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Review #1, by Whatjusthappenned? IX: Choice

8th July 2012:
What. The. Hell. Just. Happened.

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Review #2, by x0xShattered_Dreamsx0x II: Swan

25th February 2011:
I actually like Cygnus. Granted he's not 'beautiful' in that cliched way a lot of writers write their vamps, he seems real. I especially like his long hair...:D

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Review #3, by x0xShattered_Dreamsx0x I: Bait

25th February 2011:
Nice introductory chapter. I like this so far and cannot wait to see what happens as the story unfolds :D

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Review #4, by MaytheDarknessbeMercyful I: Bait

13th July 2010:
awesome i love the dark beauty of the street scene and the orange glow thing was perfect

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Review #5, by herMionELODY IX: Choice

13th June 2010:
:( I really liked him too. I guess the devil has many disguises.

I figured that that 'reporter' was a vampire after your story said Cygnus had a scar on his neck from when he was bitten, and she was wearing a scarf when Hermione saw her. I knew they were setting her up for something i just wasnt sure, plus it was like they were wtching her. I truly had no idea that Cygnus was in on it though, i guess i should have known that a vampire wouldn't be caught unless he wanted to be though..

I really liked your story, but truthfully i'm kind of disappointed by the ending, Cygnus being bad and all and killing Hermione. I love/hate the ending. I like my happy endings, but also like to go into that dark world once in a while.

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Review #6, by lacrymose IX: Choice

23rd May 2010:

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Review #7, by essenni IX: Choice

13th September 2009:
I had read the chapters less than a year ago, so I luckily still remembered something.
I didn't expect the ending to be so cruel, yet I actually like such endings.
Why do you say it's the last story? Are you switching to other fandom or stopping writing?

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing :)
Yeah, ending is quite cruel, but necessary for the whole arc the story was taking, I thought...
Last story because I've pretty much lost interest in the HP fandom - I don't think I'll continue to write fanfiction at all, though you never know.

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Review #8, by Elisabeth VIII: Run

28th August 2009:
Write Write Write I've waited ages!! It's so good

Author's Response: just updated :) thanks!

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Review #9, by Bella_Portia VI: Before

17th June 2009:
I thought it was a very good chapter. Also somewhat transitional, it added a great deal to the overall atmosphere. You felt the tension as the day of trial arrived. (Especially nice job with that.) The description of the Wizengamot, the robed officers, the assembled Aurors, all dressed up in their formal robes -- I think you did a fantastic job of filling out a picture that, even though we've had canon courtroom scenes, nonetheless, isn't that readily imagined by most readers.

The scene with Cygnus was interesting, believable as an attorney/client scene, and quite bizarre; altogether, very nice. So the others were going to torpedo his defense by killing his attorney. Well, they wouldn't be the first to try that one.

The image of Hermione, getting increasingly worn down by stress (hard to imagine, after what she's been through) was completely believable and suggested her vulnerability. These details were actually more interesting to me than the more bizarre "vampire" stuff. (And I'm very fond of vampire stories.)

Again, kudos.

Author's Response: thanks again for another lovely, and helpful review :)

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Review #10, by Bella_Portia V: Dream

17th June 2009:
I think this chapter is a bit transitional. It is less intense than the preceding chapter, but it certainly moves the plot forward. It reintroduces Cygnus (good for me, having been away so long!) and, more significantly, lays out Hermione's defense strategy. Since this is, at least partly, a legal thriller, that's important (because it's always part of the fun).

I recall liking Crosby as a character -- the sort of out-of-it senior partner. The sort of guy who, with no discernable malice, would say, "Why are you spending all this time and losing all this sleep over someone who's obviously guilty?" I think the scene with him and Hermione in this chapter plays out nicely. One thing: there is sort of a hint, in this scene and again later, when Hermione looks at the paper for something about the trial and can't find anything, that something has happened to that reporter. I wasn't sure if I misread that particular "hint", since Hermione also recalls that the woman is continuing to bug her.

The last scene, with the mysterious tramp -- very intriging.

Author's Response: thanks again!
yeah, the next few chapters don't have a lot going on, but I thought they were important for plot & character reasons.
that's exactly how I saw Crosby in my mind - not too sharp, but well-meaning.
It was a hint *can't say any more*
thanks :)

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Review #11, by Bella_Portia IV: Bleed

17th June 2009:
You may remember that long ago, I had a review topic and you requested a review. I liked your story very much, and favorited it; but, being short of time, put it aside like a book on a shelf (along with many others, I'm afraid) and didn't get back to it until now. So, please forgive the great gap in time.

This is a terrific chapter.

I don't have a lot of writing time, so I'll make this brief. The scene with the reporter -- loved it, bought Hermione's POV toward that annoying being completely.

Scene with Ron, similarly -- thought it was great. I especially liked the way you brought out the tension between Ron's and Hermione's respective professional tensions (policeman vs. defense attorney -- it can sometimes feel like you're natural enemies, even though you're both supposed to be on the side of justice.)

But the scene that as strongest for me was the one where Hermione left the restarant and headed home through an ugly, rather poluted London and encountered those two vampires. First, you described the scene beautifully, hitting every sense and Hermione's subjective perceptions, as well (she hated London because, inter alia, she couldn't see the stars -- I thought that was a great observation for both her and the city [I felt the same way about Los Angeles]). But, the scene was rife with tension and suspense. You genuinely felt Hermione's near terror. The line about the tiger hit the nail on the head perfectly.

I think you have a gift for writing suspense.

Author's Response: yes, I do remember! Your reviews were so lovely and helpful and long. It's great that you came back :)
Thank you! I'm glad - I worked a lot on trying to create that atmosphere, because without it, I guess it would really just be her seeing two guys outside a bar. London is pretty ugly in places, I find it kind of annoying how people seem to write about it being perfect and immaculate. I'd hate to live in a city for exactly that reason (no stars).
thanks again :)

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Review #12, by freya VIII: Run

26th May 2009:
omg i just read your story and its bloddy brilliant! i hope you poste the next chapter soon ill be waiting. ah in i bet - the crack was her wand hihi

Author's Response: thanks :) Im finishing up the last chapter now so hopefully you wont have long to wait

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Review #13, by Kauai Girl VIII: Run

16th May 2009:
I loved it Please hurry and post the next chapter

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #14, by Katastrophe VIII: Run

2nd May 2009:
How can you just stop writing now?
It is so exciting!
Please update as soon as possible, I can`t wait to read more :)

Author's Response: I've been SO slow updating this, I'm sorry :(
will definitely try get writing once school ends


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Review #15, by essenni VIII: Run

7th March 2009:
I just read the whole story and loved it. I can't believe that Hermione rescued him. She risked with too much.
The cliffhanger is very good. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: thank you =]

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Review #16, by DracozBabe22 VIII: Run

20th December 2008:
loved it update soon!!! :)

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #17, by *-*SweeTart*-* VIII: Run

7th December 2008:
YAY!! I was wondering when they were finally going to get together. Write more soon please!!
Lo ved it! 10/10!

Author's Response: lol, thank you. The last chapter's taking a while, I know, but should be up before new year, anway :P

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Review #18, by Potterholic VIII: Run

19th October 2008:
OMG, that had to be your cruelest cliffhanger yet!! The description of their escape was amazing; I was on the edge of my seat all through reading. Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks, great to hear :D

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Review #19, by Potterholic VII: Trial

19th October 2008:
Ooh, I definitely didn't expect that! Nevertheless, it was a wonderful twist, and I love how you described the courtroom drama without droning on. I was surprised to read Kingsley as he is, but it's definitely plausible. And I can't help wondering about what happened to Deborah. She didn't seem like the type to give up on a hot story. I love how you wrote the end too, I wonder if Hermione would do something to stop the execution. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: thanks again. The minister isn't necessarily Kingsley - I purposefully never mentioned him by name so I wouldn't have to go about creating a new character with a backstory, though you can assume it was Kingsley if you want. Up to you :P

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Review #20, by Potterholic VI: Before

19th October 2008:
I love how the mystery is still going strong, and your description is wonderful. The conversation between Hermione and Cygnus was interesting as well, and I like how she's getting attracted to him. I hope the trial will go well! Off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #21, by malfoymistress9894 VIII: Run

3rd October 2008:
ahh! that was so great!
the only thing that bothered me was the typos.
There were three: non instead of noon, and two others i cant quite remember. great chapter though!
I love the ending... I can't wait for more :D

Author's Response: thanks for the review :)
I'm sorry about the typos, but I think I've updated with the betaed version since so they should be gone :D
I'll try update soon ;)

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Review #22, by BeautifullyDecayed IV: Bleed

13th June 2008:
Now, this, this seems like Ron. From being crazy late to throwing out accusations that should have never been made. He makes me smile even though I'm crazy mad at him. It's a perfect combination.

Anyways, everything else was great, even though I kind of wish you had kept in the subplot of Harry and Ginny getting engaged. It would have made for a very ironic feel to the story. Which is always fun and a great thing to play around with.

I loved her small interaction with the other vampires. It'll be yet another thing that'll be against Hermione and Cyngus together. She knows that despite how great Cyngus seems, there's other vampires out there that are far worse.

I wish Cyngus had been in this chapter. But even without him, you are able to complete a great chapter. I am going to add this to my favourites and wait for updates. I really enjoy this story and you have wonderful talent. Thank you for requesting reviews.

Author's Response: one last time :D thank you.
Even though I don't like Ron, he's so charmingly idiotic that he's fun to write ;)
I really wanted to keep that subplot in (looking for the irony, like you said), but it just wasn't working.
Thanks so much again for the really wonderful reviews. I hope you do keep reading :D

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Review #23, by BeautifullyDecayed III: Safe

13th June 2008:
So, considering the date that you put, it was Thursday. And Thursdays Ron and Harry would come over. However, the first chapter you stated that it was a Thursday, but where were Ron and Harry?

Ron seems, oh, I don't, not completely, but slightly off cannon. There's just something about how he reacts that seems a bit over the top, I suppose. Like, I know he would be crazy mad about the vampire thing and hate that she's getting into it, but I don't think he'd go to the extreme of making it so that she changes her mind.

One small thing, the word okay needs to be either written as 'okay' or 'OK' not as, simply, 'ok'.

Basically its the same as the previous chapters. The writing is great and I love all of the characters. I love how, even though he planned on straight answers, Cygnus was still elusive, just how I believe he really should be.

Sorry this review is kind of short, I just don't have much else to say. So next chapter then. :]

Author's Response: thanks :)
I have a horrible memory. I didn't even think to check that - I've fixed it now. Thanks so much for pointing that out (you have very good observation skills ^^)
I didn't think it was too far-fetched for Ron to react that way; he's only looking out for her in his own way. But I see what you mean all right.
hehe, the "ok" thing. I just can't write the other two ways. It just looks weird to me... :P
Thanks again, for the critique & compliments :)

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Review #24, by BeautifullyDecayed II: Swan

13th June 2008:
Well, I love your discription of the vampire. He's not gorgeous like most people describe vampires. He seems real, how one would actually be if we ever saw one in this situation.

In what I believe is the thirty-third paragraph down, there's one small grammatical mistake. It says '‘round the City’.'. However, the word 'round' would need to either changed to around to another apostrophe would need to be added in front of it because the a is gone.

As for the dear vampire's personality, I love it. He's so light and funny and yet not at all. It's hard to describe it, but you've done it so well within the writing. Gosh, I can't wait for Hermione to fall for him.

Once more, the writing was great and your descriptions were wonderful. I love Hermione's determination, it seems to real, exactly how it would be. Deborah Kirwan seems exactly like Rita Skeeter, which can be a bad thing. Just make sure you make her your own and not completely take the character of Rita. There are other types of reporters.

Basically, really, this is great. Although I'm not a huge plan of the plot, I really enjoy reading this. So off to the next chapter I am.

Author's Response: thanks again :D
yay, you like Cygnus! I did want him to be at least a little likeable, glad I achieved that.
I have a beta now, that should be gone.
Deborah K's intentionally similar to Rita - you'll find out why nearer the end, but it is supposed to be that way.
Pleased you're enjoying it, if not the plot ^_^

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Review #25, by BeautifullyDecayed I: Bait

13th June 2008:
So I'm supposing that that middle section was about the vampire---or at least one of them. Although this is just my opinion, I don't believe that vampire's stomach's would growl when they were hungry. More like an overpowering desire---or lust, if you will---to feed.

Well, besides that, this is really well done. Your characterization of Hermione is well done, as is Ginny's. They seem to fit in perfectly with how they did in the books. Although, I must admit, I don't know if I could really see Hermione writing in purple ink.

Anyways, your writing is well done. You are really great at descriptions and bringing someone into the story. I think it would be nicer to be able to get more into Hermione's head, which is kind of hard when writing in third person.

The only thing that I'm worried about, really, is this plot has been done before. Sure, most of the times I've seen it it was Draco that Hermione was defending, but they both share the same forbidden love thing within them. Just, while you writing, just and make this as original and unexpected as you can. Especially when Hermione starts to fall for this guy. Forbidden love sequence are almost all the same, I would love to see something new from you.

I hope this helped and I am off to the next chapter.

Author's Response: I replied to this review already, months ago, so am I allowed to cop out and say that I really appreciated the review then and I still do now, without repeating everything? *feels like she's cheating in some way*
ok, I can't do it.
So thank you, first of all.
I think I've since changed the stomach rumbling bit. It was a bit of an oversight on my part.
I'm glad you liked my characterisation, I've always worked hard on that. Didn't really consider the purple ink either, although I think I changed that since too.
I prefer first person, really, but this story couldn't be written like that, as future chapters will show (plus, I changed to Ginny's PoV halfway through this one). 3rd does give a lot more freedom to do that sort of thing.
I haven't read anything with a similar plot to this, but I hope I do do unexpected things later on - predictability is not good :)

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