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Review #1, by dancinbabe Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

14th December 2008:
aw! so cute the last sentence great story thought

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Review #2, by HisLove Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

10th April 2008:
aw this is very cute ^_^ wish u would start a story using this

Author's Response: It's improbable, but not impossible. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Cedrics_gurl Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

27th March 2008:
That made me shiver. As in when you listen to a song and it makes you shiver and cry, type of shiver, not the cold shiver.

It was so cute. I adored the fact that Tonks was so determined to get what she wanted, and she managed to out-argue a Marauder, that takes some skill.

I also loved that you stated the reasons you feel Remus was included in the Marauders, as many authors/HP fans don't really think he would have fit in.

The way you wrote the kisses really pulled me in and captured my attention, after all, I am a sucker for romance! :)

I think my favourite line paragraph would have to be:

“Good,” he murmured softly. “You’ve signed a pact with a werewolf: you’re mine now.”

I pulled back in mock horror, “Wait, you’re a werewolf? I can’t be with you; what was I thinking?”

His eyebrows skyrocketed into his hairline.

I winced, “Too soon to joke?”

He nodded.

I don't know why, but it reminded me of the relationship between Bella and Edward in Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse (which, if you haven't read them, you should!). Which I absolutely adored because of the fact that he loves her even though he knows he shouldn't and he warned her of the danger he could inflict on her. I suppose that makes their relationship like Harry and Ginny's too as Harry left Ginny "for her own safety", just as Edward left Bella. Oh, and Remus left Lily in DH.

As you asked for some constructive criticism, I suppose I should mention a few things I noticed - to me Remus seemed totally in character, but at times Tonks wasn't quite perfect. I know sometimes people change when they fall in love with someone so unlike them they're the same (if you get what I mean), but I think some of the lines she said were slightly OOC. Personally, I quite like that as it adds your own opinion of the characters, but you could slightly alter her to make her match the books for any canon-freaks (as I call them! This isn't an insult, I'm a canon-freak! Lol).

Also, Tonks' little speech was rather ... wooden. The things she was saying was really cute and amazingly in character, it's just the order of which she said them, and the way she said them, that made it slightly formal.

Besides those two points, I really liked it. Well done! :D

Oh, and sorry for the wait for the review! 7/10

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Review #4, by nat Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

23rd March 2008:
too cute!

this was a great way for them to get together. You seemed to get their personalities right. Just enough mushy stuff, humor and the serious side

Author's Response: Whoo, I'm glad you found the characters well-personified (is that a word?). For me, writing is character-based, so I feel like proper characterization is so important to good fiction, which makes it that much cooler that you like my characters. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by SilverShadow04 Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

11th March 2008:
Aw that was so sweet Remus and Tonks are two of my favourite characters. I love this story it made me feel all mushy inside ^_^.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it; Remus and Tonks are two of my favorite canon characters as well. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by pandadude Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

2nd March 2008:
I'm so sorry this review took a while to get to you. :(

Hey; well now I'm here! ;P Well this was such a cute little Remus/Tonks story. It seemed a bit to upbeat though, well at least that's how I took it as, considering Dumbledore just died.

This one just took to me as a bit lame, and personally I don't think I could imagine Remus saying it, well just the you're mine part, the beginning is fine:

"You've signed a pact with a werewolf: you're mine now"

Overall, well done!



-jess (jet)

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry about it; I appreciate every review!

*Sigh* I am just incapable of writing serious/angsty fiction it seems. I really tried to make this serious and solemn, but my fingers just wouldn't let me. They insisted on typing happy words and actions for Remus and Tonks.

lol, you didn't like the line? I thought it was a bit cheesy and cute, but to each his (or her) own, I guess! :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Sexy Little Fishy Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

2nd March 2008:
I ahdored this. I especially liked how Remus was in it, because I'm slightly in love with him :P.

You are an excellent writer. Extremely excellent. I'm thinking I'll go and read some of your other stuff, because I really enjoyed this. You have a terrific vocabulary as well, which is always a good thing :P.

10/10, Because you deserve it :D.

Author's Response: Hey Ash! :)

Aren't we all in love with Remus? :P

Aw, I'm really honored that you enjoyed the story. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by D i a Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

1st March 2008:

So I read this one-shot and have some constructive critisism for it.

1. Nice way to start out the story with the lines from the book, whcih most of us probably remember. It makes a good base for the story to build on, and it makes the reader understand immediately who's present and where in the world we are.

2. The first long part of the dialouge seemed a bit too forced to me. It's fair enough that they love each other and that Tonks wants to explain her love and Remus wants to convince her not to love him, but their actual words seemed a bit over the top, it lost the realism that it was supposed to have, because I'm not sure normal people would actually speak like that.

3. From the point they start joking, the mood lightens up and gets much more down to earth and realistic in my opinion. In that part they seem very human and easy to relate to.

4. I'm glad you added some of Tonks clumsiness and a lot of Remus seriousness, that kept both of them in character most of the time. Also the bit about the Weird Sisters clearly showed the difference between the two characters, and it added something to their relationship that we know they're this different.

5. I don't think this story would be able to stand on it's own if we didn't know 'the rest of the story' or the context of it all, but as a scene from that whole it works relatively well.

I think that was all I had to say here, I hope you find my comments useful.

/D i a

Author's Response: Ooh, yay, I love constructive criticism!

1. Thank ya! I love little flashback bits that sorta set the scene, so I decided to add it here.

2. I totally get what you mean about forced dialogue. I think I added a bit of the dramatics because I can see Tonks being so desperate after Dumbledore's death that she's willing to try anything and everything to convince Remus that she loves him. Also, sometimes normal dialogue can get boring to read! :P

3./4. :)

5. I completely agree with you there. It was sorta a "missing moments" kinda story. Plus, it was for a writing duel, so I had to keep it short, which was probably why it was a bit random.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Nymphie Lupin Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

29th February 2008:
okaaayyy. I'm sorry, but I could've SWORN I left a review yesterday when I read this. I must not have sent it in. :(

oh well then...

Basically what I said in my last review was that I loved this. You portrayed both Tonks and Remus excellently. Your characterizations of them were marvelous, so WELL DONE!!!

I couldn't really find anything for you to improve upon except the fact that your setting seemed a little underdeveloped. What I mean is, that for future stories be sure to go a little more in depth with the scenery. I don't really think that it affected this fic so much because it takes place in the hospital wing and EVERYONE and their grandmother knows what the infirmary looks like because of the books and/or movies. However, in the future you'll probably write scenes in some unfamiliar places that may not have been so elaborated on in the books and movies. From my experience, I always prefer stories that as I'm reading, I can picture everything in my mind. But as I said before seeing as this took place in the Hospital Wing, you're safe with less details. It's just a suggestion that I had to make your writing even better (if that's even possible, lol, because YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING)

Anyway, I love love love love love Remus and Tonks. And I love love love love loved the fact that this was believable. Some stories are so out-there, you know? Like that could never have ever happened in their relationship. But while I was reading this, I could actually see that this is probably EXACTLY what happened after everyone left the hospital wing. So nice job, dear. You're extremely talented when it comes to writing amazing fics, I can tell you that much.

This gets a 10/10, definitely. And it was such a pleasure to read such an amazing fic by such an amazing writer.


*gives you a nice, yummy cookie* YUM!!! YAY!

Have a great day too!


(oh and I should mention that I loved the title!!! It's totally them... not to mention it reminded me of the Twilight Series... *goes off daydreaming about Edward the vampire*... yeah... so GREAT TITLE!!!)

Author's Response: Ooh, that's an excellent point about the scenery. My problem with the physical descriptions is that I'm not a person who generally notices these sorts of things. I mean, if you asked me questions about certain rooms in my own house, I probably wouldn't be able to answer them correctly. But then, of course, that means that I should be working extra hard on that part of my writing, so thanks for pointing that out!

I totally know what you mean about those outlandish fics that leave you confused and wondering what the author was smoking when he/she wrote them. I'm really glad that you don't think this falls into that category. :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by burnt august Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

25th February 2008:
Alrighty, here I am :]

I think this a lovely story, I've always wondered about the story behind Remus and Tonks. First of all, I didn't notice any spelling/grammatical mistakes, so you're good as far as technical mistakes. I do think you have room for a bit more description, granted this is only a one-shot and rather short so I think you could add some more in.

As for characterization, I think you did a good job on both Tonks and Remus. I would have liked to see a bit more of Remus' dry sense of humor though :] The ending was funny too, typical Fleur to ruin a moment! I think the story flowed very naturally, so you're good for that too. I would recommend perhaps showing a bit more of Tonks eccentric personality though!

Good job!
August Embers

Author's Response: Ok, I totally get what you mean about the description. I mean, for the Writer's Duel, there was a word-limit, but I definitely think it'd be a good idea to go back in and edit in some more descriptions and the like.

I also get what you mean about Remus' sense of humor. The only problem is that I'm not a particularly funny person. The only kind of the humor that I can get into fics is really forced, but I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by harrylilyjames Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

24th February 2008:
OMG!! I'm not really into reading fics with Remus/Tonks as the main pairing, but I really really liked this one! Im surprised that it doesnt have more reviews...

I love the amount of detail you put into it and the emotions make it sooo much better.

You write the characters really well, and they dont seem to be OOC- not many writers can do that, so well done!

I didnt spot any grammar mistakes.

"Even I became dangerous once a month and I seriously doubted that he was more of a threat during his “time of the month” than I was."- I LOVED this line! =D [you got to have a bit of humour in a fic]

just one spelling mistake that caught my eye-
talking my hands into his- 'talking' should be 'taking' here. =]

I really enjoyed reading this story, it was soo cute!

hope you keep writing!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I actually based my characterization of Remus and Tonks off another fanfiction that I read. I forget the exact name now, but I think it was called "Shade" or something (it was on another site). I've realized that "researching" characters really helps you write them with more accuracy.

I really enjoyed the line that you picked out as well. One of my favorite comedic topics is the female time of the month. I just feel that it's something we can all laugh about because it's like this universally cruel joke.

Ah, I'll fix that mistake.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Dobby101 Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

21st February 2008:
That was great!! I honestly never read any Tonks/Remus with so much emotion. Sometimes the best stories on the site do not have enough reviews and this is one of them.

You did Remus and Tonks brilliantly. With Remus being hesitant and unable to really "understand" what Tonks was getting at and Tonks being desperate and a natural fighter to get what she wants seems to fit them. I loved it so much that I can't really write much up here!

I hope you understand how much this story really caught my eye. There were no spelling or grammar mistakes I caught, so I can't really give criticism. It's so hard to find a story like this and find anything to say that's wrong. Great job!

If I find anything later that I can help with...I promise to review! Thanks for asking me for the was great!

Happy writing!

Author's Response: *blush*, I'm flattered. Seriously, I'm absolutely floored. I'm not really sure how to respond to this...I portrayed the characters based on how I've seen their limited interactions in the book. I'm really glad you liked it! :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by gothicpixie101 Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

19th February 2008:
First of all, I have to say that I love missing moments fics like this one, So I'm very glad you got me to read this one.
Okay, so, as for the review, I only have very positive things to say. For one, I really adore the Tonks/Lupin ship, and think you wrote it very naturally in a way that didn't make their relationship seemed forced. So well done for that *applauds*
I also love how detailed your style of writing is, and how you've really tried to add eccentricities (sp?) to the characters to make them your own. Not many people can do that well, so props to that.
So, overall, a very adorable fic, and one of the best romantic one-shots I've read in a while.

Pixie gives it: 10/10

Lv Helen

Author's Response: I was actually inspired to write this story by a Remus/Tonks fic I read on another site. That story portrayed them in such a real way, and it made me think about how they could have interacted all those times when Harry wasn't watching. I mean they didn't just suddenly get together and have a child, there must have been something going on before that.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by dracoslover1 Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

18th February 2008:
Good story. I liked it. I think that Remus went a little bit too fast into the relationship, but it was good.

Author's Response: Well, as I see it, their relationship had been building all through HBP and possibly OotP, so right now was just that defining moment, you know?

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by tonksloveswerewolves Deeply and Irrevocably in Love

7th February 2008:
aww, so cute!! I love it! 10/10! I have not yet read an 'after the hospital wing' fic until right now. I think you've done wonderfully!!

Author's Response: Yay, my first review for this story! I'm so glad you liked it. I've always wondered what happened after the whole scene in the hospital wing...obviously Tonks got Remus to cave, but how?

Thanks for reviewing!

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