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Review #1, by wildcard Christmas with The Potters

23rd April 2010:
love the story so far
update please?

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Review #2, by xxbelliexx The Future Revealed

27th May 2008:
this, is a totally amazing idea. why didn't i think of it? because you thought of it first and it is far too complicated for me to process. i love it! thank you so much!

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Review #3, by xxbelliexx Back To School

27th May 2008:
aww! i love this story! why is it all in italics though?

Author's Response: I know it's in italics and I'm so sorry! I haven't had the chance to update it on here yet! But I have updated it on so if you want to read it without the italics and fewer mistakes then check out my page;

Thanks for your review, means a lot :)

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Review #4, by pottergirl12 Christmas!!

23rd May 2008:
i absaloutley love it update asap please contact me when u do on

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the review!
Check out my fanfiction page for more fanfics by me,

I write more on there than I do on here :)

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Review #5, by JoanJettWannabe Secret Agreement

19th May 2008:
Great! Keep writing, it's really good. Well done. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for your comment :)

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Review #6, by nakul Christmas!!

12th May 2008:
heyy.uur story is amazing.plz continue.

Author's Response: Thanks for your comment! I will continue as soon as possible

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Review #7, by zorro Back To School

12th May 2008:
well. AMATEURISH... is the word.
the first few paragraphs itself ticked me off...i mean oh come on, a good story doesn't start with descriptions of girls and comparing their curves... was J.K. Rowling ever so explicit in itself?!
u really need to buck up on your flow of ideas and presentation...
i really must tell you, i thought your story would be one worth reading at least but now i don't think i'd be able to read any further, it really ticked me off...
being kinda feminist, i would also say that it is disrespectful to introduce your character on the basis of their looks owing to your horrible introduction, i have given you a few tips which, hopefully you will keep in mind the next time you decide to pen a story.

Author's Response: Thanks for your comment.
Now let me read something you've wrote if you are going to judge my writing so harshly. This is my fanfic, written the way I wanted it, and I introduced characters the way I felt they should be introduced.

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Review #8, by YourGuyForever Lessons And New Friendships Begin

5th May 2008:
Well, this is truly great. I've noticed there aren't many guys on this site but I honestly think more should start. Babe I always tell you you're an amazing writer and I'm glad you're finally sharing this with others. I feel so lucky to know you in real life as well as on here.
Well Done Babe!

Author's Response: Thanks honey. Means a lot. :)
Love you xx

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Review #9, by AnnaMarie Back To School

5th May 2008:
Oh wow,
I really like how this starts out!
Well Done!

Author's Response: Thankyou for the comment :)

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Review #10, by prongsflower4ever Back To School

9th April 2008:
It's good, but it's kinda confusing to have it in italics. Btw, how do you do italics and bold?

Author's Response: Wen you're typing it into that little box there's the little bold underline and italics boxes across the blue bit. And I usually write my fanfics in Word first so the italics and bold sometmes get messed up and I haven't had the chance to update it and check it over yet. Sorry! Thanks for reading!


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Review #11, by Siobhan Christmas!!

31st March 2008:
Hey! Great story!! Keep up the good work!!! Go to and go to my profile and read my stories and let me know wut you think!!!
My account name is SabrinaMarionBaldwin (no spaces). Update soon plz

Author's Response: Thanks for your comment.

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Review #12, by Lilyflower Christmas!!

28th March 2008:
AWE. James is so cute.does the ring have like a big diamond too? Sirius is so funny. I love him! great fic. Update!

Author's Response: Yeah it does have a big diamond,if I can find a picture of the kind of ring I mean I'll put it into the chapter. Thanks for your comment. Next chapter up soon.

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Review #13, by canadian_wolf Christmas!!

28th March 2008:
OMG that is so cute! update soon!

Author's Response: Thankyou so much for your comment. Next chapter will be up soon.

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Review #14, by harrys girl Christmas!!

28th March 2008:
i love this story with all my heart! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write more! 1millon/10

Author's Response: Haha thank you so much for your comment, it really made m smile! Next chapter is inthe process of being written so it shouldn't be long now.


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Review #15, by Harlette Christmas with The Potters

21st March 2008:
I love the way you write.
I feel inspired!
I love this story line.
I love this ship.
I just plain love this story.

Author's Response: Thankyou very much.
All comments are really helpful :)

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Review #16, by australia_kelpie Christmas with The Potters

15th March 2008:
Love it! update soon! Cheers!!!

Author's Response: The next chapter is finished but the backlog for validating is really long at the minute and I have a chapter in anothe fanfic in waiting but I'm trying as hard as I can to get it up soon!

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Review #17, by Salem Witch Christmas with The Potters

15th March 2008:
I feel so very preveledged, MysticRose and I are actually close friends so when she asked me to be her proof reader I was so happy! So I have already read the next chapter and all six chapters before it are amazing, especially this one! The next chapters pretty damn good too so make sure you read it when it's validated.

I love MysticRose. x

Author's Response: Thank Salem Witch, bu if anyone asks what happens, don't tell them! Lol. Thank for the comment,

I love Salem Witch. x

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Review #18, by alicia6011 Christmas with The Potters

12th March 2008:
i love your story and am waiting for more chapters to come up. please update soon!!

Author's Response: The next chapter is written but I have a chapter on another story waiting to be validated so I'll have to wait until then, sorry! Glad you like my story and thanks for the commet :)

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Review #19, by cat92ba Christmas with The Potters

19th February 2008:
This is one of my top 5 favorite stories. Please contine. I like where it is going. i give you a 9 out of 10. 10 being the best.

Author's Response: Thankyou so much.
Any don't worry,
I fully intend to carry on with this.
Thanks again for your comment.

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Review #20, by Lemon Drop 616 Christmas with The Potters

18th February 2008:
Do you have any idea what Blink 182 stands for??? FYI: they named the band Blink 182 b/c blink meant a very bad word (the f one) in Spanish and the 18th letter in the alphabet is R and the 2nd letter is B. And they went to RB High School before dropping out when they named their band Blink 182. They named their band in hate of that school. Just so you know.

And I'm not trying to be critical of your music choices (I myself have never heard their music, so I wouldn't know if they're good or not) I just want you to be informed. You may already know what their name stands for, for all I know. (I have lots of friends that go to RB, so the subject is a bit touchy, FYI)

Anywho, good story, nice plot, I like the idea of all of them knowing and still living. The way you write is good too, it isn't choppy like other writers' stories, it flows particularly well. Keep up the good work, b/c you have a raw talent.

Author's Response: I did know that actually. And they are my favourite band but sorry if it offends anyone you know! It wasn't meant to offend i just love that song.
And thanks, that was a really nice comment :)

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Review #21, by kittymayhem Christmas with The Potters

18th February 2008:
Wow, I love that band. DEFINITLEY looking forward to the next chapter. Great story :D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Thanks.
I love that band too! :D

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Review #22, by hermyemma The Future Revealed

10th February 2008:
Nice chappie! I enjyoyed it a lot! And I take solace in the fact that Harry will have his family! Whoopee! nice...update soon!

Author's Response: The next chapter is in Waiting.
Don't worry should be up soon and I'm in the process of writing more.

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Review #23, by hermyemma Jealousy

10th February 2008:
*Gasps* That was one really awesome chapter! Thats the prophecy! Ooh! I cant wait!

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Review #24, by hermyemma Secret Agreement

10th February 2008:
Oh! That was a little shocking but nice although why they totally stoppe talking is beyond my imagination. Sev did fancy Lily after all...Oh well, its a great story!

Author's Response: Thankyou so much :)
You're comments are helping write more of this story.

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Review #25, by hermyemma Lessons And New Friendships Begin

10th February 2008:
That was sweet! I like it!

Author's Response: Thankyou :)
Your comments will help in the longrun :)

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