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Review #1, by Forever_More Chapter 22- The Close

18th October 2014:
Such an amazing, unique and emotional story! Loved every part of it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Forever More! I'm glad you enjoyed it x

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Review #2, by SARAH Chapter 2- Ceremonies & Rosy Lips

11th February 2012:
This is a pretty cool story. :) Oh, and by the way when they are being Sorted, shouldn't Jasper's name be called out instead of Lullah's twice? It confused me a bit. Just though you should know, though :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Ahhh yeah, I have noticed that - I just always neglect to change it. Thanks very much.

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Review #3, by Secret Admirer Chapter 22- The Close

11th August 2010:
While looking through fanfics, i'd always come across this one, but until today, i never read it... now, i'm starting to wonder why i was so dumb as to not read it the moment i laid eyes on it... :) Thanks for being such a cool writer!

btw... I thought that it was an awesome story!! :) I loved it! :)

Author's Response: Oh gosh, thank you! That means a lot. Thanks for being such a cool reviewer! :D

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Review #4, by nomnomnom Chapter 22- The Close

21st July 2010:
I loved it. I'm a huge Sirius / OC shipper, and Yeah.

Author's Response: Join the club ;D Thanks!

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Review #5, by Jo Chapter 22- The Close

30th May 2010:
It's been a pleasure reading this story. It's such an orginal idea. Great job x

Author's Response: Thanks very, very much! :) x

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Review #6, by Lara Chapter 4- In the Dungeons

5th May 2010:

Author's Response: Ah, cheers? :)

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Review #7, by shayrocks50 Chapter 2- Ceremonies & Rosy Lips

30th April 2010:
Great story i love it so far but at the top when the twins were getting sorted you wrote lulahs name twice
Wiley, Tallulah.”

I jerked wildly out of my reverie as Jasper rose fluidly to his feet. The buzz of gossip started up again, but by now I was strangely used to it. He threw me a nervous grin before making his way up to the stool.

I waited biting my nails as the hat deliberated. Then the moment came-


Jasper beam lopsidedly and loped over to the house that was cheering loudest. I also looked at the house. The students looked a little proud and cocky I thought, but overall kind, and intelligent. I noticed also, they all wore blue and bronze school ties.
McGonagall waited for the chatter to die down again before peering once more down at her list.

“Wiley, Tallulah.”

Author's Response: Oh! I didn't even notice that! Thanks very much. And thanks for the review.

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Review #8, by ballet_shoes Chapter 22- The Close

19th February 2010:
Very nice ending. I really enjoyed the whole story. And it was very creative as well, i might add. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading it all! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #9, by ballet_shoes Chapter 14- Truths

19th February 2010:
I like this chapter, but i wish there was more time for their relationship to develop.

Author's Response: Thanks very much for reviewing :)

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Review #10, by taintedgreenlove Chapter 1- Glimpses

3rd February 2010:
I believe i will enjoy this story haha.
I need a good marauders fic.

Author's Response: Haha, well I hope you enjoy it!
Fingers crossed :) Thanks.

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Review #11, by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds Chapter 22- The Close

7th January 2010:
When you said not many more to go now, I thought you meant more than one! I was not prepared for this story to be over with yet. But it was a nice ending. Very peaceful and resolving. But I couldn't fully enjoy it because I didn't want it to end. You created a fabulous story that is hard to come across on this site. I hope that you keep on writing because you really do have a true talent. Good luck in the future!!!


Author's Response: Ohh, I'm so tempted to write more! I'm suffering withdrawl symptoms. Hahah. I can't think of any ideas for a sequel though and there are other stories that I'd like to finish first.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for all of your amazing reviews. They've been a pleasure to read :) All the best for the New Year!

x Laura

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Review #12, by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds Chapter 21- Waking Up

7th January 2010:
I've been waiting for you to update for forever now. And you didn't disappoint! I'm glad everyone is alright and that jackass is locked away. It makes me sad that there is not that many to go. This is one of my favorite stories on here.


Author's Response: Hahah, I like how you put Rostmas as "that jackass" :D Aww, thank you! One of your favourites? Well I'm INCREDIBLY flattered.

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Review #13, by mystery_reader Chapter 22- The Close

4th January 2010:
i liked the whole story ill the end!! the ending was too sudden. i thought after the problem there would be more of a "clean up" about rostram. that line just seemed to disapear??

apart from that i loved it. i doo really like the idea of the half dragon half person (sorry i cant remeber how u spelt the word)
its a really interesting idea.

do you hve any more written??


Author's Response: hahah, i do supose you're right! I guess I was just so excited to finally finish it, I forgot about rostam. I should go back and fix that.

Hahah, duaaon? I think. I can't even remember myself ;) Don't worry.

Any more of the Burn-Out Heart? I'm afraid not. There's a parallel story told from Sirius's POV. It's ... alright :) Hahah.


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Review #14, by Mrs Padfoot Chapter 15- The Ghost of a Smile

2nd January 2010:
At some point is it going to be properly explained what happened to her parents?

Author's Response: Yes, it is. It's called building suspense. Some writers like to do that, y'know?

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Review #15, by Mrs Padfoot Chapter 5- James's Proposition

2nd January 2010:
Lulah and Jasper cannot be identical twins, THEY ARE DIFFERENT SEXES!!! It is biologically impossible, I say this with a fair amount of confidence and a twin myself, and I can tell you that this question is the bane of my life:
So are you and your brother identical?

No, he's a boy...

Yeah but apart from that.

Sorry rant over. I actually like the premise of this story, an original problem

Author's Response: Okay, I see your frustration... I suppose.
Perhaps I'll change it one day :) Perhaps not. Thanks for your review. I'm glad you like it, at least, a little bit.

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Review #16, by Kait Chapter 5- James's Proposition

1st January 2010:
One small mistake - identical twins have to be the same gender, it's impossible for a boy and girl to be identical twins.

Author's Response: Gee, well, for the sake of the story will you allow me this? :)

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Review #17, by life_writtendown Chapter 14- Truths

26th December 2009:
that mother effer. just walking away? not cool sirius, not cool.

Author's Response: haha mother effer ;) nice call. i know, he's a right... bumface.

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Review #18, by Megan Chapter 11- A Change of Disposition

26th December 2009:
I really like your story
but i feel the need to point out
how can it be so hot in scotland in November?
But otherwise i really like it

Author's Response: Hahah, honestly, I can't say I'm overly familiar with Scottish seasons. Let's just say they were experiencing some freak weather changes. Thanks :)

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Review #19, by alanapotter Chapter 22- The Close

25th December 2009:
Gah! I can't believe this is over! I definitely teared up a bit *sniff*

But it's a lovely ending to a really well-written, fantastically thought out story. All in all, thank you for writing something so wonderful that I actually read it from start to finish and eagerly awaited updates; it doesn't happen all that often :]

I'll have to find another story of yours to stalk now :P

Author's Response: Thank you for being such a loyal, friendly, amazing, eoncouraging and all-round lovely reviewer :) I REALLY appreciate it. I always look forward to your reviews. None of that 'i likez ur storie' business :P Hahah.

Thank you oh-so much! :)

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Review #20, by alanapotter Chapter 21- Waking Up

25th December 2009:

I love the whole dream sequence at the beginning of this! It was so well written and the emotional impact is just... spectacular!

The Sirius/Lulah ship is just so cute :] And how heroic of them to all go and save Lulah and Jasper. I would say like son like father, but I don't think it really works in that direction... :P

Once again, fantastic work!

Author's Response: Spectacular? Phroar! That's one big compliment :) Thanks very much!

Hehe, so is it safe to say you're a Sirius/Lulah shipper? Hahah. THANK YOU SO MUCH :)


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Review #21, by rachm34 Chapter 22- The Close

19th December 2009:
OHMYGOD, IT'S OVER. I LOVED IT. EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER WAS WONDERFUL. I have to say that you really have came so far from the beginning of this story. I think you honestly have the true markings of a writer. Never give this up, Laur n Gov.

What a great ending. I love the last sentence.

There was one error I spotted. The last sentence says: We didn't have to hade anymore.
Don't you mean hide?

What a beautiful wonderful story. I love your characterizations and of course the original characters you wove out of this story. This story is so unique from others. I must admit, I felt like crying when I finished this. BAHHH. I feel like I've read this story for so long, constantly talking to you, waiting for updates every time I signed on, getting sneak peeks and all that wonderful jazz. WOW!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THANKING ME IN YOUR Authors NOTE. YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THAT! BUT I LOVED IT! I LOVE YOU TONS! And I'm so glad that we email nearly constantly. You're my best friend in the land of Aus. Of course also the only ones I know down there. But you would be the best, needless to say.

Email me.
What a fabulous story. I don't think I can ever be able to offer you enough praise. You have came so far as a writer. I think you know this too. Look at your first stories, then look at this. This one if by far one of my favorites that you have written. But then again I love all of your work.

I Love you!
Email me, Laura MALlaura. LOVE YOU


I liked the last sentence too, except LOL that error sort of ruins the effect. I love it when people point out lines and stuff the ike :)

THANKS DEAR. I hope you know you'r fabulous. And I hope you know you stop complimenting me because I'm at risk of dying from an obese ego. Hahaha? What?


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Review #22, by nanee5 Chapter 22- The Close

18th December 2009:
Beautiful. :) I cried! I loved that story with all my heart!

Author's Response: Thanks, thanks for reading it all!
I love it with all my heart too :( Heheh.

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Review #23, by Lucia Green Chapter 22- The Close

18th December 2009:
wow. i dont think there is any other word to describe this. brilliant, fantastic, marvelous, amazing. even all them mixed doesnt cover it. branvelazing. see? it just doesnt sound that great . . .

any way, i hope you write a sequeal to this story because as i have previously stated . . .

. . . it was FREAKING AMAZING!!!

i love how you portray sirius! i am guilty of being a huge sirius/OC fan but in all the ones i have read he has always been the player and always dates a new bird each week. but i like how he is not such a player in oyur story.

i really like it when people write him in a different perspective and you have pulled it off really well. i like originality.

even though i have said that i am currently writing a sirius/oc where he is a massive player and such. sticking to the stereotype. i am guilty, such a hypocrite is me.

back to the point though, i love this so much and i really hope tha a sequeal is in the cards.

11/10 does not do this justice.

all the best for future stories,

xx ali

Author's Response: Hey there! Woah, sorry it's taken me so very long to respond. I guess I was a little intimidated by your amazing review (and just a bit busy hehe).

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm glad you liked it :)
At the moment, I haven't got any plans for a sequal. I have plenty of other stories that need to get finished first. But if I ever do get one, the you'll be the first to know :) Hahaha.

Thanks so much!
xx Laura

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Review #24, by rachm34 Chapter 21- Waking Up

16th December 2009:
Quickest review ever? I will be so mad if someone beats me! I will.

Anyway, you know how much I love this story. Oh, and I'm emailing you now. I love this a lot! It's so good. I love how much you added since you showed me this chapter. I love Sirius, he is such a hottie.

But I love the emotions that you portray in this story. You make them seem so real. The conversations are so life like. You really make the tone beautiful. Excellent job Laura. I love it. And I love you.

Oh, there was like one place where there was a random quotation mark on a line without any words, I forget where. I think you probably just made one or two extra spaces or something. No biggie.

I love this. I will be sad when this story is over cause I love the updates. They are fantastic. YOu've came so far as a writer.
Love you

Author's Response: Slowest response ever? Hahah, don't worry, no one else has beat you. No one else has even reviewed :(

Hahha, yes, Sirius is quite the hottie. If I saw so myself.

Why thank you, dearie :) I try my best. Thanks for the review. One one chapter to go, almost done :) xx LOVE YOU

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Review #25, by LilyFlower_x Chapter 20- The Scene of the Crime

10th November 2009:
:) its good
update soon?
can not WAIT to find out what happens next

Author's Response: Hehe, I'll try to update asap.
I'm pretty busy, but I've got the ideas.
Heheh, thanks again!

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