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Review #1, by Green_Eyed_Gal chapter5

30th November 2010:
have ginny get in on the act, ron challenge harry to a wizards duel and lose spectacularly, or something. Ron's being a jerk, he can't just apologize and make it all go away after that.

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Review #2, by m.a.t. Harrys love

29th March 2009:
why are you so evil?!

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Review #3, by ginnyweasleypotter87 chapter5

9th November 2008:
This is an interesting story...I really hope you keep with it

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Review #4, by Hogwarts Cupid Harry and James

1st November 2008:
wow, this is really creative!
keep writing!

Author's Response: i do plan on writing
but school is keeping me really busy
and i dont get many reviews so until i do
im on hold!

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Review #5, by IloveNeville SUPRISE!

9th June 2008:
This story is amazing Raahim. It's a really great concept. But I think you desperately need a Beta reader. Just a little bit messy and though I could read it just fine, it really bothers some people. If you're having trouble finding a Beta reader, you can always go to the Forums and go to Beta Reading Offered/Wanted.

And I really like your banner. Very pretty :-D
I think this story has alot of potential and I'm sure you'll do wonders with it. I'm enchanted by the first four chapters. I can't help but wonder what will happen next.


Author's Response: thanks-i tried going to the forums, its going to take me a while
i'm writing the next chapter right now!

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Review #6, by lovette SUPRISE!

22nd May 2008:
pleaze continue love it

Author's Response: thanks
im writing the next chapter...
im in a slump though
it might take awhile for me to finish it

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Review #7, by Potter n Mione SUPRISE!

10th May 2008:
Um... you know in order to produce a clear banner, you have to click on the little mountain symbol above your summary, and paste your url in the box there. And the Dark Arts is a website, just so you know. You can get a customized banner there. Good story, it's just that more people would be attracted if your banner wasn't stretched. (no offense). :)

Author's Response: nuthink takin
i figured out about the dark arts
thanks anyway
and for teh thing about the banner♥

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Review #8, by lovette Meeting the Family

10th March 2008:
please do continue the story please and thank you

Author's Response: of cpuse i will,
im sorry for the long wait but school is keeping me really busy!

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Review #9, by harmony5 Meeting the Family

27th February 2008:
This story has a great plot, and I really like it. As people have already told you, the finer points like grammar, spelling,etc. need some work, but a beta can be of use for that. Also, if you're looking for a banner, instead of posting it in your summary, you should post a request at The Dark Arts, because you'll have a better chance of getting one. Anyway, good job! :P

Author's Response: thanks.....i dont know what the dark arts is
but i'll try to find it.
any way thanks for reviewing

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Review #10, by tkcemma Meeting the Family

9th February 2008:
its brilliant i love it plz write more soon

Author's Response: i am writting more
but cant seem to get an idea
hopefully by friday ill have started the chapter and validated it

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Review #11, by tkcemma Harrys love

5th February 2008:
fantastic i loved it you have to right more soon

Author's Response: thank you
ill try to update
mabye in a week or so

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Review #12, by panther73110 Harrys love

4th February 2008:
I'm confused is Harry James Potter and James Harold Potter the same person if so wouldn't Katie Potter know of Harry?

Author's Response: I posted the next chapter..its just validating
when you read that
youll get your questioned awnsered

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Review #13, by Crizbin Harrys love

4th February 2008:
good idea but you might need a beta as you spelled quidditch like quiddtich or something like that but aoart from that its good

Author's Response: thanks
someone actually volenteered.
the problem with my computer is that it doesnt correct all the mistakes..
so yea
thanks though

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Review #14, by k2_vet Harrys love

3rd February 2008:
Hehe lol. DO you want me to Beta your story? It's got loads of puntuation errors (e.g " ") Other than that it looks really good :) Keep writing!

Author's Response: Yea, that would be great
if you would beta it.
i really don't like dealing with that stuff
so it would be great !

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Review #15, by ProngsPadfootMoony Marauders Harry and James

21st January 2008:
love it harry will in for a shock. and so is sirius.

Author's Response: yea....harrry will....but i guess ok youll find out later...
but thanx 4 reviewing!!!
keep reading
ill try and update as quick as i can
look and see each week for updates!

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Review #16, by HPPF-Reviewer Harry and James

21st January 2008:
Umm sirius couldnt come out of the veil, even as snuffles. If you knew anything about the main themes of Harry Potter you'd realise that death is a very complex thing, and you can't always have such easy endings. However it was a nice idea, and I love the idea of the family being royalty, very creative! Keep it up :)

Author's Response: Hello
i do know that...but this is a a/n fanfic
i should have mentioned that in the mistake. anyway thak you for reviewing....and if you like they royalty thing read Princess Hours. i really remcomend it....

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Review #17, by Fanfair Harry and James

21st January 2008:
nice intro please do continue

Author's Response:

thank you sooo much for reviewing i was afraid that no one would any way
ill try and update as quick as i can
look and see each week for updates!

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