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Review #1, by twinklinghazeleyes Beautiful

1st September 2009:
OOOH!! She's in Erised! I love this story!! If you're a trusted author can you update really, really soon!!! 10/10!!

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Review #2, by casa_bella Beautiful

12th June 2008:
oh wow,
I know! I know! i havent email you in ages! or reviewed! and I'm so sorry! just... -sigh- so much CRAP has been going on my life, I just got back form South Africa, my dad has had a stroke and is just out of the hospital, I'm having guy problems, argh!
anyway, this really is a good story, I love how you've written it!
I havent had much time for my writing lately, and for that I'm really sorry! I love my writing!
can you help me get back into it? pwese? -puppy dog eyes- I dunno, just give me something to do, ANYTHING! give me a challenge?
anyway, sorry I've been babbling,
if you cant remember my email address, its : c a s a _ b e l l a t r i x @ h o t m a i l . c o m

Author's Response: Wow. Long review.

I hope your father is okay, Lisa. And I hope you had a wonderful time in South Africa. Was it nice there?

Here's a good challenge. This is open to anyone who wants to try it. Spread it around! Okay, find your favorite quote. It can be funny, meaningful, philisophical, whatever! Then base a one-shot around that quote. In any era. With any characters. Its not that hard.


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Review #3, by MissMelissaPotter712 Beautiful

11th June 2008:
What a great story! Update soon!

Author's Response: Will try to update very soon! Thanks!

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Review #4, by watermelongurl1988 Going Back

19th April 2008:
I liked your story a lot! You're a very descriptive writer. Well done :)

Author's Response: I always try to be as descriptive as possible. It helps the reader really get into the story.


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Review #5, by casa_bella Arguments

19th March 2008:
oh wow, this is really, really, really good! it's amazing... but Teddy cheating? I didn't think
but really, good, 10/10 :D

Author's Response: I'll explain later.

Thank you!

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Review #6, by ilharrypotter Going Back

13th February 2008:
Heyy, Ani.
I wanted to point out that while i did not actually review this chapter, it's really good. I'm kind of bored and I thought I'd review this one chapter seeing as I never did. So yeah, it's good, kidd. :]

Oh oh oh! Just remembered, just remembered! I'm repeating things. That's weird.

You told me to try JapaneseGirl or something to that affect to get a banner... How exactly do I do that?

Author's Response: Well, I hope you don't get too bored! Okay, what you want to do regarding the Japaneze Girl is go to my Favorite Author List on my home page. Find Japaneze Girl. Then, in her bio, you will see the instructions! You just have to email her, and fill out a form. That's all!

Oh oh oh! Thank thank thank you for the review review review!

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Review #7, by ilharrypotter Arguments

20th January 2008:
Ah, definitely don't want dear Ani getting hurt by Cal and Nettie! That would be just too terrible... :]

Well, I wanted to tell you that I love this story. It's so different from all the others, and it's really good. It's very different from mine, which as most of my stories do, has a bit of a cliched air to it. Yours is 100% Ani.

Brilliant job, Ani Lovegood.

And you're passing on your talent for writing amazingly long reviews to me. *chuckle*


Author's Response: Wow! I was surely surprised at the sheer length of this review! hehehe!

Thank you for the complement, and no, I don't think Cal and Nettie will kill me JUST yet.

Not all your stories have clic-okay, that was a lame attempt. But I love cliche's! They rock, and your stories rock harder!

Thanks amazingly!

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Review #8, by magical words Going Back

20th January 2008:
I sang Vittoria before! It's an awesome song!

Really interesting.

Author's Response: Oh my gosh! YAY! I'm singing Vittoria for a competition in my state, its really challenging! I have no idea if that's spelled right...having a little memory lapse right now!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by HellsBells Arguments

20th January 2008:
Excellent chapter and story so far. The potential for this story has managed to impress me on a rather superficial level but I'm impressed none the less. I plan to read future chapters of this and I hope I'm not disappointed. This looks promising but it's up to you to make it work. 9/10

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! And thank you for the slight critisism. I always could do with my big head deflated! Hehe...

Anyway, I'm going to go over the chapters and do a whole makeover on them: Make them longer, make them more interesting, get into character's feelings.

And thank you once more for being my first reviewer!

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