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Review #1, by violet My Middle Name is Humiliation

26th March 2009:
write more soon!its absolutely amazing..i love the character grace you sounds just like me!

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Review #2, by the lady in red Drama Queens, Rentals and McHugsalot

4th February 2009:
just dropping in to ask if u'll be updating anytime soon?
pretty pretty plz with a cherry on top :D

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Review #3, by the lady in red My Middle Name is Humiliation

10th March 2008:
gr8 story i really like it. if i had a mother like that i would probably stab her... hehe but the story is really fun. UPDATE

Author's Response: thank ya darlin'

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Review #4, by Daanana My Middle Name is Humiliation

4th March 2008:
This is a great story, witty and funny. Write on, darling, and I'll read on.

Author's Response: thank you hun

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Review #5, by PotterGeek64 My Middle Name is Humiliation

29th February 2008:
I love FredorGeorge/OCs!

Author's Response: ME TOO!
theres just not enough of them

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Review #6, by Marauderette My Middle Name is Humiliation

28th February 2008:
So far, I love this story. Please, try to update quickly! 10/10

Author's Response: i'll try!!!

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Review #7, by Marauderette Drama Queens, Rentals and McHugsalot

28th February 2008:
I really like this beginning! I love how awkward she is! Her mum is such a freak! I didn't get the "Millie" part...
"“And still you do nothing about it, I mean when I was your age I was drinking and smoking pot and having sex. I mean what, why?” Well excuse me for not being a tramp."
That is my favorite quote! My mom would never say anything like that to me! 10/10

Author's Response: HA
well yes my mothers quite the free spirit behind closed doors, she has NO problem sharing with me her crazy yesteryear stories.
Yes Deborah is quite the freak, no shame whatsoever
thanks for the review love

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Review #8, by Jeanne My Middle Name is Humiliation

27th February 2008:
So, I think this is brilliant and I love it. I would try to write a witty response about something that's awesome in the story, but I am about to keel over I am so tired, but I figured that I'd just give you a review. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. XD

Author's Response: thank you for taking the time to review it's ggreeaatllyy appreciated

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