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Review #1, by Lucy_Fleur All Her Fault

9th May 2008:
aww pooor erin
but its not her fault
bless her little cotton socks.
noice noicee

Author's Response: yeah poor least she likes the story. lol

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Review #2, by Shamoogrl101 All Her Fault

6th March 2008:
Harry is mine, MINE I tell you!
JK, that was very emotional.
Weird, i must say.
Good stuff


Author's Response: Wow! Weird coming from you? never thought i would hear that. lol. Yeah we know that Harry is yours. Erin like Ron better anyway but the sad thing is that Ron is already Emily's so Erin is all alone. lol sorry Erin

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Review #3, by Mrs Ron Weasly All Her Fault

13th February 2008:
Very interesting, but I like it. It was all Erin's fault. jk

Author's Response: I know seriously. harry died because Erin was too selfish. lol. sorry erin. Well Erin told us she wanted a story with her in it and that she was going to have both Fred and George in it. We just expanded on that.

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Review #4, by SlytherinEmerald All Her Fault

10th February 2008:
Wow who kmew a normal girl could have such a massive impact on the wizarding world? I like these stories you write so keep at it!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. There are more in this series in the works. We have yet to decided how many of them we will actually write but there is a possibility of quite a few so just hang in there. Currently we are working on one called Cora At Hogwarts which we dont know how people will react.

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Review #5, by Kaylia All Her Fault

5th February 2008:
groovy story, poor fred and george. its not their fault us women have this heart stopping power over them =D

Author's Response: Yeah we know what you mean. It was Erin's power over them that caused all of that. If only all of us girls had that ability. lol.

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Review #6, by Quidditch_Fanatic19 All Her Fault

4th February 2008:
Another great 'At Hogwarts' story! The ending was a surprise. I never could have seen it coming. I can't wait for another one.

Author's Response: Yeah the ending was what both of us wanted and we didnt even talk about it which was totally cool. There are more coming. I think i have an idea for your story so i will get to work on that soon. lol.

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Review #7, by orderofthepheonix32 All Her Fault

19th January 2008:
wow, that was pretty cool. where do you get inspired for all of the "...At Hogwarts" stories? it sounds like you have some pretty interesting friends. i feel bad for Erin, she shouldn't have to feel guilty, i mean it was Georges's fault for hitting him and both of their faults for starting the fights. BUt it was good and i got a kick out of reading it.

Author's Response: The inspiration for all of the At Hogwarts stories kinda just comes. the challenge is to get the personality of each person into a fictional character. The other thing is not to make the person who the story is about angry. Then we add humor. i dont know why but it always works out

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Review #8, by HPluvr All Her Fault

19th January 2008:
awww, i am such a failure at life. lol. i love it, thank you so much. i feel even specialer now that it is published. poor HArry, but better Harry than Ron. lol. such a funyn story, laughed and at some points cried, if i could give u more than a ten, i totally would.

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Review #9, by luvinpadfoot All Her Fault

18th January 2008:
That was rather... odd. A wonderful story though. It's so sad how Erin blames herself. It wasn't her fault at all. It was George's. And Fred's. Loved it!

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