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Review #1, by Ed Anger manegment and Family issues

12th May 2017:
Check your ages! As a "fourth" year, Ginny should be 15 NOT 14, as her birthday is August 11 just before Hogwarts school year begins on September 1! Also, you and your beta should pursue remedial English to learn the difference between "there", a location and "their" the possesive pronoun.

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Review #2, by hanaa Weasley is our Queen

20th December 2013:
hated the kareoke idea . too cheesy

Author's Response: Looking back now I would probably agree with that but I can't say I didn't enjoy writing it. Thanks for the honesty and the review!

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Review #3, by Shae The War Begins

9th December 2013:
Calm down Ron. I haven t had sex with Draco and I don t plan on starting any time soon

Good cause you re not allowed to until you re at least 40 and married with two kids
This totally cr@cked me up!
I know I have a chapter to go and I'm late in reading the story I must say it is one of the better ones (apart from a few grammatical errors).
The plot has developed nicely and I am well pleased. Keep up the good writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm really glad people are still reading this! I try to be funny but sometimes I'm afraid no one actually laughs so that is great to hear! Thank you for the review it means a lot!!

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Review #4, by LillyRoseanne Goodnight Ginevra

14th August 2013:
I knew he was gonna be all sneakified... Making himself look different...

Author's Response: I hope it wasn't too obvious. I hope you enjoy reading it! Thank you so much for the reivews!! I love hearing from my readers:D

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Review #5, by LillyRoseanne Sod off

14th August 2013:
Oh Ron... such a bad loser... :P

Author's Response: I've never been a huge fan of Ron so I may have written him in a slightly negative light:p Hope it wasn't too bad:)

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Review #6, by LillyRoseanne The Aftermath

14th August 2013:
Did she did she did she?!!?

Author's Response: I love when I keep my readers guessing:p Hope you enjoyed!!

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Review #7, by LillyRoseanne Lesson one on being a Slytherin

14th August 2013:
long chapters are good... and plenty happened so its doubly fine...

Author's Response: I'm so glad you think that! I'm always afraid my stories are too long:/

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Review #8, by LillyRoseanne Starts with a fight ends with a...?

14th August 2013:
LOL! kissing already... no wonder Draco thinks she's a little too free with her kisses...

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I hope it wasn't too early for a kiss:p I thought it added some humor:)

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Review #9, by LillyRoseanne First class of the year

14th August 2013:
Snape being nice... Intriguing...

Author's Response: I was trying to show a different side of him..he's always been my favorite. Hope you liked it!

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Review #10, by Seph The End.

13th June 2013:
This story was absolutely amazing! I was totally captivated, and my heart went along with the whole journey, feeling anger and joy and all other possible emotions. I feel as if I've gone along on their journey. Thank you for writing such an amazing and unique story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love hearing that people have enjoyed my stories. Make sure to check out the one-shot sequel that i made!!:)

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Review #11, by emma The End.

14th December 2012:
i lov the story! u are a really good writer and have a good talent in writing..all the best.plz check spellings after writing

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much! I really need to go back and check my spelling and grammar, i just haven't had time. Still that's no excuse. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #12, by dramione_love Weasley is our Queen

26th November 2012:
sorry but this chapter is kinda stupid good story though

Author's Response: You're entitled to your opinion. Thank you for the review

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Review #13, by dramione_love The End.

26th November 2012:
ok soo I really like this story...I tend to judge a lot but it was good. I think you should've read more the books because some things don't go with what the books say. Also grammar mistakes, I tend to correct a lot (don't know why I do it really it's annoying sometimes) so yeah there were many grammar mistakes thought I really liked this story :D keep writing!

Author's Response: I know there were things that didn't match up to the books, I wish I could have stayed closer to what happened but I also wanted my own twist to be on things. And I know my grammar is bad. I have an issue with not going back and editing my stories. I hope one day i can go back through them all and edit it but that won't be for a while.
Thank you for the review and the comments! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story:]

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Review #14, by AshuMalfoy The End.

11th November 2012:
hey a good story. i really liked it but you should have gad given it a more elaborated end. like would have talked about their future, whats changes occurs in everybody's life after the war and stuff. but good work and keep it up

Author's Response: I wrote an epilogue! It's a one shot called A Lifetime of Difference, its on my page if you want to read it:]!
I'm so glad you liked it, thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by ms simone The Truth Comes Out

31st August 2012:
I just love the chapie, to pieces.. Happy that ginny's parents know that she & draco are dating...

Author's Response: yay! That's great:] Only a few more chapters left till its done!

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Review #16, by ms simone Darcy comes to Hogwarts

26th August 2012:
love how the story is progressing.. great job!!

Author's Response: thank you! Only a few more chapters till its done!:D

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Review #17, by Lynn Darcy comes to Hogwarts

5th August 2012:
I love this story!! :) Keep up the good work, update soon please! 100/10 :D

Author's Response: I am writing the last chapter at this moment so don't worry you will have it soon! I can't believe it's almost over. I'm so glad you like it, thanks for the review!!:D

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Review #18, by <3 Uncovering the Truth

24th June 2012:
your writing just keeps getting better and better!!
i just read all 20 chapters in one go!!
keep at it!

Author's Response: Thank you, that means soo much to me! I started writing this in 8th grade and now I'm a high school grad. I can't believe how far I've come. I'm glad me readers can see it too. It's almost done, the next chapter will be up soon!:D Thanks for the review!

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Review #19, by Drinny Uncovering the Truth

26th February 2012:
So isn't this like my third post? Whatever. I just want to tell you that I love this fanfiction, so much! :D
It's amazing. And it's one of the best fanfictions on this site. So, please write more soon. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for every single one of your comments, I'm trying to write as fast as I can but honestly I'm at a standstill kind of. I know where I want to go I just don't know how to get there. But I will work as fast as possible to get another chapter up:D

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Review #20, by LunaChoMione Uncovering the Truth

25th February 2012:
This is one of the best fanfictions ever. I love it so much!

Author's Response: aw thank you so much, that means a lot!!:D

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Review #21, by Drinny Uncovering the Truth

23rd February 2012:
I know I've posted before, but I'll keep on writing.
This. Is. AMAZING.
Please write more soon, I can't wait! :)

Author's Response: ahaha thank you for all of the comments. it means a lot to see someone so interested in my story!:D

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Review #22, by Lilypotter567 Uncovering the Truth

22nd February 2012:
Please write more soon, i love it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm trying but I have such bad writers block:/

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Review #23, by Drinny. Uncovering the Truth

21st February 2012:
Get me?
Anyway, I love this to pieces and you need to write more. It's amazing. Love. It. Love. It.
Sorry, but more soon?

Author's Response: ahah i get it:p thank you so much for the review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and yes, there will be more sooon!:D

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Review #24, by Draco Lover Uncovering the Truth

20th February 2012:
This is one of the best fanfictions I've ever read! PLEASE, write more soon. (:
I can't wait to find out what happens.

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much. That honestly means sooo much to me. Sometimes I get a little self-concious about my work and I truly appreciate the positive feedback. Thank you!!:D

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Review #25, by ms simone Uncovering the Truth

12th February 2012:
looking forward to seeing all the questions u ask at the end, posted soon! love the detail about the jewellry that draco & ginny have to wear! (great that charlie & bill has a role in the story)love seeing the headmaster? i wondered who the seer is?

Author's Response: They should all be answered in the next chapter, you'll just have to wait! But it shouldn't be much longer! I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the review!

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