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Review #1, by Lilia History Lessons

6th September 2011:
Hi, I really love your story. Please continue with it. I'd really love to know how it ends. Maybe you can email me the rest of it of you don't want to update on the website. I'm on Facebook. I'd really appreciate it. Lilia Atanasova

Author's Response: I'm sorry, there are a lot of you on Facebook and I can't find you :C

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Review #2, by LilyFire History Lessons

20th July 2010:
Oh, Merlin. Are you still writing this? Just I noticed that you haven't updated since 2010, and I really like of the best you've written, I think.
Really though, does she live? Do the kids find out Dora and Tonks are the same person. I need to know! I love your writting, (thus me making you one of my favorite authors) and I really hope you do keep it up. I understand if you can't.

Author's Response: haha, wow, it's very refreshing to see a review for this particular story! Every few months I open up the Word document and sigh a little bit, knowing how badly readers (and I) want this story finished, and I know how I want it to go, but for some reasons the words just won't come. I'll do my very best, but I don't know when I'll get back to it.

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Review #3, by mikester02_2009 History Lessons

30th October 2009:
This chapter was amazing! I know you probably are tired of hearing this but please don't forget about this story! Don't abandon it. I started a story 4 years ago on another site and I abandoned it. I am going back to finish it now, although I lost all of my fans. Finish it, let it have a happy ending.

Author's Response: I just opened it up the other day and started looking again! I might have to rewrite the chapter that I got lost on, and I now know a lot more about the german language, so I'll hopefully be starting up as soon as I finish my most current fic! Thank you so much for the support!

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Review #4, by icequeencissa Introductions and Dementors

16th September 2009:
I have read this story a million times over the summer and i'm still here waiting for another chapter. I'm loving all your other stories but this is my favourite by far!!! Thanks so much.

Author's Response: aww, thank you so so much! I'm trying really hard to get back into writing r/t, I promise!

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Review #5, by icequeencissa History Lessons

8th April 2009:
Hey. I was just wondering if you are still going to write this story, hopefully because it is my favourite! Thanx.

Author's Response: I'm not abandoning this story, I promise, it's just on hiatus until I can dump out some of these other ideas that have been bothering me. XD Sorry to keep you waiting!

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Review #6, by x DementraFionBlack x History Lessons

7th March 2009:
Please i need u to write more please

Author's Response: I know I do, I'm so ashamed! I really really am trying to get this story done with. But, in the meantime, please check out my other stories!

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Review #7, by icequeencissa History Lessons

5th March 2009:
hey, it's me again. I just wanted to know how it's coming on and stuff. u r still my fav author on here!! Anyway hope to see new chapter up soon.Thx!!!
(My real name is Eleanor but I prefer Ellie or Ella.)

Author's Response: Hey, EllzBellz! (That's right, I said EllzBellz.) I'm really trying, but my inspiration is only coming in little spurts, so it still might be a while!

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Review #8, by icequeencissa History Lessons

16th February 2009:
I have my first chapter up on my first story called my only love. please my you read it and tell me what you think if you have time.thx!!


Author's Response: Your name is Ellie??? That's my sister's name!! That's so weird, no one has that name! cool!

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Review #9, by icequeencissa History Lessons

14th February 2009:
i know i am probaly gettin on your nerves but please write some more quickly i can't wait for more.thx!!!

Author's Response: You could never got on my nerves! And I would write more ASAP but I left my flashdrive at school! And it may or may not be stolen! DX not fun for the KT. Anyway, I'll do my very best, but I may fall into a depression if my flashdrive was stolen with ALL OF MY FANFICS on it.
Thanks for taking time out of your day to request I write more! It really does brighten my day, and I wish you a happy Valentine's Day!

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Review #10, by tiny-irritating-pixie History Lessons

8th February 2009:
Hey, not sure if you still look at these reviews but Im reviewing anyway! So, I was reading some of the reviews on this and I saw one of your replies. SIGNS HAS GONE DOWN THE TOILET? Are you sirius (shitty pun intended)? Im a bit shocked at that really. Cause I remember way back hundreds of days ago I found a story were Tonks was a werewolf. When i finished reading it I moved on to others. Then I remembered that great Tonks-becomes-a-werewolf-story and looked for it for forever. Then one glorious day, I found it. Sorry bout the rambling by the way. And dont worry bout your writers block, I've had it and it passes. Eventually. After days of thinking and thinking.

Author's Response: I will ALWAYS respond to my reviews, no matter how numerous they are! It might take a few days, but always count on a response.
And yes, I am really very close to just putting Signs in my "Abandoned" folder in my flash drive. Though I will never delete it, just in case, but I think that I've moved on from that particular fic. I keep getting more and NEW ideas, but the old ideas are stopping!

I am so so sincerely sorry to let you down! I hate abandoning stories! T_T

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Review #11, by icequeencissa History Lessons

7th February 2009:
please huury up and put the new chapter up. i check nearly everyday even though that sounds stupid. i cant wait!

Author's Response: aww, I'm so sorry for making you wait! I'm trying so hard to get this next chapter done, I'm just having horrid writer's block on this story! I'll try to get more done tonight, it's just that this chapter's really slow-going before the plot really picks up!

Thank you so much for being both so devoted, and also so very patient with me!

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Review #12, by icequeencissa History Lessons

31st January 2009:
please write more i luv it. u r a gr8 writer and i can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I know that it's been an awfully long time since I updated this story, but I'm working my very best on getting another one out!

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Review #13, by IAmAGenius History Lessons

9th November 2008:
for the love of god please update (i told you i was reading your other strories) 10/10

Author's Response: :D I'm doing my very best to write more of this, but I'm hitting major road blocks in the plot! I'll try to get a chapter out in another month or so, that's the best I can give you!

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Review #14, by obliviatethemoon Busted

6th November 2008:
hehehe lol ahhh thats funny, in an akward sort of way :) I luv remus in this story, who ould have thought hed swear? lol keep it up! :)

Author's Response: lol, thanks very much! I'm doing my best!

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Review #15, by Nym_Dora Lupin History Lessons

3rd November 2008:
I hope you are getting close to finishing this one. I was so excited to see this every week. Keep it up.


Author's Response: ugh, I'm trying my very best to get a new chapter cranked out, but so many new ideas are filling my head that I don't have enough room for the old ones! But I have not given up on it yet! (Though I'm afraid Signs has gone down the toilet...)

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Review #16, by queenflora09 Busted

10th June 2008:

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! I appreciate your reading!

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Review #17, by bring_back_sirius Busted

10th June 2008:
are you out to set a new record for the most chapters posted in one week or something? not that im complaining, this is great!!!
speaking of great, this chapter was FANTASTIC. im not sure why, but after i finished reading it i was like "wow, that was really good". first of all, i liked tonks' response about why she told cedric to duck..."Vell…vell…I am foreign! I see boy about to be hurt, I yell!”. and then i think you did a really good job integrating your story with the Prisoner of Azkaban. is sirius gonna turn out good in your story too? i hope tonks lives to see it. oh, and another quote i loved: "I’m weak—and frail—and all the rest—of that pathetic—sympathy-inducing—shit…” i wasnt sure at first which one of them said it, but it would be hilarious either way.
ron's and hermione's jaws are gonna drop when they hear what harry has to tell them.
oh and you actually did an alright job on the sex scene in the previous chapter, considering that your only 15. better than anything i would have written at 15, innocent child as i was :P

Author's Response: wow, a nice chunky review! Me like!! And I suppose I was just so enthusiastic about the plot of this story finally picking up I couldn't resist updating!
I do love writing this story, to be honest. Everything I write is Alternate Universe in some small way or another, and this little plot bunny refused to leave my head! And Hallo!?!? Sirius is good in EVERY story, silly! And yes, that was Remus because it had just been the full moon.
and yes. Their jaws are going to drop. I haven't incorporated it into the fic, but I'll just leave the true reactions to the imagination. And thank you for the compliment! When I was writing the last chapter, it took me about fifteen minutes just to stop blushing enough to write down what I thought sounded right! Then, of course, what I thought sounded right wasn't AT ALL what ended up in the fic, but I'm still satisfied with it. She's suposed to be in a fog, so whatever.
Thank you for the nice long review! I've been getting repetitive with the gratitude in this one! I love nice longies!
Hope to hear from you in the future! I'm running out of chapters to post!

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Review #18, by Timechild Busted

9th June 2008:
Busted is right. This is totally funny. The reaction of Remus when caught was priceless.

Nicely written

Author's Response: thank you very much! I think I should arrested, though, for the amount of fun I had writing this. I was chatting with a friend while I wrote, so she helped me with the awkwardness.
Thanks again for the review!

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Review #19, by bring_back_sirius Makeovers and the Sideways Waltz

9th June 2008:
thank you so much for the huge chapter!!!
its sooo mega sad that tonks is dying, can you please 'find' a cure for her?
the shagging part was kinda rushed, i blinked and it was over :P but im glad they got it out of the way before she...
nice idea making harry all jealous like that "who the hell is shawn?" hehe

Author's Response: Your welcome for the huge-ish chapter!
It is sad that she's dying. You'll have to keep reading, however, to find out if she gets cured!
And I know the shagging part was rushed, I'm only 15, I have no experience in the area! Hopefully, future shagging scenes will be better. ^^
And thank you. I was sort of aiming for a "like father like son" moment.
Thanks for your review!

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Review #20, by queenflora09 Makeovers and the Sideways Waltz

8th June 2008:
It was great!!But I'm still VERY VERY upset about wht u r doin' 2 tonks!Still great though.

Author's Response: I understand you're upset, and apologize. I just hope you'll forgive me when the story's over.

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Review #21, by HHrDanceLvR Makeovers and the Sideways Waltz

8th June 2008:
Hahaha... I loved Harry's reaction to what 'Dora' said... "Who's Shawn?" He's already acting like a jealous boyfriend, isn't he? ;) Hope to see a new chapter soon!


Author's Response: yeah, he also pulled a James if you didn't notice. His voice went all low and he tried to be nonchalant and very fun. I'll update soon!

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Review #22, by Timechild Makeovers and the Sideways Waltz

8th June 2008:
Completely funny! The part where Tonks and Remus had sex was nicely done, but the complete confusion of Wood was priceless.

Nicely written

Author's Response: thank you! I was really self conscious about the sex part, to be honest. I have never experienced it for myself, therefore I have NO IDEA how to personify it...
so, thank you!

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Review #23, by queenflora09 Halloween Part 2

7th June 2008:
AH!PLZ!!!Don't kill TONKS!!!:c Even though the info bout tonks really sucked...
the chapter it self was good!

Author's Response: thanks...? I hope you just mean that the news sucked, and not my plot! I'm about to update right now, so I hope you like it!

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Review #24, by bring_back_sirius Halloween Part 2

5th June 2008:
how could you do that to tonks? she cant die.:(
other than that it was a good chapter, you're really quite god at writing dialogue.
plz let tonks live

Author's Response: 8}D

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Review #25, by Tor Petty Halloween Part 1

5th June 2008:
This whole chapter had TEARS in my eyes! ... Manly banshee!

And it was very touching at the end.

Congrats on your TA status, as well!

Author's Response: Thanks luv! I was going for touching. Also I couldn't resist the teensy bit of H/Hr in there. 8D

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