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Review #1, by K9Train Prologue: Great Expectations

3rd February 2018:
Coming here after reading Mistakes We've Made, I am prepared and thrilled to read another Remus/OC story of yours. You portray him so well and I see that your OCs tend to be loveable and relatable.

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Review #2, by Darque Myth Ch. 9: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

6th September 2010:
Brief list of things I must say:

1. I adore you.
2. I adore this story.
3. I adore Remus.
4. I adore Levy.

You see where I'm going with this? Of course you do!

So. I know as well as any that real life can be a nuisance, and school/exams/work/family take priority, so there are so many wonderful works of art that are left to rot on the interwebs. I know this, I understand, I sympathize.

(...and here's where I get pushy.)

But please, please, please do not let this story be added to the unnamed deceased. It is simply too good to be wasted. If this were a novel for sale at outragiously inflated prices at Barnes & Noble, I would buy it. As a person with little to no money at the best of times, that is saying something.

Allright, my rant is coming to a close. I will love you forever if you continue and finish this.

ex's and oh's


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Review #3, by Darque Myth Ch. 5: The Awakening

5th September 2010:
I, like others before me, also died of cute during the scene with Remus and Levy.

And I guessed right away who Phil was-- I suppose I'll have to read on to find out if I'm right, eh? ;)

But this is SUCH an amazing story, your characters are wonderful, and I hereby declare that I am in love with you. know, in a not creepy way xD

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Review #4, by Arcane Ch. 9: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

29th November 2009:
This story is wonderful! I adore Levy, and I especially love how it seems like everyone in Hogwarts knows about how Remus pines over her. Not to mention your writing is just amazing and incredibly natural. You are one talented writer!
But it's been almost a year since you've last updated this story. Are you intending on finishing it, or has the real world swept you away from hpff? Hope that's not the case, as I really enjoy this story and would love for it to be continued.

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Review #5, by don'thaveanaccount Ch. 9: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

4th February 2009:
you are. a master. of. words.

..." a statement disguised as silence"...

now, to go read the rest of the chapter! {kind of got stuck on that sentance...}

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm working on the next chapter...slowly but surely! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!


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Review #6, by Rachel Ch. 9: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

8th January 2009:
I absolutely love your story! It is so wonderfully creative and unique. Not only is the plot line wonderful, I love how you take the time to explain in detail things like the setting. Lily and Jame's relationship is refreshingly different. Please keep on writing, I so enjoy reading this story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I am still writing, slowly but surely! I love it when people notice the details!

I try to give the story its own spin on the traditional Marauders story; I'm glad to know you think it is unique and creative! The whole thing is my pet project for when I get burnt out on my (less than creative) coursework, so I'm glad my baby's making you happy!

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Review #7, by prosgal Ch. 9: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

10th December 2008:
So too bad for my final exam, Iím indulging and reading fanfic for the next hour. And where better to start but with the long awaited but very rewarding costume picnic?

About a month ago I read a story that butchered the character of Remus and it made me realize I might have some mad love for this fictional guy and this is where I get a really good Remus fix. I should also add that he and Levy are both great apart but they just seem to function so well when together.

And I know Iím reading bt stuff when I have wikipedia tabbed before I'm told to, I find out such interesting things sometimes. The costumes were just so awesome, I canít put it well in this review but they were so well thought out.

So gush gush gush, great chapter, love the Lily, James, Tristan triangle progression, love Dell being the architect of the entire plan and I canít wait to give this a reread. And one day I hope to be an eloquent reviewer.

Happy final writing!

Author's Response: Yes! It was very long awaited, :(

I have extreme mad love for this person who only exists in my head (Rem) and sometimes I think about how crazy that makes me. But then I don't care. Remus is real in my story, and that is just fine. He's for Levy, not me, anyways. Haha, I'm seriously going to need some psych help later in life.

I'm glad you enjoyed the costumes! I tried to get something interesting and yet fitting for the characters. I'm glad to know you learn things from this, too! I love learning. ... See how Remus and I are perfect? Shiz, no, Rem & Levy. Or Rem & Calliope. Or Rem & Delia. Or Rem & Falon. Rem & Anyone (awesome and) Fictional! I am real. Yes. I keep thinking I would like to get to be like Thursday Next and be able to bookjump into Harry Potter, be a witch, then time travel back to the Marauder's Era, make a move on Remus and save everyone from all the major eff-up that happens. Yes. So, what do you daydream about? Haha.

Thanks for the superb review! Sorry everything takes me so long lately. Blah! In about 5 months I'll be better at updating! :) (SUMMER!!!)

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Review #8, by silver phoenix Ch. 9: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

9th December 2008:
Hurray! BT is BACK! :D This was FABULOUS, darling! Simply fabulous! I'm afraid Maisy's review says it all, but know that I LOVED this chapter, and missed you so very much. Cursed meat world... alas, if only I would update as well, eh? I AM working on it... :l Glad to have you and your charming story back, doll!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for being so loyal! I love you!

I'm working on chapter ten (there are tidbits about it on the blog, alas, very very few tidbits because it is depressingly short as of late, but you know, school makes me do crazy crazy things.) and it will be posted hopefully before another three months go by! I've been thinking about it a lot lately and that is very promising...

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Review #9, by queenspuppet Ch. 9: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

8th December 2008:
You're an angel. I love.
I also especially love Sable and Zephyr. I love love love that bit. Inside jokes are so great.
Congrats on finishing your chapter. It's marvelous and I'm so proud of you. Currently this chapter stands longer than my final story for my fiction 1 class. Because writing FF is assloads easier than writing original nonsense, and somehow more rewarding.

I want Levy's quilt. I think I'm going to make one. I think Remus his awesome and adorable for tricking Brady Alexander into that costume. Was he Puff the magic dragon? I kind of hope so.

I love Dell for sneaking into the planning, and I think in the end it'll help you control which directions Levy takes things in. Dell is a great character for plot movement.

I can honestly say that this story, because now i have the fictiony-know-how to tell, is billions of times better than anything that's come out of my classes here, of my work of others.

Rock on Elle Belle. I'll be pestering you soon provided I can find an outlet to charge my computer.


Author's Response: You're an angel, only reviewer. How's THAT?

I want someone else to review and catch that. Or not and just go "OMG hav u ever heard of this story called tonge tied? it totz has a girl named Caliope 2!!" (because people here do say things like that). AND I LOVE Sable & Zeph & Arc's names. I had a lot of fun coming up with those. And in true BT style I came up with a big back story for them (well, mostly for Zeph, but there is more to do with the 3 of them as a group as well). (You see, when Zeph says "you can tell he's never really met one"...that does in fact mean what it sounds like it means. His name is Isaac and he is scary and does not sparkle.)

I KNOW! I was too excited to finally finish it. Insane.

And writing FF is way too easy sometimes. I have a hard time writing boring technical essays for my classes, I can't imagine how perfectionist I would get if I had to write a story for a class. I'd have to...oh my god. Man. No. Just no.

Please quilt. I want to know someone who can quilt.

In my mind Brady looked like some congolmeration of the blue dude from dragon tales and Barney, but Puff would have been much more awesome. Yes, I am aware that Barney is a dinosaur. But he's also much more anthropomorphic than Puff and he's also ridiculous.

I would like to shorten that to Dell is a great character, but I do agree that she helps plot a great deal. And then I go off and decide that there need to be more parties, even though they were not planned at all. Oh me.

Dude, this story is not better than your stuff. Seriously. I've read your stuff. It is good. This is half-baked and extremely silly. I mean, I love it and it is perfect for me, but don't sell yourself short here.

Pester me.


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Review #10, by prosgal Ch. 8: In Cold Blood

5th October 2008:
Oh Remus is such an adorable schemer. Which is a wrong sounding sentence, I should use the word slick, or devious but it makes me go aw, so adorable it is.

You know after reading this I was thinking, I bet you could come of with an unusual concept and write a cool book like The Eyre Affair. I can't wait for more of this.

Author's Response: Thank you! Rereviews are pleasant, unexpected, and incredibly appreciated, let me tell you.

So- The Eyre Affair- I wik'pedia'd it and it piques the interest. Do you think I should read Jane Eyre first, though? I never really finished that one. Bad child, I was.

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Review #11, by prosgal Ch. 7: Catch-22

5th October 2008:
Oh you had to know I was creeping back here to rereview.

Once again, it must be said: Best intro ever. And I now fully admit to all the dancing.

Levy's grand opportunity working in Tristan's favour was cute, but we all know (or hope) what fate has in store for her. And boy do I miss reading about him. I might just go back to the begining and give the whole story a reread.

rereads, rereviews and reresponses. I should probably get to actual writing.

Author's Response: I love you for rereviewing. Nicest HPFFer evvver. That is your award. Complete with 3 Vs. Because you deserve 3 Vs, michelle, yes you do.


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Review #12, by shadowycorner Ch. 4: As You Like It

7th June 2008:
Ahaha, a coincidental accident in Potions, I'm sure. And still levy doesn't really mind and is as happy as ever. That's why I like her. Many girls would have a foul mood after this (like me), but she's okay and takes life as it is. That's incredible about her. Oh, and did I mention just how much I love Dell? Her antics about Phineas Atwood were most enjoyable to read.

The Transfiguration scene with Snape was done amazingly. Except McGonagall's reaction. I can definitely see her beside herself and screaming, but I don't think she would take 5o points from Gryffindor and give a weeklong detention. That was a bit too much. But still, the way it happened, amazing. What was that with Ora and Remus?? That really sparked up interest. Most of all I loved Levy surprising Snape when he wanted to insult Remus about the werewolf thing. That was amazing and I love Levy for that even more, if that's possible.

I'm excited to read the next chapter sometimes soon. :) This is really great stuff. Lol, and Remus's inability to deliver the meat from his fork to his mouth was priceless once I imagined it. It's just such a nice portrayal of a romance between two people. Well, Levy's not aware of anything yet, but Remus's feelings are so lovely, gentle and humble...and his reactions to her are great and in character. Every moment the two share is pure wonderfulness. Ack, iloveit!

xoxo Liz

Author's Response: Aw, thank you again for such compliments!

And the thing about Ora and Rem? Yeah, that's actually about Ora and Snape. So, yes. There is that nice hint.

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Review #13, by prosgal, logging in is for chumps Ch. 6: Me Talk Pretty One Day

4th June 2008:
I love that all this is coming back to Levy now. and everything else of course, her innocent intentions and everyone's reactions to them particularily. Poor Tristan is so doomed and watching (err..reading) how that happens should make for some good stuff. I definitely like the Lily/James courtship so far however short it may have been, I'd expect nothing less than another refreshing take from you.

"I didn’t know Salazar felt that way about snakes" sigh

Author's Response: Yeah, I don't know how sympathetic you dudes are going to be towards 'Poor Tristan' in the coming chapters. I mean, the bloke's...well he's a Dandy but he's got some ... okay you'll just have to see.

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Review #14, by silver phoenix Ch. 6: Me Talk Pretty One Day

3rd June 2008:
YAY! AN UPDATE! :D *dances about in joy* This was WONDERFUL! The only thing I wasn't thrilled about was how short Levy's daydream of her fantasy world was *pouts* I adored the scene when Lily and James chatted casually for all of, what, ten seconds? ;] Ah, Tristan and his girly lashes... *snicker* Why do I have a feeling he's related to a certain Lockhart? And what a FABULOUS end! Hilarious, of course. But I wonder what it is that James needs to talk to Levy of all people that means you better update soon, miss! 10/10, of course. Love ya!

Author's Response: Tristan and Lockhart? Why, you crazy girl. Dandies can exist without being related!

But, seriously, I think you're right. This may soon become canon. BT Canon.

Dude, where have you been lately? All of HPFF has been off in the real world lately I suppose. Go us. Woo.

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Review #15, by queenspuppet Ch. 6: Me Talk Pretty One Day

2nd June 2008:
"I think, in some ways, it's the natural magic of the world, the innate magic of human life,"Levy made a questioning noise, prompting Dell to continue, "Not the forced, controlled magic of transfiguration or all the wand waving of charms, but rather the magic that flows in the veins of the hippogriff, the inborn magic of the Chinese chomping cabbage, whatever it is that lends the stars their predictive powers or governs the behavior of the oceans. There's more to magic than spells and incantations, there's magic all around us, in everything, it shouldn't be surprising that it projects itself into human interactions."

That's so cool that you just wrote this because I was just forming a scene in my head for Merritt talking about this to Sirius! Our wavelengths are connected, McEllebelle.

And so, armed with his large heart, Sirius decided to remedy the situation as best he could. He put on his good friend hat, clenched his jaw determinedly, and hid all of his good intentions behind a thick veil of teasing and nonchalance.
-Aww! Cuddly but still very Siriusy Sirius.

"You never know about Dumbledore," Remus responded.- Hahaha! It's true. You don't.

And best Professor Sprout ever! So awesome.

Ohs but I want to know more about James' and Levy's chitterchat. And well done with the brief little finale. I look forward to the second half of everything you had written down for this chapter though. Very exciting.
Sorry this is not as sparkletacular as my usual reviews. It's been a long day. But this was a lovely long chapter chockfull of the usual goodness of the story. You write well and you write cute. If that makes sense. But anyways, I like it!


Author's Response: I'm still depressed about lost reviews and review replies. I thought to myself, though, that I should go back and put things under these reviews, just so people do know I read and appreciate them.


Man, Maize, you're my fav. You know that? Thanks for reviewing this back in June. I remember this chapter. I thought I had writers block.



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Review #16, by shadowycorner Ch. 3: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

29th May 2008:
It was cute, really, how girls were so shy about their feelings for him. He supposed he just couldn't help being so handsome. It was a curse, but if it had to be on someone, well, why not him? That is so totally like James, rofl.

As for suggestions, sometimes you forget to capitaliz thigns like the Great Hall, Quidditch, etc. Other than that, I am enjoying every single word of this story. Your writing is witty and vibrates with intelligence and skill. The dialogues are generally perfect and the characters...I won't even go into my ramble about the excellence.

I am absolutely in love with Lily the Power freak. Her thoughts when she woke up were hilarious. Actually, I'm smiling throughout most of this story. It's just so genuinely wonderful. And your Remus is one of the best Remuses I have ever read. His secret affection toward Levy is more than lovely, even the way he humbly deals with it. And the poor dreamy-eyed illogical must be really tough with someone as clueless. But she's really the best thing about this story. The way she bounces around, linking the characters and events together is priceless. When she interrogated James, I just had to laugh at how her mind wandered off constantly and especially when she got the wrong impression of the outcome of the conversation. Sherlock Holmes, indeed!

This is one of the most original Marauder stories ever and I do hope that you will submit this story for eHPF's Story Club. i would definitely vote for this piece.


Author's Response: James, ha, he's crazy, that's for sure. But not as crazy as Levy, I guess.

Thanks for the capitalization thing- I'll pay more attention in the future, promise!

You are making me so blush-y and grin-y and school girly with all your praise. It's great. You think I sound intelligent? And witty? :D

Lily is a megalomaniac, but I love her, just like I love all of my little people. When you compliment them it makes me very very happy and excited, it's like a parent hearing that the teacher thinks their kid is a great student or something.

Remus is my favorite, too, and I could see him growing up to be the Remus we know he will be, which is very important to me.

I'll def. consider submitting it for Story Club 8! Thanks!

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Review #17, by shadowycorner Ch. 2: Much Ado About Nothing

28th May 2008:
I don't even know what to say because right now I only have the capacity to utter word of praise and admiration. Your way with characters is flawless. Every person that comes into the story has a spark, depth and something to grab you by. They're all so diverse and original and you introduced all of them wonderfully, whether it was Dell through her talk with Levy or the other Gryffindor girls through Lily's eyes and also Lily herself. As for Remus, that's just a really wonderful way to write him. He's so sweet yet not too much, keeping his cool and sense.

I wish I could say more, but I don't have much time and am in some kind of a rush. Your writing is excellent, of a really high quality, and I really love this so far. I can't belive it took me so long to start on this. Will read the other half of the chapters later, though. That's a sure thing. Seriously, one of the best Marauder Era stories I've read so far and I've read quite a lot of them.


Author's Response: EEk! There you go again with leaving me exactly the compliments I want to hear! I always think my characterization isn't all that, but now I guess I need to be more proud of myself!

Ah! I'm glad I'm so high on your list of M-era stories, that's huge to me. :)

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Review #18, by shadowycorner Ch. 1: Light in August

28th May 2008:
It took a lot of bravery and courage to be so very true to one’s self, to not worry about what other students thought of you, to believe that you could truly do anything you put your mind to.

That was very nice. I just wanted to point it out. :)

So, I'm quite falling in love with this story and the characters. Remus is lovely and I like the way he feels about Levy. It proves as a nice twist and you once again avoid the obvious and write it just the right way. As for Levy, dang, I have absolutely no words for how amazing she is. She's quirky, dreamy and weird like Luna, but you take this even further and give her a new depth we haven't seen before (before the couple of times I've come across Luna's mother in the Marauder Era, she was always the exact replica of Luna). Um, now I just hope she really is her mum, because if not I'll come across as really dense, lol.

The ending was hilarious. The drama in her voice and the entire air around her makes her extremely lovable and funny.

xoxo Liz

Author's Response: Thanks! I liked that line a lot, too. I also like to qualify my placement of people in their houses, it's kind of a pet peeve of mine, I guess.

Thanks for saying I avoid the obvious, too, that's something I try to do- keep my writing fresh and original. I always get really grin-y reading your reviews, you pick out everything I want to hear and then tell me about it. :)

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Review #19, by shadowycorner Prologue: Great Expectations

28th May 2008:
At first I was feeling kind of indifferent about Remus' thoughts, because coming to Hogwarts..I think the first secret desire of his would be to find friends, but in the end, you wonderfully cleared that up and made it plausible. I just had a thought...would Remus' dad say 'screw up' to his son?

Anyway, I've been seeing this story around for a while, wanting to read it as soon as I glanced at it. Time just caught up with me, but seeing you over at eHPF today inspired me to go and read something straight away. So far I really dig Levy and I think it's fairly obvious she's Luna's mum. The hare, the looks and the entire nature speak for themselves, though I like how subtle you make it at the same time.

Also good job on writing an interesting train scene in the beginning, because I have to admit I get immediately turned off when someone starts off a story with the train ride to Hogwarts, but this was good. The conversation between Levy and Remus was captivating and even funny (especially the conversation start: "Your name is Remus.") Overall I really enjoyed this chapter. :)

xoxo Liz

Author's Response: Yay! An eHPF-er! Hi!!

In my mind Remus's dad would say that, but I guess that is just my concept of their relationship and what counts as harsh language in their family. I'm glad you found little Rem plausible, though, because he delighted me.

And huzzah at you for being quick-minded and realizing who Levy is...ahem, might end up being. I am not confirming anything here!

I like suspense, you see.

Thanks for taking time to check the story out!

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Review #20, by antlers Ch. 5: The Awakening

24th May 2008:
i love this story!

all your characters are so creative haha its fantastic

looking forward to more plot :) !!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! There is a lot of plot in chapter six...which I just posted!

I love any compliments to my characters, so you get some internet brownies! Do you like pecans or no pecans in them?

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Review #21, by moon_black11 Ch. 5: The Awakening

24th May 2008:
ahahahaha i love it! it made me laugh. more more

Author's Response: More is posted! I'm glad you think it's funny :)

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Review #22, by queenspuppet Ch. 5: The Awakening

23rd May 2008:
Aha! Here I go.
So one of the first things that I was going to mention was that at first you were missing the Ch. 5: but now it is there and I feel at peace again.

So you're always on about my crazy characterization and the what not but I really think that you don't give yourself enough credit! Look at this incredible little world you've created with all these people and events and feelings going on at once. If I have only one problem in my work it would be that I tend to get a one track mind. I practically threw Melody out of the story accidentally in Tongue Tied. So yeah. You are crazy amazing and I am in awe.

There a just wonderful moments in this chapter and there are so many of them. Hilarity in the strange teenager self-satisfying relationship of Lily and Tristan. The adorable vagueness of Phin and Dell. The insta-friendliness of Philly and Levy. Levy tending Remus, oh goodness I about died with cute. And what a finish!

You are a master of moments and quick plot! I jealous yo. Not to mention that you had this and the prologue out like snap.
Oh you wonder you!

Author's Response: I made sure to put a Ch. 6, thinking about your peace of mind. And mine, of course :)

Aw, thanks for complimenting my characters. Sometimes I do like to sit back and contemplate the fact that not only do I have a story, I have a whole universe, in some respects. I know who Levy's grandkids are and who one of Dell's daughters is going to marry and exactly how they intertwine with the next generation. It makes me very very happy. I think I spend too much time thinking about these characters, actually, so that's probably why this story is at all successful- I'm a nutty obsessed person.

I really do love Lily and Tristan and how they both think they really like the other person, but really they just like themselves and the reflection of themselves they see in the other person. Self-satisfying, as you put it nicely.

Phin and Dell are another lovely relationship for me, but I'm not getting into theirs so much because it will have its own story and it will be fully explored and explained in that story. Themes will abound like leaping gazelles!

Yeah, that Levy and Remus moment was killer fluff. Kind of made me gag, but I was too busy cooing.

The end was one of my favorite moments of the chapter, I couldn't resist the image of Levy getting an African mask and sticking her tongue out through it. And I really wanted yogurt when I was writing that.

Oh, you do flatter, Maisy!

Keep it up,

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Review #23, by prosgal Ch. 5: The Awakening

23rd May 2008:
Levy's little adventures and friendship making amuses me greatly. Aww Remus is the worst malicious intent guy ever and it makes me adore him more. I like that the boys all know about his little crush on Levy.

I checked your meet the author page for your previews and such and it looks like my favourites page is going to get a little longer soon :)

Oh and I went to request a banner at the dark arts today and my request was right after yours, crazy

Author's Response: Remus is a horrible villain, isn't he? He's just too nice, and, apparently, too transparent.

Cool! We must be on similar wavelengths with the banner-needing. As for favorites pages growing, mine did too, thanks to you! And you update faster than I do, so yours is better. Ha! Take that!

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Review #24, by Caolfhinne_Lovegood Ch. 5: The Awakening

22nd May 2008:
Phil for Xenophilius? -wiggles eyebrows-

Either way, I love the story. Very original characters and portrayal. ^^ Keep it up!

Author's Response: Interesting thought, but I'm not going to say anything.

Thank you! I try to keep things new and fresh.

I already have big plans for chapter six, so watch out!

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Review #25, by Maisy Ch. 5: The Awakening

22nd May 2008:
Eellle. My computer is being EVIL. I was so excited to see that you updated right before I woke up but now it won't let me open the chapter.(it's something bizarre that my internet does I think, everyonce in awhile it tells me that Hpff won't grant access or something. Like I can't open the story page for Muse either. Gr.) Make it stop! I want to read.

Author's Response: NO EVIL COMPUTERS! Bad Reggie!

Well, I know you've read it by now, anyways. :)

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