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Reading Reviews for Delicate
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Review #1, by Niffler Who Wants Some Chocolate Call Me Mum

21st July 2017:
This is my 5th time reading this story and it's still as amazing as ever! Rose is a character that I can connect to and I still laugh at all of her weird thoughts.

Thank you for writing this,
The Niffler Who Just Wants Some Chocolate :)

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Review #2, by Bukafka Call Me Mum

9th July 2017:
Dear Padfoot4ever, you're brilliant! I mean it! I'm literally in love with this story! For me it's the best Next Gen ever. I believe in every couple, in every situation in this story. Thank you very much:)

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Review #3, by crazymisscarly Call Me Mum

9th May 2017:
good lord this whole book was fabulous - have u written any original works/???

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Review #4, by crazymisscarly Prologue: The Test

9th May 2017:
And what about Hugo? Mum and Dad will break up because she kicked me out/killed me and then Hugo will have to live in a hostile environment, leading him to a life of sex, drugs and rock n roll. Hell be dead by his fifteenth birthday.

- i am non stop laughing this whole chapter is perfect

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Review #5, by Oksana Call Me Mum

1st May 2017:
Brilliant! What else I can say? I love this story! It's amazing. Thank you, author!

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Review #6, by sela Secrets and Cigarettes

28th April 2017:
LOOOl. omg. this is still hilarious. i actually prolly love still delicate even more, but this is still an absolute treasure. thanks so much for sharing, this is the funnest read and Rose is a true delight.

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Review #7, by BBHP Red Rose

30th March 2017:
"And Scorpius is coming!"

Me: "Ahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Can't believe I haven't read this yet. Loving it so far!

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Review #8, by you_make_me_wander Call Me Mum

1st March 2017:
Thank you so much for writing this story!

I only recently joined the fandom (where fanfiction is concerned, at least. I've been an HP fan for over a decade and a half lol) and so I'm catching up on lost time and reading fic after fic after fic. Anyway this was an absolute delight. The story is addicting, incredibly funny (seriously, I lost count to how many times I laughed out loud with Rose's thoughts and the lot's antics) and so incredibly sweet throughout!

I've been reading it non-stop since yesterday (I haven't been able to put it down) and I couldn't be more excited about "Delicate" having a sequel, that I'm about to start reading now.

You're an amazing author. Thank you for writing this fic :)

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Review #9, by Hannah Call Me Mum

26th February 2017:
This was my first fanfiction story I've read. And I can't even it's so good! I love how you developed Rose, as she was too scared to come out of the bathroom when Laura told everyone about her pregnancy, but she wasn't afraid to yell at Laura's mom, like yes you go gurl. I honestly wish this was a movie so I could play Rose because I love what you made her character become. I'm going to check out all your other stories, and I just wanted to say, thank you. Thank you for writing a mini book that is as good as the Harry Potter series (maybe better😉)

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Review #10, by I_Am_Luna_Lovegood A Blue Christmas and a Random New Year

9th December 2016:
I'm sure the rest of the book will be great but I stopped reading at the "heartbeat a 100 times more than usual part". PLEASE tell me she doesn't fall in love with Teddy now. You have awesome skill as a writer, I just thought the Wizarding gang would be smarter than this.

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Review #11, by Rozerin Call Me Mum

16th November 2016:
I just finished this story second time and it's still best fanfiction in the world.

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Review #12, by hrk Blood, Sweat and Tears

26th October 2016:
Loved it! Thanks so much for this!

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Review #13, by wiktor Call Me Mum

14th October 2016:
better then original HP

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Review #14, by Charity Lumpkins My Father's Daughter

3rd October 2016:
Whoa that is it i can't take it

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Review #15, by Charity Lumpkins The Cherub's Wrath

3rd October 2016:
Uh uhh uhh no nonononon

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Review #16, by Charity Lumpkins Learning to Live Again

3rd October 2016:
This is so awesome if I were you I'd make a part 2 to this were Malfoy and rose get married and do it again

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Review #17, by Mansi madhavan Preparations

1st October 2016:
Its too much like the normal world, the foul language, the smoking, alcohol, everything is too much like the real world. Don't get me wrong, its not BAD, but I think it should have more wizarding world things. Please work on it

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Review #18, by Emma We Don't Do Things The Normal Way

20th September 2016:
Great so funny! I love all the charcters and the drama!!!😊😊😊

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Review #19, by NightFox Call Me Mum

9th September 2016:
This was really, really great. I didn't review until the very end... I kind of binge read the entire story in the last 2 days. This story was amazing. You could be an amazing author. Awesome story. 10/10 for sure.

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Review #20, by Zenix I'm Not You

2nd September 2016:
I normally wait to review at the end of stories I read, but this fic is so brilliant. The amount of pure sarcasm and snark Rose has is so perfect. Well done.

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Review #21, by Virginia Call Me Mum

10th August 2016:
I LOVED this fanfiction! It is my favourite fan fiction!! You are a very talented writer! I read "Still Delicate" too and loved it as well. I started reading "Runway" (I think that was the title) but it only had six chapters. I know it's been many years but I think you should continue it. ☺

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Review #22, by halfvics Call Me Mum

4th August 2016:
I don't think you'll see this but let me tell that even though I've been a part of the hp fandom for so many years, not once a fanfic caught my attention like yours did. It was so amazingly written and it's quite beautiful, although we did went through a lot of drama to get this ending. Thank you so much for writing it. I loved it. More than words can tell. I cried, I laughed, I wanted to beat the crap out of these stupid Weasleys and Potters and Malfoys! So many emotions to so short words. I can't wait to read the sequel.

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Review #23, by *KaS* Call Me Mum

3rd August 2016:
Just - wow!! Loved it :) Brilliant and hilarious!

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Review #24, by Mello George It Can't Get Any Worse...Right?

28th June 2016:
This is probably the greatest fan fiction I have
ever read. It is honestly the most enjoyable read
since the original HP series.

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Review #25, by Claire Call Me Mum

11th June 2016:
words can not describe how much I love this book!! Although awkward at times it's the best Harry potter fanfic story thing ever!! Xx

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