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Review #1, by Marisa Fights and Fear

8th June 2008:
Please continue to write this story! I really enjoy it and it is written very well! Excellent work! you have got quite a talent with writing!

Author's Response: Sorry, I've pretty much lost the inspiration for this one. Feel free to check out my other works though!

Lily xx

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Review #2, by amandagg Fights and Fear

8th June 2008:
Awome start, please update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll try to!


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Review #3, by Michal Fights and Fear

2nd May 2008:
Very good start. I hope next part will be here soon.

Author's Response: Maybe...I kind of lost the inspiration for this one but couldn't bear to change its status.

Lily xx

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Review #4, by C D johnson Fights and Fear

24th February 2008:
Hi Lily!

Great Start To what I think will become a fabulos story... I'm hooked, I hope you continue this, I really want to know what happens next... Well Done 10/10!

Yours Magically,


Author's Response: Hi Craig,
I'm glad you like it, this is my first attempt at a more serious story so I'm glad people are appreciating it! I will continue as soon as I get an idea. Btw, don't forget to let me know when you update your novel!

Hugs, Lily

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Review #5, by rosai_gryffindor Fights and Fear

22nd February 2008:
hey there!! thanks for emailing me about this, i probably wouldnt have found it for a while otherwise! :D

anywho, onto my (hopefully lengthly) review!

This was wonderful!!! it really was! your writing just gets better and better! and this is a lot more of a serious story than your others, and with a lot more action, and you handle this really well! i can see you're like me, and cant finish one story without being plagued by ideas for another, ending up with a few on the go! but i can understand why you wanted to write this plot, it is a good, strong idea with lots of potential! i like how you say in the summary that it will also be about neville and the longbottom's lifes too, as we never hear much about his babyhood and his life before his parents were tortured. but the lily part is also good, as i am a sucker for lily/james fics, especially ones to do with before, during and after, Harry's birth!

so yeah, great plot, and you started it really well with this chapter! you had lily acting exactly as i would have expected her to in her situation, and the flashback worked well, and wasnt too long or lingering, so just flowed with the story. then her agetation about james and if he is ok... that was a tense moment, and you wrote it fantastically. then when sirius turned up at the door, i really wasnt expecting him to be with an injured james, that was an unexpected twist that i really liked as it was realistic and catches the reader by surprise. you wrote the suspension about how he was and lily's overreacting hormones really well too, i felt sorry for sirius though, but i think he handled her well, bless him! and the use of both the names black and padfoot worked well, putting a subtle change of mood into the writing!

So yeah, all in all, absolutly great start, this looks like it will be an amazing story, and i cant wait to read more!

update soon!!! oh, and i bet you can guess what i am about to ask... yep, do you want a banner?!? lol! i know, i always ask. you dont have to use me this time if you dont want to, i wont be offended after making you two! but seriously, i enjoy it, so if you do want one, you know where to give me a shout!

happy writings!

Rose :)

p.s. hope this was long enough for you! :S

Author's Response: Hey Rose,
This is definitely long enough, LOL!
Thank you so so much for this it made me feel great! You really helped boost my confidence, which I've never had much of.

A big hug,
from Lily M.E Potter

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