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Review #1, by zoe Ending

4th December 2004:
i love it! it was sad but sweet.

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Review #2, by fishyfan Ending

21st May 2004:
Yor story was so wonderful and the ending was bautiful. i have added it to my favorites. It was writin wonderfully. i hope you write many more wonderful stories. This ne was very touching.

Author's Response: Thanx so much for your review it means a lot to hear responses to stories and makes the time I spent writing it more worthwhile if thats possible. Every writer loves to have their work read so thank you I appreciate it a lot and I'm glad you liked it. Check out the sequel :) good luck with your writing Luv Invisibleink X

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Review #3, by Sunshine Ending

15th November 2003:
This is one of the best storys i've read , can u plz read n review mine

Author's Response: I will try and read your stories but I'm very busy with college atm but as soon as i get a spare minute i will. Thank you for the time and effort you took to read my story I'm glad you liked it check out the sequel Good luck with your writing Luv Invisibleink X

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Review #4, by FroBoy Ending

22nd October 2003:
Great story!!!!!

Author's Response: Short but sweet review so it will be a short but sweet reply thank you and good luck with you writing X

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Review #5, by Orora Ending

17th September 2003:
That was... I can't describe it really. I was crying like a baby.And that's not easy (make me cry I mean).I have been reading fanfiction for over a year now and I've never cried.Now that story was a damn good work. Dramatic, yes, but good work.

Author's Response: Glad it had such a moving effect it's what i was going for! Really appreciate you taking the time to review thank you and good luck with all your writing X

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Review #6, by TPearson Saving The World

18th August 2003:
Tremendous story....can\'t wait to see more from you. I love that you\'ve kept (for the most part) to the spirit of JK Rowling...why reinvent the wheel? I would, however, attend more to the grammar. Admittedly, the grammar doesn\'t affect your storytelling have that down...but it could cause your good storytelling to be overlooked by those who put more stock into grammar. Also, formatting your writing once you copy and paste it from your a good idea. Otherwise, it looks all screwy to the reader. Taking out the weird formatting caused by the copy and pasting makes it much more reader-friendly. Easier on the eye. Your writing is great. You have a wonderful talent for it. Keep visiting Hogwarts!! (give mine a look if you get a minute) TPearson

Author's Response: Thank you for the advice and the compliments I will check out your stories asap thanx again gud luck with your writing X

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Review #7, by Clande Saving The World

18th August 2003:
it\'s not done yet, is it?! it can\'t be over! it\'s really; good keep writing! hey, and come check out our stories!

Author's Response: Again i'm so busy with college but i will when i have two minutes. thank you for the feed back its appreciated gud luck with your writing X

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Review #8, by Erica Saving The World

28th July 2003:
Kewl! I like it so far! Please add more soon!

Author's Response: I have check it out thanx for the review and gud luck with your writing X

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Review #9, by Joslin Saving The World

24th July 2003:
Great!!!! It\'s a good story. Write more!!!

Author's Response: Will do gud luck with your writing and thanx X

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