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Review #1, by team Victoria I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

27th July 2015:
Cool story!
I'm definitely team Victoria though! Olivia is everything I hate in one person, I would 100% punch her in the face if it was up to me.. Queen B needs to be put down a peg or to!

Keep up the good writing!

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Review #2, by bunny is better I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

29th November 2010:
i cant get enough. I keep rereading.
Olivia is one of the best characters ive read. I like how she gives James a run for his money. usually its all about the boys but this You just cant keep her down. I love how she plays him back and yet still is vulnerable. Shes strong enough to admire but still human enough to sympathize with.
James is an ass and id really like to see how that plays out.
And with Sirius. Id love for him to get his chance. He is super sweet. I like what you did with the characters. They weren't like they have been portrayed in every other story.
Hope you finish this day.
love it anyways.

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Review #3, by Queen Carina I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

21st November 2010:
Omg please update this story!!! i know its been forever but i love olivia and sirius and i want them to be together and i'm still waiting for vic to get what's coming to her!!!

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Review #4, by Ann I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

10th October 2010:
AntiVic all the way for me! I can't stand the way she wallows in self-pity without even approaching Olivia for a hard one-on-one, face-to-face confrontation! Instead, she goes behind her back and sabotages the one guy whose PERFECT for Olivia (what did poor Sirius ever do to deserve that, you conniving little harpy!) Not only does she rip apart James and Olivia in the worst way possible- sneaking around with the enemy- she has to take away Sirius too!? Can she be any more pathological?

Ugh, Vic doesn't even deserve Remus. The grudge-wielding side of me just wants her to end up a lonely, frumpy spinster with no friends, no career, and NO REMUS, but that's my angry side.

I love your story, and I'm dying to find out what happens next (some more lovely works of karma, perhaps? ;D)
Please update

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Review #5, by AndAnnaBegins I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

9th September 2010:
Thank you so much for letting Vic fall on her face, made the chapter better! At first, I liked Olivia better than Vic but I liked Vic too, she's okay and it was sad that Olivia kissed Remus.
But I hate her now! She's so weak and just uughhh! The worst thing isn't that she helped breaking her best friends heart, it's because she tries to be so innocent and she feels sooo sorry for herself, while obviously she still has three friends while Olivia has no real friends. I love Ollie with Sirius, though. He can be the only one who she forgives. And I really don't think Olivia's a mary-sue. Sure, she's beautiful and everybody wants her, but she's (as James said) very needy and things have to go her way. She's also a bitch. But I love that about her. I also love her for hanging out with the Slytherins and being so sweet to everyone. At the first fight (with the Remus-kiss) I was sad for all of them and I was hoping it would turn out right. Now, I'm smiling and I hope Ollie's going to be bitchy some more. By the way, I always looked forward to the chapters in Olivia's P.O.V, but liked Vic's too. Now, I only like Vic's chapter if she's talking to or about Olivia.
Anyway, as people said before they remind me of Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl. (But totally the books) Only Oliva is Blair, and Vic's like Serena. The only thing is I like Serena, even though I'm always on Blair's side. Serena is more, always doing her own thing, while Vic is pretending to be sweet, while she's a big bitch. (Like that thing with Sirius!)
I love your writing style and I surely hope you update soon! You can't leave us here without any Sirius/Ollie!

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Review #6, by Minnie I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

24th May 2010:
I'm a major Olivia lover! I love her whole "If the world fucks me, I'll fuck it back" attitude and the fact that she can shove that in
Vic's face is priceless. She deserves to be on top after being back-stabbed countless times by numerous people. I, personally, don't want her to make up completely with Victoria. I also hope Lily falls in a ditch and breaks her neck- ahhh, dreams.

Grrr..How dare she mislead Sirius like that! Hmph. Someone Crucio her. Distressed, self-pitying little ..grrr. humph.

I love your story~ please do update! *heart*

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Review #7, by IHOATNE I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

2nd January 2010:
I am a MAJOR Olivia hater. She kinda disgusts me;p I hope she falls on her face when she gets on her broomstick.
I really like Vic. So Olivia can be forgiven for what she did to Victoria, but Victoria can't be forgiven for retaliating? I just don't think it's fair.
Regardless, your story is quite addicting and you have a great writing voice. However, I'm not exactly thrilled with the direction the story is going in.
A little tip: everyone has flaws. I've yet to find one with Liv, besides the fact that she's a huge b* but I'm not sure if you've made her like that on purpose or not;p She gets everything she wants, has boys chasing after her, all the male canon characters have/do like her. Basically, a Mary Sue. It's a collossal turn-off. She reminds me of Serena Van Der Woodsen from the Gossip Girl series, and I hate that chick to no end.
Anyways, enough of the negative. Just some critisism I hope you'll think about. I'm interested in the way this story will end.

Update soon.

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Review #8, by emilysoxo I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

12th November 2009:
ha! i am a vic hater! what a vindictive little itch!
i cant believe she did that to sirius..

but i never really understood, oliv just got over the remus thing just like that?
she was bloody obsessed with him and then because she has sex with james its over? hmm i suppose.

idk. i totally forgive olivia for going out with james even when she didnt really like him but hell vic is still being self centered. Shes only thinking about how she got screwed over but so did olive! andd olive lost the cup.

and to deny sirious! man.
that girl needs to gr. fall in a ditch >.>
its 4 27 am.
and schools at seven.
ha. instead of reading "the awakening " i read this.
personally i enjoyed yours much more :P
lets have a fast update so tmrws bad grade wont go to waste! :]

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Review #9, by stephanie I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

27th October 2009:
Wow I can not believe that I have never seen this story before! I am a huge marauders-nut and quite picky with fanfics, but I absolutely loved it! It was really original, with having two Ravenclaw girls as the main characters. I also particularly like it because Walsh is my surname too! I love all the characters (except Lily) which is a compliment to you as I usually dislike Sirius.
Please update it soon, I read all 22 chapters in one go!!

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Review #10, by Wjevans I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

22nd June 2009:
Vic-haters??? how are there vic-haters??? I love her. And Liv. I don't know who more. Update NOW! as soon as humanly possible...or faster even

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Review #11, by Wjevans Am I Just Someone From The Past?

22nd June 2009:
AHHH HOW DID YOU LEAVE IT AT THAT! I can't even begin to...AHH. thank g there is the next chapter

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Review #12, by Wjevans Shut Up And Let Me Go, Hey!

22nd June 2009:
I can't stop reading this. I really like the idea of Liv kind of joining with grace andLydia

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Review #13, by wjevans I'm Going To Use My Teeth And My Claws

22nd June 2009:
This is the best story. I love all the characters!! I have to check out other things you have written now!

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Review #14, by kal I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

8th June 2009:
so when do you think the next chapter will be out?

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Review #15, by red_gryffindor I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

11th May 2009:
How come it's taking you a long time for the next chapters??? It's been around half a year! I want to know what comes next! :D

P.S. It's a really goof story XD

Author's Response: i've been so sidetracked by real life, that i've completely shut this out of my mind!!
i'm so sorry but i'm working on a new chapter and it should be up soon enough!
thanks for your patience!!

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Review #16, by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds Wish I Could Shut My Playboy Mouth

25th April 2009:
When Oh When are you going to update??? I'm starting to panic a little, like I'll never get to finish reading this story. I NEED to know how it ends!!!

Author's Response: O M G. i am so sorry.
i've been totally sidetracked by real life... i haven't had time for this and i'm horrified to admit i've forgotten all about it.
but as soon as i get a decent chapter written... this story will be finished!
thanks for the patience :( im a horrible person

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Review #17, by EN I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

15th March 2009:
hey... u said only 3 more chapters to go... pls update soon...

Author's Response: I will, soon!
i'm soo sorry, there's just so much going on in my life right now.
but i promise. i will finish!

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Review #18, by k Am I Just Someone From The Past?

3rd March 2009:
in the chapter picture, who is the person representing james?

Author's Response: gaspard ulliel!!

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Review #19, by siriusismyhubby I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

14th February 2009:
i cant believe they graduated!!

Author's Response: i know! crazy eh?

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Review #20, by EN I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

6th February 2009:
hey... its been a long time since ur last update... pls update soon... u said u hav only 3 more chapters.pls pls pls...

Author's Response: ya ya i know. i'll get around to it!

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Review #21, by hpfan45 I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

24th January 2009:
aw i would hate the story to end vic and liv's friendship.
even though she was a suckish friend, she learned her lesson, though she dosesn't deserve it they need each other. ugh but it was wrong to go the gryfindor party.
but i am so happy that liv has this great life after hogwarts, i still can't wait to see what happens now after they graduate. i hope james and liv has this great confrontation and get talk it out. i mean they would make great friends...err not really, but like james, i want them to not end on bad terms.
update soon!

Author's Response: haha you're close!
thanks a lot for the review :):)

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Review #22, by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

19th January 2009:
I haven't had time to read the chapter and I finally got through it and it was wonderful. I smiled, like cheesy, goofy smile, when Vic face planted on the stage. Like she said Karma is a bitch. I can't believe she told Sirius that. How could she break his heart like that. Olivia doesn't love Dennis, she delusional right now. It's those damn Slytherin. Sirius needs to march up to her and say I love you and let all those emotions out. I won't be satisfied until that happens. I'm glad there wasn't a lot of Lily and James in this chapter because even though they always have a place in my heart, I'm still mad at them. Well, anyways. I can't believe there's only THREE chapters left. What will I look forward to after this story is complete? It will be a sad day that will only leave me wanting more. Great job as usual and I can't wait to read the rest.


Author's Response: Haha, oh karma. Vic had to have seen it coming.
Sirius might/might not get a second chance... will he have the guts to actually tell ollie? read on ;)
and you never know, maybe she does love dennis? you'll find out everything soon enough.
AW, i'm sorry... but 3 more i know! it's weird to think about it!

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Review #23, by reach4thestars I Don't Wanna Be Your Favourite Enemy

19th January 2009:
ah, this chapter really touched me. i'm graduating this year too, and i actually teared up during vics thinking about how i see my friends like everyday and even my enemies often, and then after so many years and sooo much drama they just walk out of your life and it's over. anyways, what i really wanted to say was that you really captured the essense of a graduation; it was the perfect mix of nostalgia and excitment while still staying true to vics character. which, for probably the first time, i actually didn't like in this chapter. i've always been on ollie's side, but i always thought of vic as someone to be pitied. maybe its because i like ollie so much, but what she did to her, by lying to sirius... well, it was unforgivable to me at least. if there was even the slightest chance at them making up, vic just ruined it. i mean, moping about and feeling sorry for yourself because you have no friends may not be dignified but it is understandable. but when you have the chance to do something about it, to take a step in the right direction, and you decide to go run off the wrong way instead and then feel better about yourself? i have now lost all respect for vic, and can understand why people hate her. But 3 more chapters! wow, i can't believe this is almost over. it's been one crazy fic and i've loved every bit of it.

Author's Response: that was such a sweet and nice review! thank you so much, i really appreciate all you said :)
and graduation just seems so close, and depressing... i graduate next year, but i think i'll even miss seeing my enemies everyday :(

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Review #24, by mes2draco The Type Of Fun I'm Gettin' Into

18th January 2009:
Hey there, i'm back from holidays and i was SO thrilled to see that you had updated chapter 22!!

however on to this chapter. i felt so bad for liv towards the end. there's no worse feeling than waiting hours for a boyfriend that deserts you so quickly after getting back together only to go parading around during the latest hours of the night with some hideous stupid red-headed flirting cow who could have had said asshole of a boyfriend for 6 years but decided to like him nowonce he started dating you.

there you go, another one of my psycho sentences that massacres all sense of grammer and punctuation. basically, i feel bad for liv. and i do not like lily (in this story, otherwise i don't mind her at all). oh and james is a complete prick. grr.

im not going to start ranting again, just going to mention my favourite lines in this chapter.

Best remark:
Moony and I look over and there's you acting like a drugged out fairy. He addressed me.

Best response:
I gave him a look and spun once more, "I was doing that. Duh."


Oh and p.s. out of all your names for liv's hairstyle (duff puff, faux-hawk, bump), i actually call it a quiff. thought i should mention it =D

And the line that made me sit up and open my eyes?

"She's purty." I slurred.

Sirius looked at me for a few seconds, "Nah."


oh and my favourite couple? hmmm, i know it doesn't happen i still like liv/remus. remus seems so sweet and loving that he could handle all of olivia's eccentricities. im sort of in love with him. however i suppose liv/sirius wouldnt be too bad.

well if you didnt manage to read through this entire chaotic review, all i really wanted to say was great chapter.

Author's Response: hahahahaha ye i liked that line too!
and thanks for the rant! i love reading yours! they're just so amusing and honest :) i feel like im going thru what you are while you read!
WHAT? a quiff? never heard that one! i call it a duff puff lol
Aw, liv/remus would've been cute. i kinda regret not putting them together.
haha, wanna know something funny? when i first came up with the idea for this, it was supposed to be a remus/oc! none of these other characters were supposed to be big at all


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Review #25, by Rons_gal Shut Up And Let Me Go, Hey!

17th January 2009:
this chapter was awsome! i can't believe vic did that too her and JAMES! awww that's just so wring!!! sorry for the over dramatic review lol i agree with olvia though i would've hung out with Lydia and Dennis too even though they are pureblood crazy but hey...anyway another great chapter 10/10! on to the next =)

Author's Response: thanks a lot :):)

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