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Review #1, by PrincessPadfoot A Sobering Thought

8th January 2010:
Aww. I really liked Winky's perspective as a house elf during the final battle.

I cried when Dobby died, he was one of my favorite characters.

(minor Characters matter Challenge)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review and I'm glad that you enjoyed the story. Dobby's death also hit me the hardest.

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Review #2, by Alopex A Sobering Thought

28th August 2009:
I didn't even realize until the end that this was the story you mentioned in your review response for the Charlie songfic (by the way, I can relate to making bone-headed mistakes leading to rejection; I've done it too). I'm just working upwards from the bottom of your author page. The summary really intrigued me, and I sat for a moment to collect my thoughts before beginning to read, because I figured this would be a sad story.

It was. Dobby's death is one I think a lot of HP fans took hard (I know I did), and the beginning of this story, especially, captured that feeling very well. I loved your portrayal of McGonagall. She is one of my favorite characters, but most of the time I don't like the way she is written in fanfiction. The way you characterized her is extremely close to the way I imagine her myself, and I was quite moved by both her and Winky.

I think I was moved most by Winky managing to rouse herself out of her depression and alcoholism. Even though I didn't expect it (and I'm not sure how "canon" it might be), I also enjoyed the fact that Winky spent time in the library doing research! Also, the scene at 12 Grimmauld Place with Kreacher and the Death Eater was enjoyable to read, even if the frying pan thing seemed a little repetitive.

House elf voices are difficult to get right, and there were some places where I thought you were on and other places where I thought you were off. I have to admit that I prefer to think of Molly managing to defeat Bellatrix on her own, but I also was completely rooting for Winky during that scene! Overall, I found this to be a very moving, beautiful, and well-written piece.

Author's Response: About the elf voices. When I was reading the books, I was quite surprised to find that the elves talked all sorts of different ways. Kreacher was very precise, even when he was mumbling invective and Dobby was quite childlike, so I tried to mix it up. I would love to know specifically which voices you thought didn't ring true and I might edit those.

Canonically, this story is very AU. I never thought that Molly could defeat Bellatrix and that duel always makes me O_o . Anger like that makes you more likely to get killed than win; I speak from experience. JKR took a bit of licence there, IMO and only IMO.

Poor Winky, I didn't want her to be doomed to a slow decline and death from cirrhosis or whatever a house-elf might get. I wanted her to grow and if not be a hero, at least be someone who took action.

I'm so glad that you liked my McG. I really worked on her characterization and I'm glad I pulled it off. Originally, there was a Snape moment in this, where he summons Winky to the office and she overhears info about the DEs. The implication was that Snape was doing it deliberately because he knew what Winky was doing. But, my Snape was so bad that I cut the entire scene. I think I have only one story with Snape in it that I've written that I like (in my short story collection). People say Luna's hard to write, but I find Snape much, much harder.

The scene with Kreacher was supposed to be repetitive. I think he always regretted that he didn't get to smack Mundungus again!

Dobby's death hit me the hardest of all the deaths in all the books, Dumbledore's, Remus', Tonks's, everyone's included. I felt so bad for Dobby (and Hedwig, too). I think Dobby really embodied Gryffindor spirit, even though he was a house-elf.

Hard work can work for depression, but not always (see a doctor if you're depressed; I sound like a medicine commercial, lol). McG wanted to work her to the bone and get her mind off her troubles; not give her time to mope.

I thank you so much for your kind words. As you can tell, I love the house-elves.

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Review #3, by Weasleys Forever A Sobering Thought

10th June 2008:
Nice. I am glad Winky finally got some purpose in life. Her part in Bellatrix's downfall is sweet revenge. Well written. Great characters. Just lovely

Keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind review. I'm glad that you enjoyed the story.

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Review #4, by Lily A Sobering Thought

9th June 2008:
aw. that is so sweet! i just love all the house-elves! it was a great idea to write this story and you've done full justice to it!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I'm glad that you enjoyed this story. I was on a bit of a house-elf tear for a while.

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Review #5, by SNL A Sobering Thought

4th February 2008:
Brilliant,Brilliant, Brilliant!

This is so gripping.

More please!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the nice review. I'm afraid that's all there is for that story. My next new story will be for the Aesop's fables challenge. Probably be available end of February, start of March.

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Review #6, by Roo A Sobering Thought

3rd February 2008:
That was a great story.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you for the kind review.

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