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Review #1, by jynx something special

7th November 2010:
what a nice little story! i think that Cass' thoughts (the halting etc) are very realistic, and this is a very nice solid story, which is going to my favorites

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Review #2, by PsychoKittySatan something special

11th May 2008:
OMG! So amazing and so sweet! Who knew Lord Voldy was capable of such love and care! A very rare rating from me!

Author's Response: thank you!! im really glad u liked it!im thinking about writing a sequel, im not sure yet:)

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Review #3, by Hermione Clone something special

22nd February 2008:
Great Job Cass! I'm so excited that this finally got posted!

Now, a few nit picky have some funky formatting issues going on. I don't know if you did that or it it just got messed up when you submitted it. There's also a lot of empty space at the end, you might want to try to take that out.
Also, I saw a few places you used "there" when you should have used "their", and Riddle House should be capitalized. Another thing, it got a bit confusing before Voldemort gave Cassandra the Horocrux. Maybe just try rephrasing it a bit.

Other than that, congrats on your first fic! I know I had read this ages ago, but I had forgotten what happened! I can't wait to read more from you!

Author's Response: ok, leia, it probably got really confusing in that part because, when i fixed the spacing, i accedentally deleted a whole para graph (oops) and rewrote it from memory, oh well, ill fix it if i have the time...and its really sad to say that the grammar has corrupted you so. thanks for putting me on your favorites, though!! SPIKE!!!!

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