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Review #1, by indrajeet Rainbow Roses

27th February 2008:
its wonderful!!! Bittersweet!

Author's Response: Thank you!:D!!

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Review #2, by loney lovegood Rainbow Roses

20th February 2008:
Ohh No! Luna's dead! : (
I'm crying. Anyways great story! Love it!

Author's Response: Oh I made you cry! I'm so so- not sorry!! muahahahahhahahahahahah!!! joking:D Well anyway glad you loved it! I didnt wanna kill Luna either!! :(

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Review #3, by MysticMagic97 Rainbow Roses

13th February 2008:
I knew it was Neville and Luna right from the begining. Kind of confusing tho because it said James and I wasnt thinking Harry's son I was thinking his dad but then it said Rose and that cleared everything up. What was Neville's patronus? Just curious. Loved It!!

Author's Response: Yeah I thought that might confuse people so I added Roses name in there to clear things up:D Umm Nevilles patronus.. I didn't really know what it was but my friend told me it was a dove so that is what I thought. Didnt I say it was a dove? I though I did oh well. Thank you for this wonderful review!!!:D

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Review #4, by Marauderettes Rainbow Roses

11th February 2008:
Hey, me again!
Oh, I love it! You almost made me cry again! Damn you! *glares* This is one of my favorites out of all your stories, they just keep getting better and better! Poor Neville! Rainbow roses sound so pretty, and unique like Luna! Anyways, check out my story Not your Ordinary Fairytale on our account, Marauderettes! Brilliant job again!

You know you love me,



Author's Response: Thank you! thank god you dont have my glare or I would be dead! Thank you for reviewing!!! Love you lots.

You know you love me,



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Review #5, by anonymous Rainbow Roses

6th February 2008:
oh! that is soo sad but amazingly good. it's very touching. great idea...

Author's Response: Thank you! And you are the first reviewer! Yay I love you for it!

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