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Review #1, by Tilly Christmas

26th February 2012:
I've never read a maurderers fan fic before. This ia fab, Please write the next chaPter ASAP! :)

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Review #2, by Amy Christmas

25th February 2012:
Omg! I love it. More please. Xx

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Review #3, by Lily__Potter Holidays and Heirs

13th September 2009:
did you know that James Potter is also related to Voldemort, therefore also related to Slytherin?

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Review #4, by ashweena Christmas

6th September 2009:
aw write more plz your books are amassing ttyl i give it a ten

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Review #5, by Miss Haggan Christmas

26th August 2009:
Aww, thats a lovely we chapter, Very good in puting thought into the gifts, it made them seem extra special.

Cant wait untill the next chapter, hopefully I won't have to wait as long lol.


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Review #6, by Harry and Ginny Christmas

24th August 2009:
this story is being great to read although it has spelling mistakes in the initial chapters. i like how Lily is slowly seeing how James can be different and all the other pairings. i hope James and Lily don't die at Halloween in 1981.^_^

10/10 all chapters

Harry and Ginny

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Review #7, by Luna Lover The Bracelet

24th August 2009:
well kat its a really good story

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Review #8, by marauderqueen Christmas

24th August 2009:
Aw good chappie. Argh!! I have a craving for chocolate now lol
liked it

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Review #9, by marauders lover Auctions and Balls

3rd August 2009:
hi!! i really like this story and i hope u keep writing i passed this story months ago but didnt get a chance to read it and i thought i lost it! plzz keep writing i see that there hasnt been a new chapter plz write soon i luv that u write alot about james! 10/10

~marauders lover

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Review #10, by MegElemental The Amazing Shrinking Sirius

30th November 2008:
meg needs to get together with Remus

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Review #11, by scarlett potter The Amazing Shrinking Sirius

25th November 2008:
possibly a bit late, but could you possibly have a chapter, or mayb a bit of 2 wen Addy n Ari teac Lils 2 fly?

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Review #12, by cnewk The Amazing Shrinking Sirius

12th June 2008:
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha rotfl

love it

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Review #13, by Tonks the Klutz The Amazing Shrinking Sirius

11th June 2008:
That was hillarious! 'Where was I again?' lol. I didn't know Sirius swung that way. Then again he is the amazing shrinking Sirius Black! 10/10

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Review #14, by JulezTeal Tryouts

8th June 2008:
Great! Update soon, pretty please. I really like this story, not too much yelling on the whole James/Lily thing, that sets it apart. Very refreshing =]]

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Review #15, by Lillyflower13 Tryouts

26th May 2008:
ummm well to be honest it was too short for my taste and too unevenful. for inspiration I read other people's fanfiction and then i just put my favorite parts from my favorite stories and put them together into my own story. As i peice the favorite parts they morf into scenes of my own and wala I have a chapter.

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Review #16, by emocut_or_blackrox Tryouts

22nd May 2008:
dude this so cool
and random
just do a filler for the next chap
like idunno
chuck someone down a bathroom
or something
do a prank
talk about quidittch prac
or get sirius together with someone
i dunno
but update soon

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Review #17, by LillyFlower13 Patrolling and Friends

20th May 2008:
goood god and wut's the word oh yeah god

Author's Response: thx for reading and reivewing

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Review #18, by LillyFlower13 Head Boy and Head Girl

20th May 2008:
a few typos but good.

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Review #19, by LillyFlower13 The Bracelet

20th May 2008:
very short chapters. just a little tip most authors write out there whole story so they know where they want to go so when they edit they can add in foreshadowing and stuff. Really Good!

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Review #20, by Padfoots Property1217 Bellatrix Banished

19th May 2008:
OMG OMG i absolutely love this story! is this your first story cause it is so good! did i mention i love this story? LOL Pls check out my story! Its called the black baby! g2g cyaa

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Review #21, by velvet_feather Bellatrix Banished

11th May 2008:
thnx for including skateboarding in this chapter!! it was hilarious!! please update soon! i can't wait!!!

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Review #22, by Horselover328 Finding a Compartment

7th May 2008:
I made you a banner! I really like it!
If you don't like it, I'm fine with that. I love criticism!
if you want to see it email me at
hope you like it!

Author's Response: i luv your banner!! it rocked. it is now up sooo u can see it! thx for reading and reviewing.

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Review #23, by = ]] Defence Against The Dark Arts

13th April 2008:
Um james's partonus is a stag.. so do you think you can change that?

Author's Response: i don't want to because the lion signifies that he's a true gryffindor. hope you understand. thx for reading and reviewing

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Review #24, by loving_sirius Starting the year

13th April 2008:
It is really good. As for a banner- I can't make you one, but I know someone who can. If you go to search for and author, and look up CrimsonEmeralds, send her a message, then you will more than likley get a beautiful banner. If you want proof, go look at my banners. Good Luck!

Author's Response: thx for the advice and for reviewing

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Review #25, by Tonks the Klutz Bellatrix Banished

13th April 2008:
That was HILLARIOUS! I love it! 10/10

Author's Response: thx!!

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