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Review #1, by Camilla Monet Do Me A Favor, Barbie

13th August 2009:

weirdly wednesday is my favorite day of the week, right next to friday :)

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Review #2, by Camilla Monet Iím the giver here

13th August 2009:

i seriously believe that at the bottom of my heart think that Wednesday and Teddy should be together
it makes sense
and thanks for listening to my ranting
even though you wrote this chapter before I posted my suggestions ahhahaa

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Review #3, by Camilla Monet Freddie Doesn't Mind

13th August 2009:
I think that is a good idea :)

Teddy+Wednesday+Vikki+Christmas=Drama.Good Drama.

How are my amazing suggestions? :D
I knew it, their
exactly like everyone else's hahah

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Review #4, by Camilla Monet she got stranger

13th August 2009:
Teddy/Wednesday Forever
no duh! :)

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Review #5, by itsmidnighthere Do Me A Favor, Barbie

8th May 2009:
Wahh I wan't Teddy and Victoire to get back together, I do not llike Wednesday at all.
Please I am beggin you to make Teddy ad Vctorie back together if she will take him back. I don't like Wednesday.
But I like the story but not wednesday

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Review #6, by mymel Do Me A Favor, Barbie

6th April 2009:
I love this story !
Why havent u updated i have been waiting 4 MONTHS !
I really like ted & wednesday , even though i think teddy & victorie belong together ( but not in this story cause vic is a bitch !)

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Review #7, by Heather Do Me A Favor, Barbie

18th March 2009:
WHY HAVEN"T YOU UPDATED!!! My head hurts, this story is confusing, in a good and somewhat understandable manner. Absolutely love it!! 10/10!

My head sill hurts...

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Review #8, by dnxtpotter Freddie Doesn't Mind

3rd June 2008:
teddy/victorie are suppose to be together! who cares about a stupid person with a stupid name like Wednesday!

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Review #9, by Indiana Freddie Doesn't Mind

9th May 2008:
Ugh, I'm sooo tired I /nearly/ didn't review...But as you can see, I did. Great chappie, personally I think Teddy/Wednesday are cuter but I'm not sure if that's how it will be. Scorpius/Rose are also very cute. I love Rose's character.

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Review #10, by Laci Freddie Doesn't Mind

1st May 2008:
I just started your story today... interesting spin having a longbottom offspring with teddy... I like it (i'm a wed/ted supporter... vic just seems kinda snobby to me ;p)

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Review #11, by SimplyStupified77 Freddie Doesn't Mind

25th April 2008:
You're making me like teddy/Wednesday but i love teddy/victoire and i guess more people like wednesday here is because of the way Vic is portrayed. But Idk your decision!
Loving the Rose/Scorpious stuff...thanks for adding that in!
great chapter! update soon!

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Review #12, by George Perrins Freddie Doesn't Mind

25th April 2008:
I still think for Teddy/Vikki

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Review #13, by quidditch_wife Freddie Doesn't Mind

25th April 2008:
please please!

dont do teddyxvikki!

urg she makes me sick! shes so fake and bitchy...

please please do a wednesdayxteddy! at least she has flaws!

please! please!

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Review #14, by jazzydee she got stranger

25th April 2008:
good story, i like where it is going. i quite like teddy/wednesday personally but it's up to you .. :P

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Review #15, by HaRRyPoTTeRfAnFiCtiOnZ lOVeR she got stranger

24th April 2008:
i like this story.keep going its awesome!!.

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Review #16, by BlondeWeasly she got stranger

15th April 2008:
Ok definatly teddy and wednesday. I actually hate victorie lol shes a braty lil girl. I really like this chapter, the rose and scorpious stuff is cute. keep it up

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Review #17, by warewolfgirl92 she got stranger

15th April 2008:
Teddy/Wednesday for sure!!!

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Review #18, by Rosie she got stranger

15th April 2008:
In your story? deffo teddyxwednesday
Shame that scorpius/rose moment was spoiled, but i hope that moment continues?! ^_^
Great chapter as usual.
Keep up the good work!

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Review #19, by SimplyStupified77 she got stranger

15th April 2008:
I am a teddy/victoire shipper but then i'd feel bad for wednesday so i say he dumps them both because he can't decide.
lol this really is a tough decision.
loving the story!
update soon.
ooo and PLEASE more Rose/Scorpius action--->they're my favorite ship =]

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Review #20, by Erika she got stranger

15th April 2008:
teddy/wednesday! PLEASE!

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Review #21, by Sharryhanker she got stranger

15th April 2008:
Please make it Teddy and Victoire. I think i prefer that. Will it end up DH compliant or not?

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Review #22, by SimplyStupified77 Sounds Like A Personal Problem

5th April 2008:
Great Chapter!! I loved the ending soo cute.
and i love the fact that they always know what to say to eachother.
sorry but im a teddy/victoire shipper but i still love this story!
update soon.

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Review #23, by Rosie Sounds Like A Personal Problem

5th April 2008:
Great chapter!
Very sweet! (excuse the pun)
I love the ending.

Sorry to hear you've been "ill, injured, betrayed, hurt, busy, and a bit lazy", but you seem to have made it through!

Can't wait for the next chapter!


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Review #24, by warewolfgirl92 Sounds Like A Personal Problem

4th April 2008:
that last part was soo cute

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Review #25, by clemence Sounds Like A Personal Problem

4th April 2008:
yay! i am go glad you updated,
i got my wisdom teeth out today,
and i really needed one of my stories i read to have been updated,
and thankfull yours was!

its going to get interesing i suppose ;]

Author's Response: Aww!

Thanks it makes me feel like a million bucks to hear that.

(Not the part about your teeth being removed the fact that my story helped)

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