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Review #1, by Nevillefan Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

8th November 2006:
I was looking to see if Fighter was already overdone and ran across this story... It's wonderful! Except for the part with Myrtle being friends with Justin, but that's only because I despise him with a passion ;) lol Nice job!

Author's Response: LOL, hmm. What a strange character to despise. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by Duchesse2 Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

9th September 2005:
Awww...that was so nice. Myrtle does deserve a break. I've always wondred why she's always so miserable. If anyone ever bugged her she could glide through them!

Author's Response: Oh, i know, right?

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Review #3, by Anzi Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

2nd June 2005:
Great story. That should happen in one of the books!

Author's Response: I know, for real. Right?

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Review #4, by pipins ancestor Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

28th February 2005:
awwww that was so sweet! ^-^ its nice when people take a moment to write about the little charasters! ^-^ may do that myself soon actually! :D great one-shot! well done!

Author's Response: Thanks! You go with that (doing a story on a "forgotten character"). You write eh? Gonna have to go check out your stuff! Late!

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Review #5, by ralph Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

11th February 2005:
are you the kid from degrassi?

Author's Response: LOL, no not hardly. My name is Jake, but not Epstein. But his character, Craig, was the inspiration for my first story, Harry Potter and the Boy Who Hid. You a fan of Degrassi?

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Review #6, by Football_girl Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

7th February 2005:
Heya Jake! Since 'HP And The Excahnge Student' is one of my all-time favorite stories, I decided to check out what else you cooked up. Loved this one!!! Extremelly sweet! :D

Author's Response: Aww thanks. Just wondering... did you ever read Harry Potter and the Boy Who Hid? I bet you'd really love that one. Just wondering, not trying to be like, "Hey, go read it so you can tell me how much I rock...." I really was just wondering... but you may do that also.

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Review #7, by ha ha Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

1st February 2005:
A girl died in 1933 by a homicide murderer.He buried her in the ground when she was still alive.The murde chanted,"Toma sota balcu"as he buried her.Now that you have read the chant,you will meet this little girl.In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling.She will suffocate you like she was suffocated.Unless you send this to 10 people. no sending back

Author's Response: Cool, I'd like to meet her and tell her than she's stinking up my room and to get the censored out. Hey, next time, why don't you try reading my story before you send a review. And since the ten people that I will send this to will only get as pissed off as I am now, I think I will just deal with the little girl tonight. (I prolly won't have to deal with her as my ceiling fan will most likey chop off her head before she can get to me.)

Author's Response: Wow, either a ghosty ghouly is typing this or.... whoa is me, I'm still alive! I think maybe I am just so incredibly hot that the evil little girl could not bear to kill me. Hmm, I wonder if she has a boyfriend......

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Review #8, by Ash Black Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

10th January 2005:
>> Wow! I have never read a fan fic about Moaning Myrtle! It was a very interesting view point, and I liked it. :D

Author's Response: Thanks! Wow, you must have been reading for some time to get to this story, it was one of my firsts! LOL. Thanks for taking the time to review! I love people who review, I really do!

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Review #9, by Joel Madden Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

6th December 2004:
Yo dude i m v bored

Author's Response: So read another story or write one! LOl. bye for now!

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Review #10, by sam Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

12th October 2004:
Dude! That story was awesome!!! I love the Christina Aguilara references!! Keep writing!!

Author's Response: Hey samita! I love you! Muah Muah Muah Muah Muah! Hey everyone, my biggest fan! Has read way more than just my fics! I totally love her! *sqeezes the bejesus out of her*

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Review #11, by Ellafunk Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

3rd October 2004:
hi great story/songfic..wateva. I don't usually like songfic but yours has kinda inspired me to create my...only prob is i like so many songs...but I'll get there. Maybe sometime you can reveiw my stuff. Thanx for the etertainment. Your a great writer was good i like it ***Ellie***

Author's Response: Thanks! I inspired you? That's so great! I will definitely check out your stuff, so expect one review from the off!

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Review #12, by the downfall of the rising Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

3rd May 2004:
bueatiffuly written (sry i can never spell bueutiful? lol)any wayz i liked it so much! your such a good writer that warmed my heart itz an original story and i love it! can u review mine? i wanna see it from your point of view anywayz good job!!!!! keep it up! add another chappie or sometin (it doesnt really need one, but it boosted my confidence and id like more of a boost!) bye ~*~Valerie~*~

Author's Response: thanks honey, i will do that, kay? i actually have a computer now to do things with, so i'll have more time. look for my review, byes for now!

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Review #13, by Deadly_sins_Snape Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

1st May 2004:
That was a very interesting look into one of the 'forgotten' characters that i myself just adore writing about! there isn't really any problems with this story, maybe a few sentences need a little work, but that's it. I can see potential for an excellent story from this, if you choose to continue it!

Author's Response: awww, thanks! *blushing*

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Review #14, by littleaquarianprincess Beautiful; By: Christina Aguilera

4th February 2004:
that was good, i was skeptical at the start but it blossomed into a nice story, i know its probably a one off but it does actually have poteintal for maybe another chapter about myrtle making friends, just a thought. o and there was a typo/mistake of a cannon character. Oliver Hornby was actually a girl named Olive, because JK Rowling does also state that Olive tried to go look for Myrtle in the girls bathrooms and she was the one who found Myrtles body. you might want to edit that. i liked it though, was wondering if you could review my own songfic entitled 'Here With Me' thanks.

Author's Response: i actually caught that, but im not done with the story... im still working on it. i will edit that oliver hornby... thanks for that.

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