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Review #1, by VampireMaidenPhoenix The visitor

6th February 2011:
I like Pansy/Harry ships. There's something about them that are more... i dunno, adorable, innocent, something, than the intensity that usually comes with Dramione or Drinny. And what you wrote was very simple and it isn't something that's seen often. It's usually 'i'm coming to confess my love' and then the other is all 'oh, i love you too!' and then they live happily ever after and the audience is like, wtf, do they even know one another? This one-shot was very adorable. I like it.

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Review #2, by CelticGoddess81 The visitor

9th November 2008:
Wow this was a very cute idea! I liked it very much. ~Eliza

Author's Response: Thank you. :D It means a lot.

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Review #3, by TheBlackParadeIsDead The visitor

7th November 2008:

and great paring

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. :) The pairing is quite awesome, yeah. :P

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Review #4, by Leola Rubio The visitor

12th October 2008:
ah hahahaha

So I was wondering if you’d like to go for a coffee any time soon.

Don't know about where you're from, but from my home town coffee is the biggest euphamism for sex.
great one shot, i lloved it.

Author's Response: Thank you! :D Really? That's so cool! :P

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Review #5, by TheQueenofAttolia The visitor

7th May 2008:
Wow, I loved it! It's very refreshing to see Pansy portrayed as a sharp individual with her own opinions and problems. I loved your characterization of Harry- it was very sweet. I also loved the dialogue between the two, with Pansy launching the biting comments and Harry trying to follow. All together, very well done. Keep it up.

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much! It really does mean a lot to me that you liked how Pansy and Harry is portrayed - I've never written the characters before, let alone the pairing. It's great that people agree with me when it comes to the two of them together... :) Again, thank you!

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Review #6, by beautiful_wreck The visitor

25th March 2008:
This story was better than I thought it would be. I had never read Harry/Pansy so I really didn't know what to expect.

I really, honestly liked it. It was different and the characters were so well written. I'm totally into the whole opposites attract thing, so this story was what I look for when I read fanfiction. There were a few mistakes but nothing big.

Thank you so much for opening up another good pairing to fall in love with. This story is going into my favorites!

Author's Response: It's great that it was better than what you expected! :D I've never written a Harry/Pansy before, and I haven't read many either.

It means so much to me that you liked it, and that you thought the characters were well written! :D What mistakes? I'll go over it and check once more.. :)

You're welcome! :D Lol. I'm so thrilled you've started to like the pairing! Thank you so, so much, both for this wonderful review and the favourite. :)

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Review #7, by SiriuslyCrack The visitor

24th February 2008:
I probably wouldn't have reviewed because I am not logged in, but I enjoyed this story so much, I just had to leave a review. :) I haven't read one Harry/Pansy story because I never liked their pairing. But since this was pretty clean, I decided I shouldn't hesitate. And whoa, I loved it! Pansy was so in character and so was Harry! A very nice one-shot. Good job. *goes off to find some more Harry/Pansy's :D

Author's Response: Wow! You have absolutely no idea how thrilled this review made me! :D Thank you so, so much.. :) At first, I didn't like Harry/Pansy either. I am so glad this story made you like the pairing! It's a shame there aren't more stories with this pairing out there.. :P Again, thank you! :)

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Review #8, by Princess_MJ The visitor

27th January 2008:
Oh, this story was adorable.

-On the Positive Side-

This story was too cute for words. I loved the beginning and Pansy's thoughts because I thought that was exactly what she would be thinking. I'm also glad that she didn't totally idolize him. I'm glad that she still thought he was pathetic, still didn't think he was perfect when really they haven't talked for two years.

Great job on the characters. I think the way both of them acted was perfect.

-On the Negative Side-

There were a few spelling mistakes that I found. I'll list a couple below:

'this lousy whether could stop me from doing what I was about to do.' Wrong whether. It should be weather.

'but it didn’t hide the lightening shaped scar on his forehead.' lightening should be lightning.

'couch, opposed to the chair he was sitting in' I'm pretty sure you mean opposite the chair.

Otherwise I couldn't really find anything bad.

-As a Whole-

This story was adorable. You might want to find a beta reader, you can find them in the forum, but otherwise it was a great story. Keep it up.


Author's Response: Thanks for this amazing review! :D It's really helpful. I love that you loved Pansy's thoughts: I had some trouble when writing them. :P I've never written Pansy before, after all. And as I've never written Harry either, I'm thrilled you thought I'd got the characters right! :)

Oh, and I love you for pointing out the spelling mistakes to me. I'll change them as soon as I get the time, which I hopefully will have later today. Anyway, I just want to thank you for reviewing and helping me so much! I'll see if I can get a beta reader as well. :)

Again, thank you! :D

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Review #9, by nana_banana_xx3 The visitor

25th January 2008:
Hey there, maraudersmap. Thanks so much for requesting in my thread!

I really love ships that involve Pansy, because in the books, she's very one-deminsional. We don't get to see all the different sides of her from JKR's perspective, and that leaves fans with so much to explore. It's really neat that you didn't just go after Pansy; you went after Harry/Pansy. I've only ever been brave enough to try my hand at Draco/Pansy, lol!

I think you did a good job of maintaining Pansy's cold, greater-than-thou attitude toward other people, but I like the insite you gave into her head. It was nicely done. However, I'm not really sure why she's in love with Harry. You claimed repeatedly that she had hardly spoken more than two words to the man, so I can't see why she would feel strongly enough about him to call things off with Draco. I would have liked a bit more of an explanation there.

I really liked your ending. The dialogue, especially there, flowed wonderfully. Aside from the thing that I mentioned just above, I really enjoyed reading your piece. Good work!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! :D

I love ships that involve Pansy as well. I think she's a really interesting character, what with JKR not writing that much about her. I'm not sure why I ended up writing Harry/Pansy, but I must admit I was quite proud after finishing it! :P Not because it was a great one-shot, but because I had no idea I was able to write such a strange ship.. :P I have a feeling I have read you Draco/Pansy, but if not, I'll do as soon as I get the time. :)

I'm glad you liked how I portrayed Pansy; I did have some trouble with that. And I totally see what you mean with why she liked him! I never really thought of that, I guess it can be a problem. :P I did mention that she'd always thought he was different than the other guys, right? But I guess that's not enough. As soon as I'll get the time, I'll re-write some of it. Then she will have a reason to like him. :)

I'm thrilled you liked it! :D It means so much to me that people actually enjoy what I write. :)

- maraudersmap

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Review #10, by thecoolestdork13 The visitor

16th January 2008:
This was really good, even though I'm not really a Harry/Pansy fan. I liked the reasons she came up with for breaking up with Malfoy.

Author's Response: Thank yo! :) I'm not a huge Harry/Pansy fan either, though I enjoyed writing this one.

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