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Review #1, by Stella Malfoy Racing the Pug Face Girl

27th March 2013:
Please update! I love it! I really like the part where she thinks that Quicksilver was a pony. And that Dumbeldore is her grandfather. Or great-grandfather.

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Review #2, by crazybibliophile Remembering & Sorting

26th December 2007:
ooh, cliffhanger... can't wait to see what happens!!

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Review #3, by crazybibliophile Jessie James

26th December 2007:
"Slytherin is, Harry, Slytherin is pure evil!"

This story's good, and funny!! :)

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Review #4, by Jonathanbabe Racing the Pug Face Girl

20th December 2006:
please continue im hooked.! Great story. but like maybe in tranfiguration she could like do better then moine, and like piss off moine, and then like not know how she did that stuff. it would be funny. awsome story though

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Review #5, by maplesgirl77 Racing the Pug Face Girl

7th February 2006:
This story is AWESOME!!!

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Review #6, by Queen Georgie Racing the Pug Face Girl

30th March 2005:
Interesting... this is a cool story coz it's totally different to all the other ones but there;s only one flaw. Dumbldoor never had kids so how could jessie be his great grandaughter?

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Review #7, by Brevlen Racing the Pug Face Girl

5th December 2003:
I wish you would write more. You are a good writer and I like what you are doing with the story.

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Review #8, by GoodGrlzGetSnacks Racing the Pug Face Girl

1st November 2003:
Ya know what? i'd LOVE to find out all those things in the next chapter, BUT THERE IS NO NEXT CHAPTER!!!

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Review #9, by FroBoy Racing the Pug Face Girl

8th October 2003:
Great story!! Plz update!!

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Review #10, by RynanTan Jessie James

1st August 2003:
That was a great chapter. Snape and Draco\'s section was so funny. Keep it up, oy and um no Gabrielle isn\'t Malfoy ^_^ you\'ll find out eventually what\'s going on.

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Review #11, by JayCee Jessie James

31st July 2003:
Very Good Please continue.

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Review #12, by killerfruitcake Jessie James

31st July 2003:
keep writing i think the part with snape was F*cking hilarious the part about punching that ferrot Malfoy wasn\'t bad either and the story itself is quite interesting so keep up with it!

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Review #13, by RynanTan Jessie James

26th July 2003:
Hiya! It\'s a great start to your story. I can\'t wait for more, and if you can could you email me when you do? I lose track of what i read. Gotta say thanks for thre review, and oh my god thanks a bunch for recommending my story. I feel so honored. I read your profile, and hey I\'m a new fan too, also eighteen though my writings more of a eight year olds. -.- Ok I guess you can guess I talk a lot, maybe that\'s why people don\'t like my story, but I gotta ask. What\'s a MarySue? I\'ve asked my friends what it is, but they don\'t know. I\'m the only one who reads fanfics. I know i know such a newbie. Any hoo, I think I\'ve written to much. Tata.

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Review #14, by SilverMirror Jessie James

25th July 2003:
I hate her name! ... *ahem* Sorry I just had to get that out! Also, it would be great if you could describe her facial features more. Anyway, I like the start of the story and I know what you mean about the stories where the new character is a perfect Mary Sue and/or a Potter! It\'s cool sometimes, but it\'s refreshing to read a story where that isn\'t so! Please keep writing :)

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