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Review #1, by lilyyyy Letting her defensive wall crumble

6th May 2009:
Sorry but i didn't like it. their love wasn't just about snogging like it in you story ...

Author's Response: That's okay, this was my first fic and I don't write like this anymore. I kept it up for sentimental value.


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Review #2, by MizzWeasley_o Letting her defensive wall crumble

7th April 2009:
Short but well written. It had depth into Lily and James' feelings for one another, even though we dont hear much of Lily's thoughts.
I liked it, well done :)


Author's Response: I don't believe it! This fic hasn't got a new review in months!

Thank you,
Lily :)

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Review #3, by Katy_Potter Letting her defensive wall crumble

29th May 2008:
i really like it...and i think that person who reviewed was really rude, if they didn't like it, they needn't have reviewed! don't listen to reviews like that, they are just jealous
i thought the bit about Snape at the end was very original :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you for your kind words; it's been a while since anyone has reviewed this little story of mine! I really appreciate it!

Lily Marie Evans Potter

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Review #4, by sweetxxseptember Letting her defensive wall crumble

28th March 2008:
Hey, this was a very cute one-shot. I like your writing style too. One thing that bothered me was the length. It was a bit short for my liking, but you get to decided upon that. Another thing was that it skipped straight to the kiss, with nothing really in the middle. Still, it was good and flufffy, and perfect for me when I don't think I could handle anything more than that, at the moment. :]

I found a few grammatical errors (actually there was only about two ...) and the spacing at the end was a bit messed. That's it though! You did a great job. :)


Author's Response: Hello sweetxxseptember,

I'm glad you thought this one-shot was cute! As to the length, I've now been told by countless people it's too short, so that is about to change. I am changing practically everything about it, meaning the length, banner and story title among other things. I am currently writing the new version, so I hope you like that too!

Lily Marie Evans Potter

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Review #5, by rosai_gryffindor Letting her defensive wall crumble

10th March 2008:
to Faerin the Reaper: excuse me but i made the banner, and to have it called blatantly bad is not something that i like to read. there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever, tis colourful, animated and gets the point across. maybe it's not my best, but it isnt by far my worst either! and reviews are for the story, not the banner...

Now, lily: don't listen to people like this, you chose to write about lily/james (and so if people find that ship boring, they should not bother to read it) and wrote a lovely one-shot about their love, and for a first story, it's good! sure it's short and could be expanded maybe, but i like it, as you know from my previous review! :D
keep up the wonderful writing!

Rose :)

Author's Response: Thanks Rose, this is my first utterly insulting review and I wasn't sure how to handle the worthless feeling it gave me! You helped with that as always, and by the way don't let anyone mock your amazing banner, I adore it and that's what matters!

Hugs, Lily

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Review #6, by ... Letting her defensive wall crumble

9th March 2008:
not ur best...
xtrimely short and doesnt really have a plot, it kinda just skips to the kiss and ends...

Author's Response: That's your opinion! to each his/her own I always say!

Lily M.E Potter

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Review #7, by Faerin the Reaper Letting her defensive wall crumble

9th March 2008:
Well. It was very extremely short, I can say that much. The Lily/James pairing has been overdone. It's a boring topic now. The spelling, grammar, etc. was, however, exceptional. The only blatantly bad thing was the banner. There wasn't much to it, but it was a first try. 7/10 for effort

Author's Response: I disagree on many counts there! Yeah o.k it was short, but I doubt your first fic was a saga! Lily/James can never be overdone, they are classic and will never be boring, if you hate them why did you read this? Also don't you ever dare insult my beautiful banner which Rose put so much time and effort into!

Lily M.E Potter :(

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Review #8, by percy Letting her defensive wall crumble

6th March 2008:
very dumb very very dumb

Author's Response: That's your opinion, it is my first fic ever were you expecting Rowling standards!

Lily M. E Potter

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Review #9, by AHeat Letting her defensive wall crumble

11th February 2008:
This is good. I really liked how you had him holler at the bottom of the stairs like that, that was funny. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the good review, if you liked this, then I recommend my other story "Harry Potter and the brighter Future", which I wrote better in my opinion, also it doesn't have many reviews yet.
Lily M.E Potter

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Review #10, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246 Letting her defensive wall crumble

6th February 2008:
That was so adorable!! Don't worry - ours are very different. For one, I made the kiss take place in their fifth year (I know they don't actually get together until the seventh year, but a kiss doesn't always lead to dating! =D). I really loved her answer to his question.
This is definitely going to be my one of my faves - congrats on writing an excellent one-shot!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Also, thanks for putting it on your favorites list, as that proves to me that you'll read it more than once which is a gratifying feeling!!
Anyway, if you want more of my writings, then keep an eye out for the first chapter of my novel "Harry Potter and the brighter Future"! It's about life post-DH for Harry and Co.

Sincerely, Lily M.E Potter
Long live Lily and James Potter!!!

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Review #11, by JamesBlackPower Letting her defensive wall crumble

5th February 2008:
awww that was so cute! great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
Lily M.E Potter

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Review #12, by C D johnson Letting her defensive wall crumble

5th February 2008:
Dear Lily,

It is finally up on the site and validated congratulations...I have been waiting for this for quite a while and I can safley say that I was NOT dissapointed with it. I would even go as far to say that it sort of enchanted me if you get what I mean.

You have such a wonderful writing style, it was fantastic for your very first fanfiction. Yeah it was a little short, but personally I have nothing against short stories (I usually find that they are some of the best) It dosent matter that it was short because, you got straight to the point. I like that! As they say it was short and sweet. Quite brillaint, very well done to you Lily! You deserve a 10/10 as you have left me wanting so much more of this tale!

If you wish you can add cdjohnson-updates@hotmail.co.uk to your e - mail accout if you wish to keep up to date with each others fanfics which I would very much love to keep up to date with yours!

Yours Magically


Author's Response: Hi Craig,

thanks for the good review i'm glad you liked and thought it was worth the wait.
I just posted the first chapter of a novel about life post DH for Harry and Co. So if want more of my writings the keep an eye out for it.
Thanks Lily M. E Potter

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Review #13, by voldysgurl Letting her defensive wall crumble

5th February 2008:
hi...congrats on writing your first bit...since its da first tym u r writing...i wont say it was not good, but it could have been better if there were some direct quotes n it was longer...the plot wasnt that nice...but the writing style was fine.

best of luck 4 ur future writings...n still...i wud've enjoyed it if it was longer:)

Author's Response: thanks, I might go and make it longer if I get a good idea. For now I'm working on a Novel about Post DH life for Harry and his friends.
Lily M.E Potter

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Review #14, by rosai_gryffindor Letting her defensive wall crumble

5th February 2008:
heeeyyy!!! this finally got validated! woohoo! lol!
anyways... even though i have already read this, i read it again now it is up on the site, and am now leaving you the review you deserve! :D

i think you wrote this beautifully!! my first thought when i saw the length, was, ok this is really really short! so will it be like a story, even if its menat to be a one-shot. but then i read through, and it turns out that the short length doesnt matter at all! your wonderful writing and the feelings and images that get accross about james and lily are really clear, and the descriptions lovely! it is like a tiny, mini story, and i love that!! short but sweet as they say! and i love the title and last line, it ties it all together beautifully!

you could of course, go back to this some time and extend it with more insight as to why lily suddenly let her defensive wall crumble, and the battle james had getting her to believe he is a mature and caring person, but it is no matter if you dont, as i think this is perfect.

i look forward to reading more of your writings in the near future! :D

and that banner is on its way, i am going to make that for you tonight!

Rose :)

Author's Response: Hi Rose,

Thank you so much for your amazing review, I wish there were more reviewers like you. As to future writings, you won't have to wait long as I am already working on the first chapter of a novel-length fic about post-DH life for Harry and Co.

Hugs Lily M.E Potter

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Review #15, by Calluna Letting her defensive wall crumble

5th February 2008:
aww, that's so sweet! i love the romantic gushy james/lily stuff:) it would be lovely if you made it longer, maybe add flasbacks or subplots? but overall a very beautiful oneshot!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, LOL! I love romance and gushiness as well, as to making it longer, I wanted to do that anyway but didn't want it to go to the back of the queue.
(I made the mistake of editing before validation once, as a result this was in the waiting list for 10 DAYS!)

I might go make it longer as and when a good idea for a subplot/flashback comes to me, but for now I am working on a Novel-length story called "Harry Potter and the brighter Future" check it out when it gets validated.

Thank you, Lily M.E Potter
Long live Lily and James Potter.

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Review #16, by Smith_Babe_1 Letting her defensive wall crumble

5th February 2008:
Short but sweet lol

Author's Response: Thank you very much!!
Lily M.E Potter

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