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Review #1, by SillyLily Actions have consequences...

28th January 2008:
Aw! I like this story! Greatjob! I hope you keep writing!
Love SillyLily :P

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Review #2, by Tearlit Actions have consequences...

16th January 2008:
First of all – YAY! You’re the first one to complete my very first challenge!

The intro was a bit choppy but fairly good. I like your inclusion of Frank, how you made him scarred (since he’s an Auror) and made Neville the technical second child. That extra addition of history there was wonderful.

‘James Potter if I knew you were this useless I would never have married you.’ – hahaha

I like seeing inside James’ head – it’s nice in there! Good characterization.

James smiled, now he truly understood that sometimes reality was a lot better than illusion. – Beautiful line!

I really like your interpretation of this quote and where you took the story. All of my plot bunnies were romance ones – I really enjoyed seeing this quote taken in a different direction.

I absolutely loved your introduction of Frank! (I know I’ve already mentioned that but I thought I would reiterate my point.)

Thanks again for writing for my challenge and doing such a wonderful job!

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