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Review #1, by Guest Eyes

12th January 2016:
That was wonderfullywritten, but heart breaking. I liked how it was realistic, and I thought it was a very good story. Great job!

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Review #2, by Sweets-Caandy Eyes

25th July 2011:
I love it!
No, really it is absolutely great! I just hoped there was more of it!
The end is really sad, and I really would want to know how the story would go on...what do you think? Is Rose going to marry Beck or not?
Well the story is great anyway!

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Review #3, by kayoko Eyes

31st July 2009:
I like your interpretation of Rose and Scorpius. Makes me want to beg for you to continue the story to see the implication of their short reunion.

Thanks for writing!

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Review #4, by Bambu Eyes

23rd March 2009:
This was very nicely done. Really, beautifully heartbreaking for Scorpius. As for Rose, I feel deeply sorry for her ... for after all, a choice cannot be made if there is none to make, and Scorpius never let her know that one was available (until now.)

Author's Response: wow. you understood it perfectly. they lost the chance by never realizing that there was a chance. that was exactly what i was trying to say =)

thank you so much for your review! it really meant a lot


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Review #5, by kawa Eyes

18th February 2009:
this is so sad...*sniff*

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Review #6, by fatima Eyes

25th January 2009:
not bad. It's really good. But I honestly don't think that this should be left as just a one-shot. You should continue it. It is very possible to weave a really good story out of this. You got the plot down.

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Review #7, by GeorgiaRule Eyes

12th January 2009:
Sweet story, I really liked the Rose- Scorpius pairing- but mainly because it reminded me of Dramione. I think I would officially love it if you wrote a novel on Rose and Scorpius.

haha, I just had a very funny thought. If someone was to combine Rose and Scorpius, like they do with Dramione, it would have to be something incredibly weird, like Rorpius, or Scorose. Like I said, incredibly weird. Ooh, I've got myself chuckling now.

Damn it, when I read this, I was feeling so pissed of at this Beckett Thomas guy. He seems like a nice guy, but I have a thing for villians, and even though Scorpius isnt exactly a villian, he still certainly isnt a 'good guy'.

Well anyway, I guess thats enough of my rambling! I really encourage you to write a Rorpius or a Scorose novel, after you finish Return After the War, of course! I dont think I could bear it if I had to wait any longer for updates, you've got me so keen.

Keep up the fantastical work

Author's Response: i love rose/scorpius too; there's such an element of romeo and juliet about them that makes it irresistable. and you had me chuckling too, haha. rorpius and scorose, it's too funny

don't hate beckett thomas too much, lol. he has no idea what's going on. and i know how you feel about bad boys; i have a little thing for them myself. but that was sort of the point of the story. it was about realizing what COULD have been, not what WILL be... if that makes sense, haha. rose and scorpius weren't meant to be together here, not at this point in their lives. if they had gotten together earlier, than maybe. but the chance has passed them by.

as far as a rorpius or scorose (haha) novel goes... let's just say that something is already in the works... and that's all i'm gonna say! but don't worry, i'm not going to dive into that project before i finish "return after the war"

well, that's enough of MY rambling, lol. thanks so much for the super awesome review!!!


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Review #8, by drcjsnider Eyes

19th May 2008:
Love it... although i wouldn't mind her dropping thomas and following scorpius :)

Author's Response: oh, you made me chuckle, haha. i know what you mean, lol. but even without that, i'm glad that you liked it. i'll write something where they get together, i promise. i have ideas a-brewin' lol. thanks so much for the great review!!!


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Review #9, by ronismyhomeboy Eyes

30th March 2008:
Oooh... I really like this one too!!! I like how you made Rose like Hermione with the books and Scorpius like Draco with the smirking... very cute! I always finish reading your stuff and want more... maybe it's just cuz I'm your cousin, or maybe it's cuz you are amazingly talented (though it's probably both)! :-D

Author's Response: oh, i love you so much right now! seriously, you always make me feel awesome about my writing! i hope you'll be up for reading the other stuff i plan on writing for the site. and i i know you will be!

and hey, who knows? maybe someday i'll get around to writing a full-blown crazy love triangle with harry/draco/hermione like we were talking about! lol... oh, could you imagine?

love ya! ~meghan

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Review #10, by thestepsintime Eyes

17th March 2008:
this story's wicked awesome. is there any chance of a sequel? anyway..great job!


Author's Response: thanks! i've never had a story called wicked awesome before, lol.

there isn't really any chance of a sequel, i'm sorry to say. if i wrote a sequel, it would be a full story, more than a one-shot. i'm planning a rose/scorpius that is set in their school years, AND the character of beckett thomas will be present, so i think it would be a bit confusing.

but thanks for the review! i'm super excited that you enjoyed it!!!


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Review #11, by lunadragonfly Eyes

13th February 2008:
Hey there Meghan

I loved the story it's beautiful. Easy to read, a good length, Great Discriptions. Every thing a Great Story needs :D

It really does work well as a Rose/Scorpius :D I'd love for you to do a sequil to this one :D hehe

I'll be checking out your other stories for sure.
Great work
~ Keira-lee

Author's Response: thank you sooo much! i'm glad you enjoyed the story!!!

thanks for saying that it worked well as a rose/scorpius. like i said, it was originally a draco/hermione, so i worried a little about that!

as far as a sequel goes, i'm not sure that i'll be writing one. i kinda like the story as it is, left with that yearning. they feel something for each other, but they aren't meant to be together, not in this story anyway. but i am formulating ideas for a rose/scorpius novel length story in which they definitely will get together! and honestly, i can't wait to get to writing it!

thanks again for the awesome review! if you do check out my other stories, i hope you enjoy them as well!!!


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Review #12, by fredsgingernut Eyes

28th January 2008:
i really loved it. to me rose and scorpius are the most interesting next gen couple and could b developed in so many ways. i really like your unrequited thing though, the fact that they can't love each other but they do, its a bit darker than the other rose/scorpius stories ive read but i think its more interesting. anyways good luck hollyx

Author's Response: wow, thanks for the awesome review! i agree, they definitely are the most interesting next gen couple. there's just so much you can do with them. and i might be wrong here, but i totally think that jk rowling set it up for us to think that they would eventually wind up together! but that's just my opinion.

yeah this was a bit darker - not too much so, but a bit. i don't get to do a lot of dark stuff with my other story, so this was interesting to write.

anyway, i'm really glad that you enjoyed it! again, thanks so much for the awesome review!!!


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Review #13, by Gracieux Eyes

28th January 2008:
Loved it! but ofcourse as a Score/Rose 'shipper I wanted them to get together :P


Author's Response: yeah, i know! i'll write a fic where they DO get together, i promise! glad you liked it, thanks for the review!!!

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Review #14, by jenkent Eyes

28th January 2008:
Really great story, kind of sad, but still really good!

Author's Response: yeah, it is sad, but sometimes sad is good! thanks for reviewing, glad you liked it!!!

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Review #15, by Princess_MJ Eyes

28th January 2008:
I can definetly see how this story would be a better Draco/Hermione.

-On the Positve Side-

I loved how you described Rose and Scorpius' looks. I could really see Scorp (excuse the nickname. I'm writing a next generation story and it's total habit to call him that Anyway) standing there in the bookstore really pale. I loved when Scorp was describing her hair and everything about her. I loved the description.

-On the Negative Side-

As I said I really could see how it was Draco/Hermione. For instance, the bushiness of her hair. Going down in flames with her parents. I dunno, it worked for Scorp/Rose but I could definetly see the whole Draco/Hermione thing.

-In Conclusion-

Great story. Wonderfully adorable. No typos which is hard to find. Just fabulous. :D


Author's Response: yeah, i know what you mean about the set-up being better for a Draco/Hermione. i really enjoyed writing rose and scorpius, though, so i was pleased with the final result.

i checked this thing for typos like four times, lol! i HATE when i see typos in my own writing!

thanks for reviewing! i pleased that you liked the story!!!


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Review #16, by steph Eyes

27th January 2008:
LOVED it. Hated that R/S did not end up together but loved your writing style and the friction you showed between the two

Author's Response: thanks! i enjoyed writing them more than i had anticipated, so i'll definitely write another rose/scorpius at some point

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Review #17, by Rashel Quinn Eyes

27th January 2008:
okay ... i am crying right now ... it was so sad ... (of ocz it was very good) .. u can feel the emotion right outta it ... so yea ... very nice .. keep it up ... and oh yea .. u really made a lot of things understood in jus one chapter .. so yea .. loved it ... now i shall go grab a tissue .. byye :D

Author's Response: i'm sorry that you cried, but it makes me sorta proud of myself at the same time! i love knowing that something i've written has touched someone at an emotional level, so thank you sooo much for letting me know!!! your review meant so much! i'm really glad that you enjoyed the story!!!

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Review #18, by maskedsiren Eyes

27th January 2008:
I read this for the Boxing Day thing and loved it! Great job hun!

Author's Response: thanks!!! glad you liked it!

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Review #19, by ginny321 Eyes

27th January 2008:
That was very good!
And your banner is beautiful.

Author's Response: thank you so much, and i'm glad you like the banner!


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Review #20, by light_blue Eyes

27th January 2008:
I really liked it! :)

Scorpius was flawless I daresay, FLAWLESS! :) And Rose? I cannot possibly imagine her act in any other way. I really love your writing! :)

It was perfect in length, filled with interesting expressions and details all accompanied by a well tuned flow. Great job! 10/10!

I strongly recommend you write more Scorpius and Rose or any story for that matter.

Keep on writing! And again, awesome job!

From light_blue

Author's Response: oh wow, you're review is amazing!

i'm so glad that you enjoyed the story so much! i'll definitely write another Rose/Scorpius... i've got a couple of ideas, but i'm not sure what will really pop, so we'll have to see.

i have a couple of other stories, both dramione's, so check them out if you're at all interested in that ship

thanks soooo much for reviewing! as i said, it was amazing, and it really touched me!!!


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Review #21, by xlilyx Eyes

27th January 2008:
hey, i remember reading this in the writers dual :) i was gonna vote for it but that was the day voting closed:( ahh well it is a fab cute lil one shot and i enjoyed reading it for the second time :D good job

Author's Response: thank you! the only good news about not getting into the final round was that i got to post the story here and see what everyone thought of it. thanks for your review and your psuedo-vote!!!

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Review #22, by Sarah_Bee Eyes

27th January 2008:
this was good!! Gorgeous banner by the way!!! I love this story and I want to read more!! It's completely different, which I like. You should make a sequel or something to continue this.

Author's Response: thank you! and i'm glad you like the banner!

i'm actually seriously considering writing a rose/scorpius story that takes place while they are still at hogwarts. it's kinda the same, whereas rose is dating beckett thomas and scorpius realizes that he feels something for her. but rather than ignore it as he did here, he persues her. it hasn't really fleshed itself out in my mind as yet, so we'll see.

but i'm glad you enjoyed it! i'll consider a sequel, but it isn't likely; i like the way this one ended. thanks for reviewing!!!

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