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Review #1, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoy Hogmaed

16th December 2009:
Great idea. Keep on writing! (sorry for the short review, its not easy typing on your phone :p)

Author's Response: thank you for your review, It's nice to know that you read my story on your phone.

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Review #2, by leapoffaith24 Hogmaed

30th October 2009:
please edit this. it is so sad when people don't bother to correct simple mistakes. edit edit edit

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Review #3, by lily evens P. jr Hogmaed

10th November 2008:
ok it was a good story nice and simple

but because it is so simple you might want to give a bit more detal but good first story keep writing!!

Author's Response: I know it was simple but it reprisents that everything was ok and there was pice in the wizerding world

thank you so much for your review

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Review #4, by x0xcaitlinx0x Hogmaed

26th October 2008:
This was sweet, but it seemed to move a little fast and choppy for my liking. Maybe if you added some more descriptions? You also may want to watch your punctuation and capitalization. It was cute how they kept get interrupted before they kissed. Nice work, as a side note though, it is Hogsmeade, but you were close :)


Author's Response: thank you so much for your review and sugestion I will look into it

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Review #5, by shruti Hogmaed

11th June 2008:
hey.take care of the spellings please.there are many spelling mistakes

Author's Response: ok... thanks I will take a look. So how did you like the story

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Review #6, by al Hogmaed

10th June 2008:
haha how sweet! very cute! good job!

Author's Response: thanks! why don't you read my other story

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Review #7, by Samantha Hogmaed

28th May 2008:
I like this story it has a nice fluff and it was funny when the wanted to kiss but they were interupted I could just picture there faces.

Author's Response: thanks I like that you like it so much

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Review #8, by Hell_Hath_No_Fury Hogmaed

28th February 2008:
meh. ok i guess. could use work.

Author's Response: well it has been update a little

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Review #9, by ginnyharrypotter Hogmaed

21st February 2008:
hey hi nice story but there are many spelling mistakes in it !

Author's Response: I've fix the errors

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Review #10, by Marc Hogmaed

21st February 2008:
You need to work on your spelling, punctuation, story structure, and plot. This would be a good first very rough draft, but much more needs to be done. I would like to read this story after your rewrite. Please try again.

Author's Response: why are you so rude at least I try you don't have any story

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Review #11, by dumbledorefluertwins Hogmaed

20th February 2008:
It's lovely and sweet, and really good for a first fic, but there are lots of grammar mistakes. A beta doesn't take long, and they really help.


Author's Response: thanks and the errors have been fixed. why dont you read my second story

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Review #12, by Sarah MacKay Hogmaed

11th February 2008:
Cute plot! It made me laugh when everyone kept bugging them when they were trying to get intimate :) Your spelling and grammer could use some checking, but I've found that the more you write the better your spelling and grammer gets; which is great for us because then we get to keep reading. ;) Also, to make it less confusing for the reader, double space when you switch between speakers. Good work, keep writing!

Author's Response: thanks I wanted to make that part funny. you are the only one that said something

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Review #13, by keikei_potter_13 Hogmaed

9th February 2008:
U no u said tock instead of took

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #14, by me! Hogmaed

31st January 2008:
learn your spellings please!!

Author's Response: me who?

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Review #15, by xlilyx Hogmaed

24th January 2008:
it was good, i laughed when they kept getting interupted :P However, i would suggest you going through it again and correcting spelling and grammer... or get a beta to do it for you :) but it was a cute little fluffy one-shot

Author's Response: thank you so much you are the first person who found that funny. and I will go through it again but I have so much to do, but I will fine time thanks :)

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Review #16, by petitesorciere Hogmaed

17th January 2008:
Ok, I thought it was a really sweet idea - lovely to have a plot where you get this idea of maybe their first date after the war, when things are more normal. However, it would be nice to have seen maybe a little more detail about how they were feeling? And the spelling and grammar needed a little bit of work. But I would definitely say stick with it - this is such a cute idea, and I'm sure you have lots more like it that you should get written out! If you do decide to write more, I'll beta for you - my email is clevergurl@gmail.com. Well done - x

Author's Response: thank for your review. you are my first one and if and when I write another storie I will send you my storie.

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