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Review #1, by alanah Chapter three: Diagon Alley

9th June 2013:

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Review #2, by alanah Chapter two: Freak Show

9th June 2013:
I like the idea of the story! i kind of find it a bit hard to read. i Hope you finish this story

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Review #3, by misskay Chapter three: Diagon Alley

27th May 2008:
this is a great story! keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! I will, after I get off this dumb island and get my real internet connection back. Keep reading!

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Review #4, by potty_and_the_weasel Prologue

8th February 2008:
sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear what comes next!

From what you've said about the play, you're pretty busy, but once it's over, I recommend you make the chapters a bit longer, especially since you're doing a revamping of the traditional HP.

Update soon!

Author's Response: Yeah, I was busy, but now that's over, and I'm updating! I'm sorry if it takes awhile, but I'm uploading from the library, and the internet connection SUCKS!!! I will make the chapters longer, and one is being validated right now. Keep reading!!

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Review #5, by blahblahblah Prologue

7th February 2008:
i swear, this is the best story i've read. and i've read pretty good stories. keep it up! are you going to make ron a girl (like rose or something) and hermione a boy (like herm?) just an idea

Author's Response: Wow, I feel so special!!! No, I'm not going to make Hermione and Ron different genders because Ron has a thing for Harriet!!! hehe. Anyway, I will keep it up! Look for a new chapter soon!

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