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Review #1, by Dragonballgt88 Chapter 1

14th May 2008:
nice, but I am a little confused on why Lily hates her dad AKA Harry

Author's Response: it's a part of the plot, you'll find out later in the series. Just be sure to keep reading! thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by Antigone Chapter 1

1st April 2008:
Very interesting! Does this sort of take place in a parallel universe?
I like your descriptions and dialogue and your characterizations are quite good too.
However, I think you should try to clarify who the narrator is. At some times it seems like it is from Lily's point of view, but at others its seems like the narrator is omniscient.

Author's Response: Yeah, sorry about the narrator thing. It's from both points of view. Lily is the main character so she is sometimes going to tell the story but in present tense. Sometimes I'm giving discriptions so there is an omniscient narrator. Sorry for the confusion. :p

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Review #3, by PoohBear813 Chapter 3

1st April 2008:
Well, I'm a bit confused at the moment, but I'm guessing all will be made clear soon so I say, Good job!!

Author's Response: Thanks. This story is kind of confused, but if you stick with it, it will be cleared up really soon, by like chapter 10-20. Probably closer to 10.

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Review #4, by PoohBear813 Chapter 2

1st April 2008:
Oohhh, interesting!! I'm really liking this story so far... I wonder what's gonna happen next!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm writing chapters 4 and 5 so one should be up pretty soon. Stay tuned for chaps 4 and 5!

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Review #5, by PoohBear813 Chapter 1

1st April 2008:
Very nice start... Can't wait to read more... Certainly an interesting idea you have here!!

Author's Response: Thanks. It gets a whole lot more interesting in part two. I will keep it on this story though. Thanks.

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Review #6, by CrazyCuinn Chapter 2

6th March 2008:
luv it!! :D tad freaky but still it's good!! :D keep writing


Author's Response: Thanks. This story does get darker in areas, and I am already writing chapters three and four so they'll be up soon.

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Review #7, by hippy_chick97 Chapter 1

5th February 2008:
I really don't get this soz. Is this Lily 2? And is this Lily in Slytherin??? Soz I am just so confused that you might need to explain it to me. Soz


Author's Response: It's ok that you don't quite get it yet, but I'll put a little bit of the plot in this response. This is lily 2 and there is only the slytherin house now. The entire school is run by death eaters. Lily and her friends are going to try and fix this. Wait and see how they do so though.

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Review #8, by CrazyCuinn Chapter 1

5th February 2008:
I think this fic is really good!! :D it is so different from other fics!! :D u should update soon!! :D

Author's Response: There is probably almost no chance that I will post soon but I will try, because you are my first reviewer! And its a fantastic review. Thank you very much.

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