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Review #1, by hpfanscs Part fifteen

3rd July 2013:
This is one of your best stories and I really enjoyed the novel way you introduced more magic. If you are still around, please respond, even to say that you have abandoned the story.

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Review #2, by beulah2013 Part fifteen

28th September 2011:
please update soon! i'm emotionally invested!

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Review #3, by copycat Part fifteen

7th April 2011:
I really like this story. I was wondering when you were going to update it.

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Review #4, by OneWhoLoves Part Twelve

31st March 2011:
I'm reading your story, but now it's all sherlock holmsey. Why is the site jacking with your story? Did you do this? Why are there animated smiley face sherlocks all over the place? Help!

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Review #5, by lovette Part fifteen

30th October 2010:
continue i absolutely love this stories please continue omy god when i found it i was shocked and it was really really fun and good and intresting to read continue

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Review #6, by Keronshara Part fifteen

11th September 2010:
I'm surprised Harry & Hermione haven't taking Neville back to Potter Bottom. They spent a lot of the last year helping him with magic. They also you used to be good friends with him, hanging out with him a lot. Yet this year it now seems that they are suddenly ditching Neville (not even wanting to sit on the train with him, which he could have done when they decided to sit with Ginny), but most of the time they seem to even be spending more time with Ginny instead of with Neville. Just curious since besides Neville telling them that he got a new wand, he hasn't been mentioned at all.

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Review #7, by Keronshara Part six

11th September 2010:
Shouldn't Hermione get a wand from Ollivander's. Yes it is the same wand she already has, but it will give her a spare wand. One she can use in classes & that will have the trace, like Harry's new wand, because since Hermione is "muggle-raised" she shouldn't have access to an old family wand like Neville & Ron do. Just curious.

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Review #8, by Professor Skrewt Part one

18th December 2009:
I've just submitted the first chapter of my only story and this is my first review, so please forgive any breaches of reviewing etiquette that I may commit.

On time travel: this aspect of your story is intriguing in itself. Time travel has always interested me, and is one reason that PoA is a particular favorite of mine. I'm curious whether there will be more of this in the later chapters, or you're using it just to get Harry's book to Hermione. I suspect that it's the book that's important here.

On grammar, spelling, and punctuation: there are numerous errors in punctuation especially. I personally find them distracting. Perhaps you could have a picky friend check your work before you submit it.

On Helen: I'm amused that each author has a different idea about the name of Hermione's mother. I wonder what name JKR chose for her.

On Harry's purpose in giving the book to Hermione: this element adds suspense to your story. I'm looking forward to finding out the answer.

On strange things: you have some clever ideas for the things that happen to people who annoy Hermione. I especially liked the blue hair.

On Hermione's reading compulsion: the King Canute comparison was excellent!

I'm going to rate this chapter 8/10, since I enjoyed it and found its premises interesting but have no other fanfics (yet) with which to compare it.

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Review #9, by Silly_Billy Part fifteen

26th May 2009:
Can't wait for more.

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Review #10, by Malfoie Part fifteen

2nd May 2009:
Wow this story is great please post some more chapters i know that you said that you only write this story when your stuck on the other ones that you are writing but this story is unbalievable I have not seen a plot like this one before I was kind of aprehensive about it at first cuz i thought that it was going to be straight Mione Pov and i have yet to find a good one of those stories but i was glad to find out that that was not the case. So like i said please post MORE!!!

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Review #11, by sinwillys822 Part fifteen

23rd February 2009:
wow can't wait to read what happens to molly in the next chapter, hope u add soon.

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Review #12, by rocio88 Part fifteen

21st February 2009:
you should countinue this story really soon. it is the best i ever read, and i read a lot of fanfics. i love the harry/hermione ship better then the ones in cannon books. i do not know how harry/ginny and ron/hermionr ended up together. harry/hermione are perfect for each other. you should podt this on portkey a harry/hermione site
update soon or else.

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Review #13, by British_Redneck Part fifteen

24th November 2008:
can u please finish this story it is a really good plot line

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Review #14, by hlpur Part fifteen

29th May 2008:
I really enjoy this story, please continue.

Author's Response: Hi thanks for the comment, this tale is being written rather slowly as I can only work on it between other stories. sorry, I will try to get some more of it done soon.

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Review #15, by ROBERT__1958 Part fifteen

27th May 2008:
Great story.

I like Harry & Hermione fics. Hermione & Ron do not set well with me.

I like Hermione taking a lead role in this story, but not overpowering Harry.

Looking for updates. Been a while since I have sean an update.

Author's Response: Hi I'm pleased you like the story, sorry about the up dates I've been stuck in the hospital.

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Review #16, by Joyfull Scroll Part fifteen

25th May 2008:
Aww Harry and Hermione are becoming closer. At a reasonable pace for their ages considering. Wait till Hormone's kick in! Speaking of hormones, will Harry still get that crush he had on Cho? When they read that part of his life, how will that affect Hermione? Now that she's into her own powers... I guess she'd better be careful for the rest of their schooling. Just in case she's tempted to use said powers over hormonal witches after her Harry.

I'm glad that Molly is going to face all her past manipulations so soon. Dumby and Snare will have to wait for theirs yet. After all they still have a few years of school to get through. But somehow I think even after this 'talk' Molly will still be under Dumby's influence and stupidly try something later on. Are Harry and Hermione getting Potions work as well? I know they are with Charms, Transfiguration and DADA. Will they learn to become Animagi soon? They already know how to do a Patronus! It'll help in future chapters against Dumby and Snare I'm sure!

Author's Response: Oh you can rest assured that Harry will not stray, he has all he needs in Hermione, though what might happen to witches like Cho and Lavender I cnt say, hehehe

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Review #17, by Joyfull Scroll Part fourteen

25th May 2008:
Well that answers the Dumby question of how long he'd wait to attempt another stupid idea. He's delusional in this fic, thanks for that! It's hilarious! I bet next he'd try to send in Snape through the Slytherine's hidden entryway. Boy those two really need to get a hold of the Maurader's Map! Then they would be able to keep an eye out for both Snape and Dumbledore.

Are you going to try and pair up Neville with Ginny in this fic? It would help them in the future if she has her interest elsewhere than Harry. Even though again you're making her rather likeable in this fic. That's not a bad thing. As long as there will be some Molly-Ron bashing occasionally. Also Dumbly and Snare goof ups!

Author's Response: Once again hi, dozy Dumbly is feeling a little cheeky in this chappy, hehe.
I do believe that dear old Snape maybe close to getting a little surprise but I wont spoil it for you, I'll let that be your surprise. hehehe

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Review #18, by Joyfull Scroll Part thirteen

25th May 2008:
*laughs* Oh how Wicked that was! Get Lockheart and Malfoy Sr. in one blow. Now I know what that potions is about. Thanks for the explaination. When will they try to go for the others? What of the Basilisk? I know that Harry and Voldie are the only one's who can access the Chamber, but in your other fic you mentioned another way they can access the Chamber through the Forbidden Forrest? I'm also surprised you allowed the Potters to befriend Ginny. Well at least all I can say at this point she's not all fangirlish of Harry. Hopefully that will be the way for the rest of their school years.

Also Malfoy Jr. made his appearance. True to form insulting all the way! I'm wondering why he didn't try to befriend Harry in his first year?

Author's Response: Hi, along with Ron dear old Malfoy has been relegated to a bit part in this tale, though I suppose they will occassionaly pop up to provide a little humour.

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Review #19, by Joyfull Scroll Part Twelve

25th May 2008:
Now they can do Wandless and Silent Casting? Boy Dumbles and Snare won't know what will Hit Them should they try something against these two! *Goes into a WWW Dreamscape imagining the possiblities* Speaking of which, will Harry and Hermione help the twins out on that sometime? To help them get out from under their mother's 'tender mercies'? Looking forward to how all of these mentioned will handle that fake wizard!

Author's Response: Hi, both Dumdraws and Snappy Snape will get their just rewards in later shapters, I hope you can hang around for them because this one is being written only when I get stuck on my other work.

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Review #20, by Joyfull Scroll Part Eleven

25th May 2008:
You mean all that happend within 4 months! Ye Gads! So they now can do a Patronus at Year one instead of year 3! Wicked! You changed Hermione's to a Panther? Leopard or Jaguar? The Jaguar is abit larger than the Leopard. I'm surprised you didn't pick a Lion considering Harry's background. But too well used I guess.

So they will face a boggart sometime huh? I'm glad Sirius was their DADA teacher for the remainder of the their year. Will he be back for thier second year? Also how will they handle worshipfull Ginny when she arrives? You don't mention Ron anytime even as a background figure? Was he still trying to weedle his way into Harry's life? What of the twins? Will they eventually give Harry the Maurder's Map? Or will they give it to Sirius or Remus?

Author's Response: Yeah aint it all a little fast and yet if they have the ability then why not let them make use of it. thanks again.

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Review #21, by Joyfull Scroll Part ten

25th May 2008:
Oh so THAT'S what all that was about. The potion thing. Ok, I can see advantages and disadvantages to Harry no longer being a Horocurx.
Advantages: No longer receiving nightmares, no longer able to be possessed, no longer to be munipulated by voldie subconciously.

Disdavantages: No longer able to 'feel' Voldies presence, no longer able to forwarn of attacks, BIG disadvantage for future confrontations with Voldie if the killing curse is used!

Glad that Snape is not going to be a problem anymore so early on. Their first year was still action packed. How will Dumbles try to get back to trying to control the situation from the background? Will he at anytime go after the Grangers and do some 'mind tricks' without the kids knowledge? I wouldn't put it past him to attempt it at least once!

I'm also glad that 'Aunt Minnie' is continuing to teach the Potters (that is so cute!) their magic training in advanced magics. So will she teach them to become Animagi? If so will you, if you chose to do so, make these two a 'mated pair'? Similar animals? Or as close to one another species wise? Just a thought.

Author's Response: More questions I cant really answer without giving out a few spoilers so sorry, I hope you dont get annoeyed with me,lol again. thanks once more for the comments

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Review #22, by Joyfull Scroll Part Nine

25th May 2008:
Whoa... Action packed! Great ending. Definitely answered most of my questions from the previous chapter. But now I'm wondering what will happen to the PS? Will Madame Bones tell Dumby to remove it for the students safety? Also will he and Snape get charged somehow for their illegal use of Ligillimency? Or will he suceeed in wiggling out for himself and Snape with a 'tap on the wrist'? Or at least a severe warning of how much he can 'get away with'?

Author's Response: I am willing to bet you read the answer way before I was able to answer these reviews, lol. Enjoy and thanks

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Review #23, by Joyfull Scroll Part Eight

25th May 2008:
*Grins* So now Dumby knows of his morning entertainment! *Laughs* I'm glad he couldn't 'detect' how it happened! Now you making me wonder what else those two will 'suggest' to him when he tries again in this upcomming chapter! (You Know Dumby will try! Do wizarding folk suffer Alzheimer's? They should with how Dumby and Twenny act.)

I'm also glad to know of Remus and Sirius. Sirius will update Remus on what's been happening. I was also thinking abit ahead when these two will be able to go to Hogsmead weekends, who will be the one who will officially give Harry permisson? The Grangers or Padfoot? In the Wizarding World, Sirius remains Harry's Gaurdian, while in the Muggle World the Grangers are? Oh and What was that potion that those two were working on? Something that could prevent a love potion from taking affect? Or something about 'blood protection'?

Author's Response: Whoa some of your questions I just cant answer but believe me you will know soon enough, hehe

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Review #24, by Joyfull Scroll Part Seven

25th May 2008:
*laughs till sides hurt* Oh this was Hilarious! Great way to start their first days but getting back at the two worst meddlers of their school careers! Good thing that the Twins also know not to mess with either of them early on. Thanks for a wonderful chapter! Cheers!

Author's Response: Hey I'm rather pleased you enjoyed this so much thanks

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Review #25, by Joyfull Scroll Part six

25th May 2008:
*Laughs* Oh what justice it would be if Ron DID get sorted into Slytherine! Would suit his temperament. Especially at his current age! You never mentioned Malfoy with the two goons trying to meet Harry? Speaking of, how WILL they handle Malfoy's Sr. and Jr. this time around? How will Dumbles handle the fact that Harry is already Betrothed to Hermione? Not happy I know, but will he be stupid enough to try and force them apart? Oh yeah, how will they handle Snape? I'm also glad they will be friends with Neville instead of Ron.

Author's Response: Well all I can say to all your questions is I hope you enjoy the answers when they appear.

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