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Review #1, by justagurl Epilogue

18th August 2016:
Thanks Prongs for a great story. I really enjoyed reading it.

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Review #2, by Yi Cheng Epilogue

22nd April 2015:
I LOVE THIS!!! It's bloody brilliant!!! I wish I can write as good as you.

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Review #3, by b_lewis61 Of battles, magical powers and treacherous whispers

31st March 2015:
Well, if I wasn't already convinced of your skill as a writer after "Birth of a Legend" this chapter would seal it. The internal struggle within Harry is a great touch and I believe it is a very realistic result of him murdering Bellatrix, no matter how justified that murder may have been. I very interested to see how it plays out along with tbr main storyline surrounding this mysterious potion.

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Review #4, by muraligayathri Epilogue

1st May 2014:
In the prequel to this story,Snape escaped from Azkaban.How come,he is freed by Wizongamot?

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Review #5, by Bubbles OOOOO Of Dates, DA and Espionage

24th April 2012:
I have this funny feeling that Kardos is evil... Hm -_-
Yep... Yep... Definintely evil :D
I'll just have to keep on reading to make sure :D
Great story by the way! I love it!

Sincerely, Bubbles O

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Review #6, by Snape 394 Epilogue

21st March 2012:
nice and whole story, lots and lots of new things were introduced and were justified properly. one of the best fanfic series i have read. only a pang of woe, you could have saved dumbledore...i mean harry could have saved him. all over very very much nice reading. thanks for writing these wonderful stories.

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Review #7, by Cmcm Epilogue

22nd August 2011:
This was absulutely amazing!

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Review #8, by Hippothestrowl Epilogue

16th July 2011:
Like the first book, very well written, addictive and immersive. I'm lucky I came to both books only recently so had no waiting to do but could just read from start to finish. Again, I think it's main weakness for me is the deviation from characters. Just does not convey the originals as JoRo does. Too much banter and the frivolous dialog felt more like your own humour coming out rather than the characters' humour. Still very enjoyable though! Thanks for this. :)

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Review #9, by Zoe_potter or Willy_fruhog Of The Elixir, Duels and The Beginning of the End

27th March 2011:
Why do you always say:terra firma???

Author's Response: Do I use that a lot? I hadn't really noticed to be honest but I do like the expression. Plus, as Harry tends to fly and get thrown all over the place in my stories, I need a few synonyms for 'ground' to prevent the language getting repetitive.

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Review #10, by Willy_fruhog Of Dates, DA and Espionage

22nd March 2011:
Well i think i am in love with u Prongs:D:)

Author's Response: Nice to know, but I only like you as a friend Willy_fruhog. I do hope we can move past this without too much heartache.

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Review #11, by Zoe_potter Of battles, magical powers and treacherous whispers

20th March 2011:
Amazing!I hope the rest of the book is as god as this one
More Ginny i want to see harry's but kicked for not telling her !!:@ :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I also like the start of Elixir and think it's much improved compared to Birth, I hope you approve of the rest of the story. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #12, by Zoe_potter Of battles, magical powers and treacherous whispers

20th March 2011:
Amazing!I hope the rest of the book is as god as this one
More Ginny i want to see harry's but kicked for not telling her !!:@ :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I also like the start of Elixir and think it's much improved compared to Birth, I hope you approve of the rest of the story. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #13, by Jsez444 Of aftermath, training and holiday frolics

13th March 2011:
I realize these are your older stories but I'm just now discovering them. I finished birth of a legend yesterday and am really liking this one as well. I think your writing style and editing improved a lot here. The plots are both great although I'm wondering when we're gonna hear more about the whole vampire/werewolf thing.

One question I had though was about the whole fencing thing. Didn't Harry already learn to fight with a sword in Birth of a Legend? It was the first thing he did when he got his trunk. And there was a scene describing him sword fighting like 12 dummies at once. Other than that, great stories! I look forward to reading your newest one when I'm done here.

Author's Response: At this stage, you probably know my early work better than me so I'll have to look back on the sword point and correct it when I get around to editing Birth, thanks for pointing it out. I've always been a fan of the vampire/werewolf thing so I'm glad you like it, there's much more of it coming up. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #14, by Wiccan Epilogue

23rd December 2010:
OK, I hated this story...so much so that I suffered for 300,000 or so addictive words. Some of it was just too outre! Shooting someone 80 meters in a trunk that was 200 percent larger...just how many feet long was the trunk? Just a little too much 'super' Harry. You really did go over-board or dumb on some things. Like 'a pool size pool'. The whole trunk thing was over the top. Beyond belief or magic. I almost stopped reading there.

On the other hand...sometimes you wax poetic. Truly beautiful wordscraftmanship. Somerimes I would gasp or sigh at your emotional interludes. I love your way of delving into psyches and emotions. Your descriptions are superb and lyrical. Loved how you got Snape back in. Great plots and sub-plots.

Really, I did enjoy these stories very much, except for the too 'super' of things. Tone it down a bit and you will be one of the best authors out there. I generally hate action scenes, but yours were understandable and graphic.

Since you are a 'sick puppy', like me I think you may like something I came up with for an army. Instead of saying "Duck", say "Quack"! "Duck" would warn the enemy, but if you train your army to hit the dirt at "Quack" you have the element of surprise.

I thank you for the entertainment and the release from 'real life'. Please keep writing...you have an enviable talent. You have grown as a writer and I would love to see more from you.

Author's Response: If I was to start this story series again, I would definitely dial back on Harry's power and the quickness with which he gained it, though I'm actually a fan of the 'Super Harry' theme as long as he doesn't become more powerful than Voldemort (I think it makes sense for Harry, as the chosen one, to be a powerful wizard but he still needs to be the underdog for the stories to work). I'm glad you enjoyed some of my writing style and the stories overall and I will look at improving the mistakes you've pointed out, with which I agree. The 'Quack' idea is also a good one and I'll try and incorporate it in the future. Thanks for the review.

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Review #15, by abyisheik Epilogue

21st November 2010:
i have read both the stories and the one word which comes to my mind to describe them is "ASTOUNDING". the manner in which each character has been potrayed is simply exemplary and the stories fine tuned to perfection. it had all the traits of a perfect story with its lines bringing out the intellectual curiosity of the reader young or old alike.you equaled JK Rowling in the narration and the mind boggling drama you presented in many parts of the story and would like you to continue the fantastic work. we the readers thank you for such a great work of art and are waiting eagerly for more of your masterpieces.

Author's Response: Woah, now that is what I call a review! Thank you very much, you really are too kind. To be compared to JK is massive praise and I'm very pleased that you liked the story so much. I'll try to keep the standard up as I continue to write Fifteen Months. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #16, by aks_potter Epilogue

17th October 2010:
as you said..finally it reaches an end..

thank you for this wonderful ..rich in detail series of stories.. looking forward to more of your work..


Author's Response: Thank you very much aks_potter and thank you for all your reviews, they're always much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed Birth and Elixir and I hope you continue to follow me into Fifteen months.

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Review #17, by sinwillys822 Epilogue

23rd September 2010:
this was a very good ending chapter, way to go!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot sinwillys822 and thank you very much for your reviews throughout my stories, they are much appreciated.

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Review #18, by Mihir Epilogue

23rd September 2010:
Nice ...

I liked the way Harry rigged the trial to get a conviction for Snape!

It's a nice ending to the series ... made those four years worth it! Did you know that yours was one of the first stories I had ever read on this site? Around four years ago ...

It's something to see this story finally reaching completion! A rather bitter-sweet feeling

I wonder if you have anything else planned with Harry as the main character ...

Author's Response: Wow, one of the first stories you read and you've stuck with me for all this time, thank you and thanks alot for your reviews. As you can imagine, it's a pretty bittersweet feeling for me too but it's nice to finally finish it. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter, the setting up of Snape was my attempt at some mystery. My efforts at the moment are going to editing Birth of a Legend and writing Fifteen months, but I may write something starring Harry in the near future. Thanks for the review.

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Review #19, by MIhir Of The Battle of Hogwarts, Snape and The end of the Second War

18th August 2010:
Wow ... just ... wow ...

What about Fleur though? You didn't mention what happened to her ...

Though Harry could have pretended that Snape's arms and legs had been irreparably damaged in the heat of battle ... so much so that he no longer was left with any limbs at all ... I'd love to see him try and cast magic without any legs or arms ...

hell, Harry could just Obliviate all of Snape's memories for good measure and then just drop him in the middle of nowhere ... limbless ... let the animals eat him!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will (hopefully) wrap up Fleur and all the other loose ends in the final chapter, which you've actuallly read as I write this. Your suggestions for Snape's fate are certainly tempting but, even in his darker moments of this story, I can't see Harry being quite that sadistic. I'm sure you'll agree though that he didn't take it easy on him. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #20, by sinwillys822 Of The Battle of Hogwarts, Snape and The end of the Second War

16th August 2010:
i really liked the chapter and i can't wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: Thanks sinwillys822, I'm glad you approve. The next and final chapter is now uploaded.

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Review #21, by Leslie_Potter Of The Elixir, Duels and The Beginning of the End

12th July 2010:
I love the story, but i want to know if you are going to finish it?

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you like it. I am going to finish the story, the next chapter is about 4/5 complete but I'm struggling a little to write the final little bit. It should, however, be up before the queue closes on the 26th. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #22, by orderz-killa Of battles, magical powers and treacherous whispers

21st June 2010:
hey mate i jus read da 1st story nd i love ur last fyt wif voldy. please heapz more intense fytz. nd u beta post fast i dnt read wip storys jus completed. bt ugot me hooked. u shud make a whole chapter of harry losin da plot nd goin on a kilin spree at 2 or 3 DE HQs. post authorz note sayin da chpter is rated M nd go all owt dark grueson nd jus pure fukin sum sht up

Author's Response: Thanks alot, glad you approve. The next chapter is almost done and should be up soon, then the epilogue shouldn't take too long to write. Harry has done his share of killing but you'll have to wait and see whether the whispers are truly gone. Thanks for the review.

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Review #23, by Melou Of The Elixir, Duels and The Beginning of the End

28th May 2010:
You definitely need to update soon! :D This story is really good :) I started it yesterday and read it all the way through to this.

Author's Response: The next chapter is almost complete, there are just a couple of little scenes that are giving me a bit of trouble but it should be up soon. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #24, by Sirius_Lover_845 Of The Elixir, Duels and The Beginning of the End

27th April 2010:
I am in LOVE with your stories! Do you think that after you finish this story you might write a different one (related or not related to this one and The Birth of a Legend)? Because if you do, i would most definitely read it and comment on every single chapter!

Anyway, great writing, can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks alot, I'm glad you're enjoying my work. After Elixir a Lumina is finished I'm going to write a story called 'Fifteen months', which will follow James Potter and the Marauders in the fifteen months between Harry's birth and Halloween 1981 (the death of James and Lily). The story will have a bit of everything in it, with my usual huge battles mixed in with some comedy courtesy of the Marauders and some more deep moments as the friends deal with growing suspicion in the group and the trials of war. Obviously I'd love to hear from you about the story when it's up and thanks for reviewing now.

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Review #25, by aks_potter Of The Elixir, Duels and The Beginning of the End

7th April 2010:
great writing once again.. kudos.. cheers.. 10/10.. eagerly waiting for the rest of the chapters..

Author's Response: Thank you once again aks_potter, I really do appreciate your reviews and I'm glad you like my story. I'm working on the next chapter as we speak.

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