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Review #1, by twinklinghazeleyes When Jealousy Turns to Love

2nd July 2009:
This is really, really good!!! I love the Harry jelousy thing, please update it really really soon! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I haven\\\'t had the time to update it because I\\\'ve been working furiously on \\\"At the Beginning: Part I\\\". If you want to read anything more of mine, try that one.



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Review #2, by MySoulSinger When Jealousy Turns to Love

21st February 2009:
loved it
plz write more

Author's Response: Of course. This is my "baby" right now and all I work on. Thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by angelchaser13 When Jealousy Turns to Love

3rd February 2008:
Okay, I know I'm not allowed to leave my own review, but this is an apology:

In this chapter there're too many words, I admit that, and too much is going on. I'll change it as quickly as possible. Sorry for the mess!

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Review #4, by harrypottr2 Connected to the Past

17th January 2008:
Nice work angelchaser13! but i think you dropped too many hints it's obvious they're going to go out...what is his story? Is he good or bad? He knows too much.

Author's Response: Yeah, I started this a year or so ago so it's not really up-to-date...
And Connor Vanderbilt's story isn't going to be revealed until later, but let me say it's not what he says it is (and that'll come even later). But Jessica and Angel are going to become somewhat friends...and in no way, shape or form am I telling you what his 'side' is!!! Just guess.

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Review #5, by hotchocandmarshies90 Connected to the Past

17th January 2008:
oooh connor sounds like a badboy already and its just the first chapter...hes also totally cute by the way and i think he n angel should go together...i think they like each other at least...and lavenders a witch.(not litrally of course) great work!

Author's Response: Somewhat, thanks (he looks kind of like Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl), yes, yes, and I know what you mean, thanks.

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Review #6, by fred_and_george Connected to the Past

17th January 2008:
great chapter! are you finished with this or is there more to come? and what is the meaning behind lunas names? and whats connors story all of it anyway? whos the inspiraton for angel brandi and nicole?

Author's Response: More to come, of course, I have the entire thing planned out and written; it's just the timing and everything that's a problem...Luna Arya Xena Coral--Luna after her aunt, Arya after her mother, Xena after her father, Coral after her great-great uncle(Coralis Ollivander, the wandmaker).
Not telling!
My friends: Angel is me, Brandi is my friend Hannah, and Nicole is my bff Leah. A later character, Jake Prewett, is Hannah and Leah's brother Luke.

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