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Review #1, by dawn Shooting Hearts

7th December 2010:
this story is great
i loved it!

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Review #2, by pooh Shooting Hearts

25th May 2010:
hahaha...that was a funny story!

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Review #3, by i dont care any more Shooting Hearts

15th April 2009:
hahahha gorjuzzz story=)) very fun=)) and it really fits me since i am not a fan of v-day

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Review #4, by Erilin_chan Shooting Hearts

5th April 2009:
hehe, thats a great story, love the archery add-in

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Review #5, by dobbyandkreacher Shooting Hearts

1st March 2009:
i love this story!i adore it,
but personally
(and this is just my oppinion)
i don't think that you should
write a sequel.
the ending was perfect.
this has to be one of the
best valentine's day fic.

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Review #6, by catie Shooting Hearts

1st October 2008:
i love it!
especially that ginny's pissed! it rocks!

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Review #7, by thecowscumhome Shooting Hearts

13th March 2008:
Loved it. Write more please

Author's Response: i shall i shall!

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Review #8, by artzyarministani Shooting Hearts

4th March 2008:
lmao! that was awesome!! very AU, but hey, it worked!

Author's Response: why thank you I am glad it made you lmao!

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Review #9, by Courtney Shooting Hearts

25th February 2008:
Very cute, and well written. I just wish you could have taken it a little further instead of just having her suddenly wrap her arms around him. Good story though...

Author's Response: Thanks for the honest critisism! I will be experimenting with expanding it when i get the chance

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Review #10, by ilovseshy Shooting Hearts

19th February 2008:
it would be nice if you made it longer it's realy good though,10/10

Author's Response: Thank You! XD
I am going to try to extend it soon so watch out for it!

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Review #11, by IS bookworm Shooting Hearts

18th February 2008:
OOH!! I thought it was great! I do like Ginny and Ron but sometimes you just have to make them dumb I guess. I think it's hilarious that you're dressing in black for V-Day. Do keep writing! I really liked it! :7)

Author's Response: It was so much fun on Vday and also i actually got something this time O.O!!
yeah a block of dairy milk, can't say i was teribly impressed but hey it's something.
Yes i agree and also they do dumb so well! [that doesn't sound at all mean does it?!?]
Thank you

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Review #12, by dolphindreamer20225 Shooting Hearts

15th February 2008:
Yes! I love it! This was great! I so love the anti-vday theme. me and my bff hate vday. We both wore black on vday, and were talking about finding some arrows and becoming Anti-Cupids. We were gonna shoot people with arrows and make them fall out of love. lol. But we couldn't find any arrows on such short notice. But anyways, that was irrelevant. Good story!!

Author's Response: *high-5* Go the wearing of black! I did the exact same thing.
Awww too bad about the arrows, if i ever find any that make people fall out of love then i will let you know.
Ands thanks for reviewing!! ^^!!

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Review #13, by Joanna Malfoy Shooting Hearts

14th February 2008:
Love it!! Acctually, to be in the story mood, Hate it!!!

Author's Response: Haha

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Review #14, by sparkle15 Shooting Hearts

14th February 2008:
Cute. Ginny is not as perceptive as she thinks. I hope D & H stay together.

Author's Response: Quite right, Ginny is silly. I hope they stay together too, hmmm squel potential. LoL

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Review #15, by Krystle Lynne Shooting Hearts

14th February 2008:
Well, I kind of agree with the Ron bashing...he's not exactly my favourite character. Ginny I'm indifferent on, but I LOVE your portrayal of Draco and Hermione. I may have a boyfriend, but I'm still indifferent to V-day, I told him that he didn't have to do anything for me. Personally St. Paddy's Day is my favourite holiday (I'm Irish AND it's my b-day, what more could a girl want). Great job!

~Krystle Lynne~

PS: Ironically enough...I am in black today *shrugs* meh, oh well.

PSS: 10/10

Author's Response: GOOD someone agrees with me on Ron, everyone seems to like him. WHY??? Nevermind.
YAY for St Paddy's day. You are so lucky i would love to have my B'day on St Paddy's.
Whooot for black!

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Review #16, by caliope Shooting Hearts

14th February 2008:
That was really funny! I loved the way you made Hermione think. That was hilarious! I hate Valentine's as much as you...hehehe. Way to much love in the air!

Author's Response: Thank You!!!

Hating things is always more fun anyway!

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Review #17, by londonmarie Shooting Hearts

14th February 2008:
I love it. Gotta love Hermione decked out in pure black. I only like Valentines Day for the candy.

Author's Response: HAHA
yeah you can't beat chocolate!

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Review #18, by weasley_gang Shooting Hearts

14th February 2008:


lemme guess...u dont hve a boyfiend??

love the story, its really cute, buh the archery is kinda randomm buh it works!!

Author's Response: Yay for Anti-Valentines!
LoL you always have more fun ahting this.

And no i don't have a boyfriend, But guys are boring!

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Review #19, by Twippy Shooting Hearts

14th February 2008:
Amusing. :)


Author's Response: Why thank you. I do try!


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