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Review #1, by Lillylover22 Rediscovering the Mirror

22nd April 2012:
Hey AussieAnatomy627. I have written a new story and i would really appreciate it if you read and reviewed it. You have sommented on one of my other stories and i really value your opinion. The story is called "In between the air". its a next gen.
This story was great. i really enjoyed it. You captured ron well. 9/10 =]

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Review #2, by DemetersChild Rediscovering the Mirror

18th November 2009:
That's was awesome! Your writing style is beautiful. It flows so smoothly. I envy you that!

The beginning seemed a bit melodramatic though. I mean, Pansy? Really? I think it would be more believable had it been Lavender or really anyone other than Pansy! That was a just a bit too unrealistic for my tastes.

Regardless, I loved this story. It was cute and fluffy with a good amount of drama so it wasn't sickeningly sweet.

Thank you for the wonderful story!


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Review #3, by Aashna Rediscovering the Mirror

13th May 2009:
Hi Aussie anatomy627
Well, dat was so-nice and d ending to it was too good, particularly the sun apearing above the horizon gave it a real nice finish. The story was very good to read and held my interest throughout. You drew d imagery so-well and d paras describing snow and stillness of night were so descrptive and infact gr8 to read. I liked it. Overall, well done!
PS: would u please be kind enough to read my new story and comment on it, I would just like to know your thoughts about it 'cause i like ur writing style.
The story is called 'Forever As One'

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Review #4, by Paloma Patil Rediscovering the Mirror

18th April 2009:
I do like it! I'd LOVE to read a prequel, if you're taking requests!

Nice work. Paloma

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Review #5, by silvergreen Rediscovering the Mirror

29th March 2009:
Stunning writing style and vocabulary! I would like to be such a good writer as you!:)
The Ron/Pansy pairing was surprising for me but it made the story even more captivating!
Ron and Hermione were cute together!
The descriptive parts were awesome!

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Review #6, by Anastasia Rediscovering the Mirror

18th October 2008:
I actually hated the ending. I thought the entire story was really well written and the build up was fantastic, but then you killed it for me. I, personally, am a really big Ron/Pansy fan, and I thought I had finally found an author who could write amazingly and had no issues with putting the two of them together. But, alas, I am sorely mistaken. Thus, I hated it. It would have gotten a 10/10 but now, I just can't do that.

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Review #7, by theblack_knight Rediscovering the Mirror

29th March 2008:
PLS do a sequel AND a Prequel! waiting to read it!!!

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Review #8, by Trina216 Rediscovering the Mirror

23rd February 2008:
well i havent been on this site for soo long that i forgot my password! but i did notice that you reviewed many of my stories so i decided to do the same for you and im glad i did!

this story is filled with wonderful and intricate descriptions that in some stories would be too much but your story had the perfect balance of plot and description.

ron is very in character. i can see him doing that because hes really a good guy who has no clue whats going on half the time and he does stupid things. on the other hand, harry was a little out of character. i dont think he would be that mean to ron for such a simple mistake. i think he would be more like "dude you screwed up. you need to fix it." if you know what i mean. but i can see how this change in harry's character fit into your story.

the only other thing i have to say is that ron probably could not afford "a medium sized diamond surrounded by small rubies".

sorry i dont mean to sound picky or anything but im just giving you my feedback and it does not, in any way, take away from the genuity and brilliantness of this story! i love it and im giving it a 10/10!

btw, i think that the story is great the way it is... but if you wanted to develop it more, i would write a prequel because the ending is amazing

P.S. sorry this review is so darn long lol


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Review #9, by fieryredhead515 Rediscovering the Mirror

19th February 2008:
loved the story!...but I thought that Hermione forgave Ron a little too quickly...and it was a little bit unrealistic that they weren't even going out and ron proposes (i know they're in love)...besides that, fantastic job!

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Review #10, by Alexa_Jane_Granger* Rediscovering the Mirror

16th February 2008:
Your use of diction was spot on, not to mention your phenomenal imagery! I sure wish I could write like this.
I think that your sequel/prequel idea is great, I can't wait to read more!

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Review #11, by nicoleweasley Rediscovering the Mirror

12th February 2008:
I really like it, but why Pansy? I could have been Lavender or someone else

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Review #12, by jkelly Rediscovering the Mirror

12th February 2008:
Just keep the strand going until they reach that cottage in the rocking chairs, lots of stuff can happen between now and then

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Review #13, by Jay Rediscovering the Mirror

12th February 2008:
"What the bloody hell was that?"

I'll tell you! It was blood amazing. A sequal and prequal would be great. Mail me if you do them.

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Review #14, by apAidan Rediscovering the Mirror

7th February 2008:
that's the ron everyone knows and loves. a very good story, though I think she forgave him a bit too easily. Hermione would have forgiven him, but she might have made him sweat a bit more before she let him off the hook. All in all, nicely done.

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