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Review #1, by Natalia Potter The room of Requirement

28th April 2008:
i really liked this chap
even though it was a little too short
but i think this fic is great
i feel soo much like claire!

Author's Response: yeah sorry about it being short. I thought I was losing some of my readers so I made it short and simple. I'm glad you reveiwed and kept up.
~*~ODE2JOY~*~ ;D

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Review #2, by Natalia Potter Milk is the best way to calm bad dreams

10th April 2008:
it was awesome!!!
i love figure skating!
this is story is the best thing ive read about figure skating
please update very very soon
ive addes you to my favorites, so ill come and check as soon as you update

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks! That is like the best review I've ever had! Thanks! :D

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Review #3, by casa_bella not signed in A strange welcoming to Hogwarts

26th February 2008:
Oh Gawd... okay... whats up with her sister? seriously. she's a death eater?

Author's Response: Well.... I havn't got to that yet bet maybe maybe not.
I love to do cliff hangers!

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Review #4, by Horselover328 Vivid dreams and strange Mishaps

16th February 2008:
I made you a banner! It's extremely simply and it's ok if you don't like it.
But if you want to see it. email me at
if you are not using it by march 16, it will be deleted to make more room for other banners!
I hope you like it

Author's Response: Thanks for making me a banner but, I have to ask my beta reader first.

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Review #5, by princess123 A strange welcoming to Hogwarts

15th February 2008:
ooh this chapter is much better! :) can't wait for the other chapters! haha.

Author's Response: Thanks, I think....

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Review #6, by princess123 A trip to Diagon alley.

15th February 2008:
the story was rather fine :D but i think it's progressing pretty fast. like maybe, a bit more development on the character's feelings and surroundings? haha.

Author's Response: Yeah I had a lot of help from my beta reader dhe really helped out alot

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Review #7, by Alto_Mama A strange welcoming to Hogwarts

11th February 2008:
Hey, this story has a lot of great potential, once you get past the chapters where you are setting up the setting. I can't wait to see where you take it.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot I'll keep you all updated

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Review #8, by harrys_angels A trip to Diagon alley.

4th February 2008:
yes it was a bit rushed, i think you need to put more paragraphs in to make it easier to read, i would love to be your beta reader, and help you through your writers block, because i see lots of potential in this story, its a great idea. Email me on if your interested :D


Author's Response: Sure that would be so cool if you could be my beta reader! It would really help me through chapters that just aren't working out. Also is your email or My address is! So if you ever are wondering who is emailing you with my email address it would be me! ;)

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Review #9, by harrys_angels Vivid dreams and strange Mishaps

4th February 2008:
wonderfull first chapter,
i know the first one is always the hardest it only gets better from now on.

thanks for reviewing on my story as well, ive always read dramione stories that were more like porn stories, but i wanted mine to be more sentimental and about the action and love rather than sex!
thanks again, off to the next chappy! :D

Author's Response: cool. I think....... (jk)

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Review #10, by ODE2JOY Vivid dreams and strange Mishaps

20th January 2008:
good good good. good good good good good good good good good

Author's Response: ok people don't get all confused about this. I was just seeing if You could review your own story and how to review it. So don't worry about it :D

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