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Review #1, by Joyfull Scroll Crashed the Wedding

5th June 2008:
*Blinks* My LORD did you ever have them make up for 'lost time' as it were from Hogwarts years. I'm very surprised that she had so many! Good thing they can afford that many kids. I'm glad as well that they're still friends with the Weasleys. I'm Harmonien all the way, but the Weasley's are good ONLY as friends.

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Review #2, by Potter n Mione Crashed the Wedding

18th May 2008:
Hmm... great story, but I can't imagine Mr. Granger not liking Harry. After all, Ron's just a stupid, bloody git! The names are also a bit eccentric. Litty? Sinndy? Isn't it supposed to be Cindy? And PISCES? That's the Latin word for fish you know... weird but whatever it's your story...

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Review #3, by MoonyandProngs Crashed the Wedding

17th May 2008:
That was great! Wow! That's a lot of kids! I love that Harry was telling the little ones the story, it's so sweet! Great work!

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Review #4, by Ghouling Crashed the Wedding

21st April 2008:
I'm not much of a H/Hr shipper so this might be a bit biased but I thought that the characters were a little OOC, especially Ron. He seemed not normal and a bit dull or clingy which is a usually cliche (sp?) in H/Hr stories. It was also a bit rushed and confusing to read, perhaps break it in to 2 one shots or a short story. Other that it was good and I apologize if I was harsh.

Author's Response: That's like totally cool. all bad reviwes are good because you learn from them and make your stories better from coments. so thanx in an odd kind of way. I'll take what you said into account and try and make my stories more beliveble next time. Thanx xxx

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Review #5, by Weasleys Forever Crashed the Wedding

21st April 2008:
This is great. Harry and Hermione belong together and I am a great believer in large families. Harry gets to be a great dad after never having a dad himself: that is justice.

Loved your song fic. Deep writing.

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Review #6, by Ellaoptimistic Crashed the Wedding

30th March 2008:
I liked it... ya I dunno how to make banners at the moment so.yeah. But I'm learning. Well, this has been awkward, BYES!

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Review #7, by bored2hyperness Crashed the Wedding

20th March 2008:
Great song-fic! I especially love the song!
Too bad Buted broke up, they were awesome.
but yeah, good story. keep it up

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Review #8, by auror_snape Crashed the Wedding

31st January 2008:
Good premise, but I found a little problem. You said in almost the first sentence that Harry was 25 years old, meaning Hermione is between 24 and 26. Later, after they're maried and have the children, you say they're 39. 39-25 is 14. James can't be 18, or else he'd have been born when they were 21. You might have to change that so James, Emily, and Sapphire are triplets and 14 or 13. Otherwise, it's fine. 9/10

Author's Response: I know about the mistake in age. as soon as i uploded it i realised the mistake i had made. they were supposed to be 21. i'm gonna correct it so thanx 4 the reviwe.

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Review #9, by justadude Crashed the Wedding

31st January 2008:
WOW this song is like one of my favs! u did a awesome job writing this! 10/10

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Review #10, by ginny_malfoy22 Crashed the Wedding

30th January 2008:
Ok, I like the general idea, but I'm just going to tell you how to improve it:

Spelling and grammar. That definitely needs to improve

Everything happens really fast. You need to slow it down, and I think this could be better as a short story as opposed to a one-shot.

Also, and this is a mistake I've made before, you introdue the children in a wierd way I would suggest introducing the children in a sequel, and not like 'James, 18, Emily, 15, Sapphire, 14, Daniel, 11, Litty, 11, Lilly, 5, Tom, 3, Albus, Sirius, Jack and Sinndy all 2 months.' It's not very easy on the eyes, and it is quite annoying to read thigns like that.

All in all, it's a good general idea, but you need to make improvements. I recommend getting a beta!



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