for the review, and I will fix the relationship between Harry and Sirius. You are absolutely correct!!!

Thanks again!


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Review #13, by Sirius Black Dog The Wish

22nd March 2010:
I'm so excited :)

I love your short chapters they make it more enjoyable to read


Author's Response: Thank you very much!!! I am too. I will start up again as soon as I can!!


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Review #14, by Addam The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

22nd February 2010:
Really good story. A lot of spelling mistakes but I'll fix them if you would like me to.

Author's Response: Thank you:)

I would love it if you fixed my spelling mistakes. Many people have offered.hehe... I haven't gotten any better.


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Review #15, by emmykat113 The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

11th February 2010:
OMG! Please, please, PLEASE update soon!! This is an AWESOME story! 10/10

Author's Response: :D Thank you for your excitement! I am so sorry I haven't updated. I will do it soon!!



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Review #16, by emmykat113 Lessons... can go either way!

10th February 2010:
Lol! I loved this chappie! It had me cracking up! 10/10 all the way!!

Author's Response: Haha! Thanks. This is one of my favorites as well.

Thank you for the review! I will do my best to update.


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Review #17, by emmykat113 But...I Thought...

10th February 2010:
I liked it, but it went into the story to fast. 9/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the criticism! I'll make sure I fix that.

Thanks for the review!!


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Review #18, by Melina_Foster NO...NO...YOU'RE DEAD!

17th January 2010:
Hey Megan,

long time right? lol! It's Sara, and yeah, I totally forgot my password. So I had to make a new one. Missing you loads. Awesome story, long time since I read it.

Author's Response: Hey Sara:) It has been forever. It also has been forever since I updated.

haha, well, thank you for your review! I will try to update soon!!


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Review #19, by littlemissmittens The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

29th December 2009:
Hi, absolutely love the story. I see what you mean by you suck at spelling but if you want * as the devilishly evil Draco Malfoy put it when he first met Harry* I can help you there. My email is littlemissmittens(at)live(dot)com. Sorry about the shortness of my review this third time I had to wright this review, each time before it it was a paragragh and a half long. Bye. Oh yeah I all most forgot UPDATE SOON. Pretty please with extra sugary chocolate sprinkles on top. *gives you a face at you can't refuse*

Author's Response: lol! Yeah, I am horrible, being a tenth grader you would think I would be better.
I am so sorry that I haven't updated, life has been .. going by fast, I don't have time to anymore:(

But I will try my best! I love the face.. Because of the face I will start writing again.
Thank you for your review!!!


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Review #20, by Alexa Ember The Disasters of (Dreaming) Bordom!

22nd August 2009:

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much! I haven't gotten a review in a while telling me to write more! I do plan on writing more actually. The next chapter is ready... But I am in this thing called Marching Band, and school is starting soon...! I will be so busy. This is the first time in weeks that I have been able to get on! :) But please watch, the next chapter will be up ASAP. I promise... Marauder's Honor!

Thanks again for the lovely review!

Megan~ :)

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Review #21, by Miss Haggan The New Harry

29th May 2009:
Hey yet another good chapter, going to read more now :)


Author's Response: Thank you very much!!!

I'm really glad you like it!!!


P.s. Thanks for the scores!! :) makes me happy!!! :)

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Review #22, by Miss Haggan NO...NO...YOU'RE DEAD!

28th May 2009:
Another great chapter, again a little rushed, but it was easier to follow

Author's Response: Thanks again. I know. that chapter upsets me some.

Thanks again!!!


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Review #23, by Miss Haggan But...I Thought...

28th May 2009:
Hey, another great chapter, but a little short, it seems that you start get into the flow of the story and then it ends, but I still thought it was great.

I didn't notice as many mistakes in this chapter, but I didn't want to point them out again, that would be mean.

Anyways great chapter.


Author's Response: Thank you very much! I hope you keep reading. I know. It's the second chapter, I promise it will get better!! :)

It's okay. i love it when people help me with spelling!!!

I am a bad speller!! LOL:)

Thanks for the review!


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Review #24, by Miss Haggan The Wish

28th May 2009:
Hey, I know that I've already read and reviewed this story, but I haven't read the last few chapters and I've forgotten the plot, my appologies. So now I'm re-reading them and reviewing.

Now, I liked this chapter, but it was kind of hard to follow, but really good for your first story. I also noticed quite a few spelling mistakes, which I'm going to put in this review.


I hope I'm not coming across as being to nit-picky, if I am just say so, and I apologize if I have offended you with this review, it was not intentional. The story was really good, these are just mistakes that I noticed, that distracted me a little.

Anyway great start.

Author's Response: Naw! It's okay. You didn't offend me or anything. I like it when people help me when I spell words wrong. lol! I am a really bad speller.

sorry it distracted you. I'll try to fix them up.

Thanks for your review!


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Review #25, by Fleur_Weasly  NO...NO...YOU'RE DEAD!

7th April 2009:
hehehehe Lil bits of everything. Country (blech) rock (yummy) heavy metal (*smiles*) techno (YAY) and a bunch of comedy, unfortunatly i dont have dane cook (he is my fav) but I had rdney and Adam Sandler :D their funny enough :D lol
I added you and add me my email is
josh_hutcherson_rox(at)hotmail(dot)com or my new and favorite one

adds me (and tottaly!! if u have writters block I would LOVE to help ya out!)

-_- :P :D and others smilies

Author's Response: Yea. I hate counrty too. Not the best thing made... I have two songs of Dave Cook, and he is da bomb!! Adem Sandler is pretty funny too! I like them.

I'll add bothy, and I'll send an e-mail to both. K?



(Nice smiles)

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