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Review #1, by Aashna Hermione’s confession

4th April 2009:
Hi sirius the best
Now when u put it dis way dat don't b rude in d review n all, how can i be.
But, as constructive criticism i wud like to point out a few things. one wud be dat d story could have flared more better if it was not in first person.
Second could be dat as much as Hermione and Ginny want to embarras each other or to get at each other, neither wud ask to kiss Draco. So, i felt dat was a bit OOC.
Although, its ur fan-fic, u can twist n turn events as u please.
But, dese were some of d thins i wanted to say.
About d writing, it was synchronised, in d flow and was nice.

Author's Response: hey!
thankyou for pointing those out to me :) i'll keep those in mind the next time i'm writting a story :)
thankyouu for the review!

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Review #2, by Marauderess Hermione’s confession

9th February 2008:
Such a cute story! Very funny! I'm still laughing on the inside. Keep up the great writing! ;P

Author's Response: thank you! :D

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Review #3, by HermioneWeasley7 Hermione’s confession

19th January 2008:
I love this story! It was adorable!!

Author's Response: aw, thank you!

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Review #4, by The_Real_Hermione Hermione’s confession

19th January 2008:
Now that was completely hilarious. I loved it.

Author's Response: thank you! i thought it was rather chopped up.. but i'm really glad you liked it!! :)

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Review #5, by Ron is my hero Hermione’s confession

17th January 2008:
cute! i was impressed by how courages hermione is! she really is a gryffindor!
this story was cute and fun to read! i laughed at some parts like when ginny had to kiss malfoy! that was a good dare!
nice job :)

Author's Response: thanks! yup, Hermione is really brave!
thank you, i loved the dare too!

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Review #6, by Suzannah East Hermione’s confession

16th January 2008:
Its Pretty good.
I Liked It. You Should Continue Writing.

Author's Response: thank you :) continue? hmm.. maybe.. but not right now, i'm really busy at the moment.
thank you for ur review!

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