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Review #1, by PHINA Chapter 6: James and Lily POV

23rd November 2010:
very good so far i love it cant wait to read the rest

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Review #2, by PHINA Chapter 1: Olive POV

22nd November 2010:

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Review #3, by doesn't have an account Chapter 6: James and Lily POV

22nd February 2009:
i really like your story and think you should update it. PLEASE!

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Review #4, by Gred_Forge Chapter 6: James and Lily POV

18th February 2009:
I absolutely love it!! This is brilliant! I can hardly wait to read more!!!


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Review #5, by Gred_Forge Chapter 5: Lily and Olive POV

17th February 2009:
I loves it!
Its so hilarious!!

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Review #6, by maddiehptw Chapter 4: Sirius POV

8th January 2009:
What did Olive whisper into Jameses ear that made him get up

I luv this story!

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Review #7, by Maddieeeeeeee Chapter 6: James and Lily POV

2nd January 2009:
You better not stop writing!

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Review #8, by A_Drowning_Fish Chapter 6: James and Lily POV

20th November 2008:
i saw this story in a fav list and i was like . . . hmm . . . should i read it . . . ?
anyway i am SO glad i did!
it is really good and i hope you update soon - i know its hard with that torture chamber the government calls school. gr.
i'm really sorry but i dont really like all the POV swaps. most stories only have one or two POVs that they swap evenly but oh well. this is still a really good story and you have a real talent for writing.
a moterbike, huh?
if only we WERE Jk . . . . . . . . . .only the whole "we" concept doesn't really work.
maybe i should just take it myself . . .

soz anyway back to the story - 9/10 but only cos i really don't like the POV swaps otherwise its a great story!

DONT ABABNDON PLEEAASSEE . . . with a cherry on top . . .?

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Review #9, by Emily Chapter 6: James and Lily POV

5th November 2008:
Dude this is one amazing story keep writing PLEASE

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Review #10, by blacKat Chapter 1: Olive POV

17th October 2008:
I like it. Are you spanish by any chance?

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Review #11, by hogwarts_author_cs Chapter 6: James and Lily POV

16th October 2008:
ooh... i love this story!! I love the characters, especially Lily and Sirius!! :)
Please keep writing!!

Author's Response: Oh thank you!

Its nice to know that not EVERYBODY has given up on me!

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Review #12, by devous_girl Chapter 4: Sirius POV

10th June 2008:
i loved this chapter and the chapters b4 this one. update soon, since it's summer, i can't wait to read more, and make them longer! they are very short

Author's Response: Its like you're an army officer, do this do that. But yes I will make them longer but that makes updating go longer too. What can I say? The world has a twisted sense of humor.

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Review #13, by heyITSme Chapter 4: Sirius POV

9th June 2008:
lol, great chapter. i like olive alot.

Author's Response: Thanks. She's a pretty cool person.

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Review #14, by lollipop_marauderette Chapter 3: Lily and James POV

20th May 2008:
funny funny bring on the neaxt chap


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Review #15, by lollipop_marauderette Chapter 2 : Olive and Sirius POV

20th May 2008:
revenge! haha im glad they are friends


Author's Response: YA! Revenge is sweet!

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Review #16, by lollipop_marauderette Chapter 1: Olive POV

20th May 2008:
hahah i really like this story oh yeah... olive is fliipin sweet dude!!!


Author's Response: thanks dude! She is kinda cool huh?

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Review #17, by sails Chapter 3: Lily and James POV

18th May 2008:
wow i really like your stuff, even if olive is a tad unrealistic but HEY i'm still holding out for another chapter =)

Author's Response: that IS fiction, right?


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Review #18, by velvet Chapter 1: Olive POV

8th May 2008:
Hey! Okay so I said I would review so here goes..good job on the olive's hard to make up new ones and place them in the HP world sometimes. As for constructive criticism, the only thing with this story is that it's a bit cliche. The typical marauder story, which, dont get me wrong, is never bad. I love the boys, hehe. Just some how olive is always skinny, and beautiful and perfect is very common for original characters. Hopefully you catch my drift. I like reading the thoughts of her though, you should develop those more..and maybe you have in later chapters :)'s fun to write the marauders, isn't it? Keep on going!!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you gave me some contructive critisism. Not many people do.

As for the cliche-ness, its my first long story. I decided to stick to something easy and fun until I could write something more creative.

And about Olive, she looks like all the other characters I know but what (i hope) sets her apart from the others is her personality. I see her as a bright and great person who is kind of troubled in her own way. Not troubled in a way where she turns dark and takes drugs and stuff but where it starts to make her a less trusting person and then she gets to another new school where there are people that are even tougher than her. And she learns to love, and to be strong, and to mushy at times. She is used to jumping around from place to place and always getting new people to......not really befriend but to overcome. Like, she doesn't want to get in too deep with her friends and stuff because she doesn't want to get hurt.

But anyway, none of you can see that yet because I haven't written it all down. I've only thought it!

And I love my boys. They are based on people in my everyday lives.

And yes, the marauders are the most fun people to write about because JK was a bit vague on their lives so that makes you want to make your own ideas up about it!

I will keep on going but I need to wait until summer which is very soon. Sorry!

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Review #19, by heyITSme Chapter 3: Lily and James POV

6th May 2008:

hilarious story! update quickly, PLEASE!
p.s. you might want to change your summary b/c it was sorta boring...maybe add in a little snippet form the story? liker a funny part? personal opinion, still in love with your story.


Author's Response: Glad you like it!

My summary is a bit boring but I want it to be a bit dramatic because it does get that way later on. But thanks for telling me. I am going to go look at it and maybe adjust it a bit.

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Review #20, by napoleonsolo Chapter 3: Lily and James POV

26th April 2008:
this is a very enjoyable read - funny and well written - and i hope you continue to write more!

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Review #21, by napoleonsolo Chapter 2 : Olive and Sirius POV

26th April 2008:
poor olive, hoist by her own petard!! i hope she gets her own back on becca. looking forward to reading on.

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Review #22, by napoleonsolo Chapter 1: Olive POV

26th April 2008:
i rather enjoyed this first chapter. you have written it well with lots of in-depth characterisations and you have a knack for details. i also like your girl olive. she's great fun!

Author's Response: Thank you! I wanted to at least get the first chapter right. I'm not sure I did too well on the others though.......:(

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Review #23, by emocut/blackrox Chapter 3: Lily and James POV

24th April 2008:
this is cool stuff
when are you updating
please update soon !

Author's Response: I will I will I will I will I will!

When summer comes. VERY SOON PROMISE!!

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Review #24, by astronomy71 Chapter 3: Lily and James POV

1st April 2008:
There is nothing wrong with a big head. GREAT story! :) 1000/10 please write more. *insert sweet smile here*

Author's Response: If you want me to, then I guess I will write some more.

Oh and my big head is even bigger. But if there's nothing wrong with that.......:)

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Review #25, by Ginny45 Chapter 1: Olive POV

29th March 2008:
Hola Senorita. You speak really good spanish. I've just started learning it. Your story's great so happy and upbeat. Anyhoo I'm going to try and stop my foolish random talking and tell you how great you story is!
Em x

Author's Response: AHA!

I knew I could fool someone into thinking I spoke spanish. I don't though, I used an online translator......:)

I like you foolish random talking! And that you like my story!

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