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Review #1, by NW2017 Chapter 107 - The Final Chapter

5th March 2018:
Oh jeez... I'm blubbering again 😢

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Review #2, by NW2017 Chapter 73 - The Letter

26th February 2018:
I'm am a blubbering wreck! 😢😢😢

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Review #3, by Nimbus Wolfsbane Chapter 1 - Past and Present

20th December 2013:
please do not delete this story like you did on Wattpad! I was really hooked, it's the best harry potter fan fiction I have ever read. I was panicking when it was taken down as I was only at chapter 7 and needed to know how it ended. Please keep on writing, you are a really talented author!

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Review #4, by Meg Epilogue 1A - Forty-Three Years Ago

6th October 2013:
This is actually one of the best stories I've ever read! Obviously J.K.Rowling's first then this, it's amazing. A real tribute to Harry Potter.

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Review #5, by Knighta Eliesio Chapter 1 - Past and Present

11th September 2013:
So far good continuation from the legend of the twelve

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Review #6, by Stephen Chapter 11 - The Secret Squad

31st March 2013:
Amazing story, first and foremost.

However, there is something incredibly odd going on, and it seems nobody has pointed it out this far in reviews:

"Rose had hardly eaten or said a word to anyone all evening, for that matter, she hardly spoke to anyone since they got to Hogwarts. Hermyi.. Hermon... bloody hell, why didn't they call you something simple, like Janet hated to see Rose in such pain and decided that since she had some time to calm down, she would talk to her later that night."

What the hell is that?

"Sunday night came and that meant family dinner in the Room of Requirement for the Potters and Weasleys. Rose had said she wasnít coming, but her mother told her attendance was mandatory in her Headmistress underwear, so Rose reluctantly dragged herself out of her dorm to dinner."

And that.

No idea what the issue is, but hopefully it can be cleared up. The first, more than the second, is really, really jarring and incredibly annoying. It was in the last chapter as well; not sure if it's in anything past this point.

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Review #7, by Lady Asphodel Chapter 1 - Past and Present

15th March 2013:
Hey Me again. :D

Stll in love with your story when I read it on Wattpad. ♥

Your wonderful stories needs banners. If you want, I can make em for ya. ;)


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Review #8, by a Chapter 107 - The Final Chapter

5th March 2013:
Probably one the best hpff I've read. Great story. Think the
ending was pretty sad though. Harry and Ginny seperated
for so many years. A reunion chapter of the two wold be

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Review #9, by HPRRT Chapter 64 - Third Timeís the Charm

21st January 2013:
Just a small irregularity in the part about Albus' delivery, You wrote Collin dropped the rumor though he had been dead for quite a while.
Smashing Story So far otherwise.

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Review #10, by Colin Martineau Epilogue 1 - Twenty-Five Years Later

28th November 2012:
I LOVED so much this story ! I read your 2 books in 2 weeks. Herre is what i tought of that one.

First of all, i liked the ratio event of your story and the little time off, when relationnship problems are the center.

There is just 2 things bothering me in all of the story :

1. The love story. I don't mind reading love story but the fact that all of your characters gets a soul mate is too much. I would have keep some alone. Like James, Lily and/or Hugo. I think that all of these would have been better alone and that would get more time to expand relationnship like Neville's and Luna's.

2. The deads. I'm quite happy that Harry die becaus it's makes the story worthwile. I would have killed Ginny too. Just to be more of an impact.

But it's one of the geatest story out here ! I loved every part of it.

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Review #11, by Kumar Epilogue 1 - Twenty-Five Years Later

12th November 2012:
First, thank you for your hard work, much appreciated!

Review is for whole story - 8/10.

Only changes - I would have limited use of snogging and the whole 'perfect matches' across everyone as several people have commented. However, its your story and so your choice and once again I thank you for your time and effort and sharing it.

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Review #12, by Anon Chapter 24 - A Ghost From the Past

22nd August 2012:
Yay for Fred :)

Boo for Carly - she has no life.

Well-written and exciting.

JK Rowling would be proud :)

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Review #13, by sniper94 Epilogue 1A - Forty-Three Years Ago

1st July 2012:
Brilliantly written. Your commitment towards the story is amazing. I like the fact that everything in your story "happens for a reason". I shall definitely recommend this story to all my friends who like the HP series.

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Review #14, by Angel Epilogue 1A - Forty-Three Years Ago

19th May 2012:
nice story. i kept expecting Fawkes to fly in to save Harry, but i guess he cant survive every time. Although i am a little disappointed that after reading through 108 chapters and that tearjerker death scene, i didnt get to see him be reunited with his parents.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it.

I've had a few people say that about the end. I just didn't think it needed the scene with hsi parents. There was nothing that could happen in that scene to further the story, and I thought the Hogwarts Express pulling out of the station was the right end.


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Review #15, by ajharrypotterfan07 Chapter 69 - The Book of Slytherin

2nd May 2012:
i dont know, maybe i missed something earlier on, but it is really starting to irritate me that you keep referring to the incident in the chamber of secrets, and yet you wont tell me what actually happened! At this point all i know is that apparently all of the new maruaders were there and Albus apparently stabbed himself in the chest. I wish you would please say what actually went on in there!

Author's Response: There were two stories in the series before Harry Potter and the Final Chapter. Harry Potter and the Legend of the Twelve has all the answers you're looking for. That was the second part of the story.


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Review #16, by homerHarris Chapter 71 - The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways

5th February 2012:
I'm sorry but this does not make sence Sirrius would not have left Harry fighting for his life, Harry should have still been using the sword of souls so not had a problem, and in the duel between scorpios and Sirrius how can a dualler stop dualing to attack someone else Sirrius could have stunned him or removed his wand arm while his attension was elsewhere

Author's Response: Harry wanted Sirirus to get to Lily, she was all that mattered to him, so I have to disagree with you on that part.

As for the duel, I think it's an arguable point, but I think while Sirius is blocking one spell, Scorpius could send off another at Lily. When things are happennign that fast, I think it could absolutely happen the way I wrote it, but I udnerstand your point.



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Review #17, by sinwillys822 Epilogue 1A - Forty-Three Years Ago

26th January 2012:
I really liked this ending 10's all around.

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Review #18, by Ra927 Chapter 99 - Friendship, Love, and Family

15th January 2012:
First off, I know everybody is writing letters, but I noticed you only actually showed Nevilles. I am guessing I know what that means.

Secondly, small typo-
"Hey, Rose," said Danny with a smile as he stood to greet her. "Danny is taking a shower, but he should be out soon. He said I could stay in Jamesí old room. Is that all right?"

"Of course it is, Mr. Finnigan," said Rose with a smile.

Seamus feigned annoyance. "Miss Weasley, how many times have I told you to call me Seamus?" he asked.

-Shouldn't it be said Seamus since Danny was in the shower?

Author's Response: Thanks. I hate to think how many errors like that are in this.

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Review #19, by Ra927 Chapter 87 - Kicked in the Stomach

12th January 2012:
Beetles.. skeeter obviously.

Author's Response: Yeah, there were a couple of times I was handicapped by what we already know, and trying not to make it obvious was hard.

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Review #20, by Ra927 Chapter 83 - Eternal Glory

11th January 2012:
Very nice job on the duel. I had guessed that it would be a duel of sorts for the last task, and I was happy to see myself correct yet still somewhat surprised. As I said earlier..a little death is always good in a series like this.

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Review #21, by Ra927 Chapter 79 - Stonehenge

11th January 2012:
A fun chapter. I had kinda hoped the founders would stick around for further conversations.. but oh well. Nicely done all the same.

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Review #22, by Ra927 Chapter 73 - The Letter

11th January 2012:
You are good at conveying emotion in your writing. Even from the most cold ones among us. And yes, that's a compliment ;-)

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Review #23, by Ra927 Chapter 71 - The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways

10th January 2012:
I figured it would be Harry for some reason. Good chapter none the less.

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Review #24, by Ra927 Chapter 70 - Fear and Strength

10th January 2012:
Great chapter. I found it interesting how you went through the various perspectives of all your different characters. I have the feeling Harry is going to meet his end sometime in the next few chapters, which only makes me want to read more when I should be doing other things.

Another well done chapter 10/10

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Review #25, by Ra927 Chapter 65 - Unicorns, and Horses, and Dogs, Oh My!

10th January 2012:
Killing Ginny with a unicorn. That's creative. I am guessing you will have Lily heal her, but if she can't then it will definitely change up the plot a little!

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