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Reading Reviews for So Does She
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by horsekid So Does She

12th January 2007:
love this fanfic, Next time you make a fanfic could you make one with Remus and Tonks getting together? That would be wicked!

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Review #2, by timothy So Does She

31st March 2005:
Hey nice one keep it going, don't stop!!!\

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Review #3, by Gwiggo So Does She

25th July 2004:
I love it. Wow, it's so good! The memorial, and Harry kissing Hermione... it was so sweet and cute, and I thought you did a great job on it. Awesome.

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Review #4, by Brin Summers So Does She

31st October 2003:
That was Siriusly (sorry!!) sweet!

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Review #5, by arukas So Does She

26th July 2003:
OMG THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST HARRY HERMIONE FICS IVE EVER READ. SO TRUE TO CHARACTER TPP WHICH WAS NICE. The massage was abit un-hermione-ish but hey, i love the idea of massage, so sensual. Great fic!

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Review #6, by Grace So Does She

25th July 2003:
that\'s REALLY good! I will DIE if U don\'t write more!!! LOL

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Review #7, by Invisibleink So Does She

24th July 2003:
Hey I love H/H stories it annoys me cause one of my friends who is also a great writer always says it would never happen i don\'t believe so! Great story so cute! Luv invisibleink XxX

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Review #8, by Hallie Marie So Does She

24th July 2003:
Excuse me but that was not bad, at all! Ugh, I can\'t believe you, thinking your writing is bad. You get that idea out of your head, you hear me... I\'m going to go and read more of your writing, I loff it. *hugs Neo* Hallie

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Review #9, by DERT So Does She

24th July 2003:
^_~ Not bad, pretty cute idea with the kiss. I could just see Ron doing that. He\'s cool, but Harry is cooler! ^_^

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Review #10, by cassidy So Does She

23rd July 2003:
oh, this is really cute! I\'m not much of a harry /hermione fan, but you made it work. It\'s really adorable. i wanna read more! :) if you have time, I\'d appreciate it if you\'d read and review my story. Thx. :)

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