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Review #1, by Girldetective85 Irony

22nd October 2008:
So beautiful! You are, officially, the HPFF Remus/Tonks resident expert. Every Remus/Tonks story I read from now on will be compared to yours. How do you know these characters so well? Every time I read a Remus POV it's like you know everything he's feeling, every emotion ... it's just so impressive to read your stories. And I haven't even gotten started on the language yet ... your writing is like poetry. Some of my favorite lines:

"Love shone upon him no longer than a final ray of setting Sun, already bleeding intense reds in the Black Lake, but somehow still struggling to outshine the rising moonlight up until a Giant Squid’s tentacle would disturb the glass-like surface and ruin the pattern of its dying artist."

"Her hand finds his and he breaths in deeply, preparing for the delivering of the grim notification, already envisioning that joyous twinkle of Her eye being replaced by the shimmer of tears, suddenly his pain seeming of so little importance comparing to Hers."

Now, I've been at HPFF for a while. I've reviewed a lot of stories and I've read even more. Description is probably the one thing that people struggle with the most on this site. I run into stories where it's obvious that the author doesn't have a clue how to use descriptions, because it's WAY too flowery and overdramatic and there are like, six paragraphs of a chapter detailing Hermione's chocolate-brown orbs and how they melt in the sparkling heavenly air of winter that is like a cold angel's kiss etc. etc. But I never get that from your stories.

So, this long essay is just to say that you are my hero and I'm a huge fan girl. 10/10

Author's Response: Wow, I'm so flattered that you consider me the resident Remus/Tonks expert! o.O

I just love the pairing so much that I sometimes almost feel as if they were a part of me. I think the reason my stories give away the impression that I know the characters personally is because I try and put myself in the same state of mind as them. I have a rather vivid imagination so it's not hard for me to pretend to be a heartbroken Tonks or a shy, contemplative Remus. I "live" the scene I want to write for them in my mind and then describe what my own feelings in the situation would have been. I'm a Pisces by horoscope and I really am a typical hyper-sensitive, overly-emotional model for that Zodiac sign so it's in my nature to put a lot of feeling into everything that I do. I'm also rather good in sympathizing with people so I guess it shows through my writing as well.

Thank you so much for your kind words. It's such an honor to have someone like you as a fan girl. :D

*hugs you*

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Review #2, by FullMoon Irony

17th April 2008:

Author's Response: Oh, don't die!! Who'll leave me all these supportive reviews?? ;p

Wow, thank you so much! I am very glad you enjoyed the story...

Thanks again for your wonderful review...


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Review #3, by celticbard Irony

9th April 2008:
Touching! I have tears in my eyes. What a lovely, bittersweet one-shot. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm very glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

Thank you so much for taking time to review...

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Review #4, by mrs_remus_lupin Irony

24th March 2008: truly a magnificent piece of work with fantastic writing!! love remus, love tonks- LOVED the story! 10/10 ! keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I'm so glad you liked my story that much... ^_^

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Review #5, by JLHufflepuff Irony

27th February 2008:
I really like the quality of depth you have in this. You really make the reader sympathize with Remus's feelings, which is great since I love him too... The whole piece had a lot of tension in it, wondering how he was going to respodn to her or how he was going to tell her. I like your descriptions of both of their emotions and how they express them.

I did notice that you switched between past and present verb tenses a couple of times, and the formatting made it a bit difficult to read.

I really enjoyed this look into Remus's life even though it was sad.. :(

Author's Response: Thank you! I really appreciate you looking it up! I'm in such state of mind lately that I find it very easy to write Remus... ^_^
The thing about tenses, I started in one form, than changed my mind and started editing the whole thing, than changed my mind again... I'm a bit complicated when it comes to story flow (including tenses)... I'm not even sure myself how I want it to sound and than I improvise. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don't.. :)
Anyway, I'm very glad you liked it and thanks again for taking time to review!

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Review #6, by tonksloveswerewolves Irony

9th February 2008:
oooh, very different from the usual stuff. I REALLY like it!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it... ^_^

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