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Review #1, by dansgrrl Shopping!

20th April 2005:
oOoOoO! I sense a love connection! keep on writing.

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Review #2, by Moi Shopping!

8th May 2004:
this story is pretty gud lol

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Review #3, by critter in da pond New Student

7th May 2004:
hey jessi!! long time no see. well let me get to the point ok. ur story is all right. i sujest u read around and get more ideas from good writter in da houze. and can i ask u something? does having acid tear really hurt cuz i imagine it would. dont forget to call me later! luv u lots sweeT pie

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Review #4, by shar New Student

1st April 2004:
Hi lexi great story its fab i totally love it write more plz

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Review #5, by Mistress Of James Shopping!

19th March 2004:
You know, at first I didn't want to read this, but as of yesterday, I decided to, and here I am. This is a cool story, I've never thought of an OC witch or wizard being SCOTTISH before...probably because I'm a loyal American...but anywayz, I'm glad Harry found someone new after what happened with Cho! And I hope Chloe doesn't become a Mary Sue. Update soon! - Mistress Of James

Author's Response: Thanks so much - i lost the file my story was on lol, in the process of copying it out from this site! :p

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Review #6, by Jen New Student

14th March 2004:
Ooooh!! I love this story! Please update soon. I just read it all, so I'm hoping you can write quick back! Thanks for the entertainment!

Author's Response: thanks 2 u! I love my reviwers! U guys rule!

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Review #7, by Hannah Shopping!

19th February 2004:
That's really good! I like it. Update soon please.

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Review #8, by me Harry asks Chloe

6th February 2004:
this story has absolutley no meaning to it and could quite possibly be the worst story i've ever read

Author's Response: Thanks, i needed a luagh :)

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Review #9, by Bellatrix Lestrange Charms

30th January 2004:
oooo hermione got an answer wrong. can't wait to read some more

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Review #10, by Bellatrix Lestrange New Student

29th January 2004:
it's pretty good, I look foward to see where you're going with this.

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Review #11, by Chandee New Student

29th January 2004:
Nice chapter! I'm waiting for more, if you have time, could you please read and review my story, The Girl Who Lived, I'll be truly greatful if you do! Chandee

Author's Response: Every1 read Chandee's its really good!

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